Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge (Episode 23)

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Inspector see the photos which were faxed to him & get shocked..

Inspector : these two are..

Next day

Its half past 11 already.. Finally.. Finally Arnav wakes up.. Slowly he open his eyes grabbing his head which is aching like hell. But wait this isn’t jail neither resort.. Finally he register where he is

Arnav : ( exclaim) SHEESH MAHAL..!!

He look around for kushi but she’s nowhere in the room.. It means she’s all alone.. Damn..

He rush out screaming kushi & asking every single servant where she is finally one worker informed him.. Due to his screams almost everyone got to know he’s awake though Lavanya was disappointed & even after Anjali’s order of not to talk to them Lavanya decided to see him once if he’s alright. On the way he encountered lavanya & rohan.. But didn’t notice them he was too engrossed in reaching kushi’s room.. Those two too rushed to kushi’s room when they heard screaming

Kushi : ARNAV…!! ARNAV…!!

Arnav hugged her she was terrified finding herself all alone in sheesh mahal.. She was in Lucknow..

Kushi : ( sobbing) How.. How we got here & you left me alone.. Ah..?

Rohan : No baby stop crying.. He didn’t leave you alone.. We brought you two here together

Lavanya understood what kushi was asking about but what now its 3days for their wedding & she want her friend to sleep beside her..

Kushi : then.. Then.. Why am I sleeping alone here.. Arni.. How can you do this.. You know I can’t sleep without you.. & you’re not beside me

Rohan was confused now..

La : Kushi you two were drunk & already fast Asleep so..

Kushi : So.. You left me alone in room

Rohan : what that mean leaving you alone in room.. You sleep alone only na.. You had any nightmare kushi why are you reacting this way

Kushi : no.. I never sleep alone.. Arnav always sleep with me or else it’s buaji or swara.. &.. Yesterday I.. I.. Alone.. Lucknow. ( she start crying)

But Rohan was in no mood of consoling her he needed some time to digest what she just said.. He moved out & Lavanya followed him to explain him the situation & Swasan came in hearing the conversation mentally cursing her di for blurting this out

Swara : di.. I slept with you.. Stop crying now..

Kushi is relieved a bit now & she snuggle closer to arnav..

Sanskar : Both of you get ready to face di.. She’s very angry & we too. She has asked everyone to not to talk to you both.

Arshi : what..!?

An hour later

Arshi : But why. !!? Di..

Anjali : I have got the most useless siblings.. You two definitely don’t have a brain..

Nani : aapko pata bhi hai hum sab kitne pareshaan the ( do you have any idea how worried we were yesterday)

Garima : Na phone na message.. Hum kya samjhe kushi.. ( no phone no message.. What should we think)

Kushi : arre.. Every year we both celebrate my birthday in different places na.. What’s worrying in it..

Anjali : stop it.. You two.. ( shyam hold her & gesture to be quite till elders go)

Shashi : what about the drinks & police station ah..?

Nani : we never expected all this

Arnav : but it was

Shyam : ( interrupt) nani I’ll talk to them.. You people don’t spoil your mood its wedding time & in evening we’ve mehendi function too na..

All elders leave.. Now Anjali & swasan are shooting daggers at these two..

Arnav : what’s the big deal.. Why everyone is overreacting..

Anj : overreacting..! Tume na.. ( you..)

She hold his ears..

Arnav : ouch di.. What did I do..

Swara : still anything left to do.. You two vanished on di’s b’day.. & we found you in police station at 1am

Kushi : arre we were fulfilling my bucket list & you know swara it was so much fun.. We went under sea.. Dolphin kissed me.. & treasure..

Anjali : chup.. ( he hold ears too) you two are good for nothing

Sanky ; spoiled whole plan of rohan jiju.. He’s hurt..

Kushi : what plan.. We celebrated my b’day at night na.. What else

Shyam : he’s your fiancé.. He wanted to be with you whole day making your day special

Kushi : no one can make it more special than arni.. He’s the best.. Those surprises.. Ouch di leave me..

Shyam : Anjali leave them first.. ( Anjali leave) and you two.. Let me tell clearly.. Rohan & Lavanya are not happy with both of yours behaviour they felt left out & kushi rohan wanted to be with you it was your b’day.. How can you two just go on adventure all by yourself

Arnav : jijaji it was planned some 5 years back.. She wanted her 25th b’day this way

Sanky : was roh & la were in your life then.. Priorities change bhai..

Kushi : no.. No one comes before arni for me

Arnav : for me too

Swara : then why don’t you two get married & leave those two in peace..

Arshi : shona..!!

Kushi : I love rohan..

Arnav : I lo.. Like Lavanya..

Swara : you two are too complicated.. Why don’t you understand they’re feeling insecure..

Arshi : never.. Its just you people are overreacting..

Anjali : yea we are fools na.. Do whatever you want just don’t talk to me

Arshi : di.. Sorry..

Anjali turn her face..

Kushi : you can give us any punishment.. Now don’t do this..

Swara whisper something in Anjali’s ears..

Anjali : don’t talk to each other for a day

Arshi : what..!!?

Arnav : No way..

Anjali : ok then don’t talk to me

Arshi : di..!

Swara : choice is yours take it or leave it

Kushi : let’s agree I don’t want to spoil her mood during all ceremonies ( whisper)

Arnav : ok di.. Fine..!


Beautiful mehendi has been applied on both gorgeous brides..

Kushi ; where have you written his name

La : even I’m not able to find .

Girl : I’m expert in hiding.. You two have to search see thoroughly

Swara join them & start searching.. But what she sees shocks her to core.. She drag that mehendi girl bit aloof..

Swara : what have you done..

Girl : what’s wrong mam.. You didn’t like the mehendi

Swara : damn.. You’ve exchanged the names.. Rohan jiju is marrying kushi di not Arnav bhai.. His bride is Lavanya

Girl : ( shocked) what..!!? But mam the way both ( arshi) were talking in signals I thought..

Sanky : any problem..

Swara : big problem..

She explain..

Sanky : damn..

He drag them to brides..

Sanky : any of you found the name..

Both : No..

Sanky : there isn’t any name to find..

Both : what..!?

Sanky : we just fooled you two.. A little prank you know.. She will write it now..

Finding some blank space she just write the initials ASR & RS

Swasan leave a sign of relief as no one noticed this but a pair of old eyes had witnessed everything

Next day..

Swasan rohan la & arshi are sitting in a room waiting for wedding dresses to arrive..

Swara : abhi jitna baat karna hai karlo haldi ke baad no milna jhulna..

Arnav : it will be hardly 12 hours after that we can wait..

Kushi : how unromantic arni.. You.. ( she stop..)

Close her mouth with a palm & look at swasan..

Arnav : what happened kushi..

Kushi : SShh..

Rohan : what’s wrong guys..

Swara : di punished them.. They were not supposed to talk for next 24 hours.. Its still an hour remaining..

La : oh.. Its ok leave we’ve forgot it..

Rohan : yea I’m not angry on my baby..

Kushi : aww.. How sweet..

She side hug him..

Aman : attention.. Everyone here is the wedding attires.. Specially designed by ASR..

Rohan : wow.. Its very nice.. Thanks Arnav..

La : ( exclaim) OMG.. its shows topper lehenga from your latest bridal collection right ASR.. I love you.. ( she peck his cheeks & hug him in excitement )

All 5 give teasing look to them.. Lavanya compose herself..

Swara : obviously.. It would be yours why so surprised la..

Sanskar nudge swara for asking it..

Kushi : la.. I made him specially design for you.. with bit of western look how’s it..

La : I love it..

She was overwhelmed because she had expected & accepted too it to be kushi’s.. She had seen Arnav designing it discussing with kushi & this lehenga had rocked & was in huge demand after the fashion show 15days back. But arnav had refused to bring it to market till the wedding.. Now that she knows its for her.. She’s very happy with this..

Sanky : bhai are you wearing that Indo western suit then..?

Arnav : yep.. It goes well with lavanya’s lehenga

Rohan : Baby.. Now your turn where’s yours..

Kushi : Surprise.. Surprise.. Wait till tomorrow

Swara : oh come on di we can’t now show us..

Kushi : No..

La : at least tell who designed it..

Kushi : the best designer so far.. But not arni

Sanskar : ( teased) Manish mahlotra..! ( Arnav glared for that bad joke.. How can hear praises for his rival)

Swara : are you planning to spoil your face so that your gf rejects you tomorrow

Rohan : oh we almost forgot.. When are we getting introduced to them..

Arnav : let them meet first.. I think you’ve planned for tomorrow right

Swasan : yes after the wedding..

Kushi : oh ho.. Look at that blush.. Now its our turn to tease them..

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