Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun crying thinking about Poorvi. Jag soona soona lage………………plays…………. He beats himself and recalls his and Poorvi’s old moments and their love. Nisha comes to him and sees him crying. He says he has understood now what she has gone through. She says what can I do now, I won’t stop you from crying. He says I can know your sacrifice of true love. They both cry. She says I have known your love, you and Poorvi love each other, I know why did you sacrifice your love. He says I can’t see Poorvi;s insult infront of my eyes, and I have kept stone on my heart and did all this, I know she is hurt, and I m hurt too. Nisha says just think that you did what you could, she has a good family and can bring her old life back and heal her love wound. ‘

She says I pray that this happens. He says prayers don’t work, and cries. Sujatha comes to him and says you should be with Tanu at this time. She says Tanu is waiting for you, come. She takes Arjun and laves. Nisha thinks she prayed for Arjun and Poorvi’s love, but maybe his fate is also full of pain, I was wrong, Lord was never with us, and I want you both to spend life peacefully and Poorvi should get someone whi loves her. Neelima opens the door and asks Karan why did he come at this time. He moves and shows Poorvi in sad state. Neelima gets Poorvi inside and asks what happened, why are you crying.

Lakshya asks what happened to her. Karan says I think she is in shock, I saw her walking on road and was getting hit by truck, and I saved her. Neelima thanks him. He says its my duty and leaves. Neelima asks Poorvi what happened, you were going to come with Arjun, where is he. Lakshya asks what is it. Bachcha Singh comes there with Watan and smiles, saying he will tell everything. He brings sweets and gives her for Arjun and Tanu’s marriage. They are shocked. Watan says Arjun is of big heart and he loves many girls, and he is good son and left the marriage decision on family, as we know whats good for her.

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He speaks ill about Poorvi’s character and Lakshya shouts. Bachcha Singh says I was helpless, and what would you call such girl who would make an issue infront of the guests and do the drama that the man gets ashamed. Watan says she did such bad thing that she was dragging Arjun from the mandap, she did much drama there. Neelima asks what are they saying. Bachcha Singh says she won’t say being so insulted, she came to stop the marriage and failed.

Watan says we have forgotten everything and got sweets, and requests Neelima to bless Arjun and Tanu by open heart. They leave. Lakshya scolds Poorvi saying I warned you about Arjun, and we looked enemies. Neelima says stop it, Poorvi is always shattered. Lakshya says she is responsible for it. Neelima says Poorvi needs us, did she know Arjun will cheat her. Gauri says I told her Arjun is cheater. Dayal comes and asks who. Neelima says we saw a film and discussing it. He goes to rest. Neelima says I know Poorvi is upset but don’t do anything that can affect dad’s health. Gauri thinks Poorvi might be enjoying her love now, she faced so much, and remember Arjun now.

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Sujatha brings Arjun to the room. Tanu smiles seeing him. She pushes him inside the room and leaves. Tanu says men fight to get your place, but you are lucky, and you want to spoil this beautiful night for that stupid girl, come to me. She hugs him, and he twists her hand. He says I m not a fool to give my life for you, and Poorvi is not stupid, you are not even Poorvi’s dust, you don’t have a heart like Poorvi. He scolds her and says don’t come close to me, as my soul is with Poorvi, I love her and will always love her. He leaves. She says she will kick out Poorvi from his life.

Poorvi goes to her room, and recalls everyone’s words. She recalls Arjun’s words and cries. She sits in the washroom under the shower. Neelima sees her in that state and brings her out, asking why is she doing this. She says she will support her, and asks her to forgive Arjun. Poorvi says I can’t forget him. Neelima says why do you care if he does not care for you, why are you getting weak. Poorvi cries and tells Neelima that she has spent time with Arjun. Neelima asks her did anything happen between them. Poorvi says I have lost everything believing his love and gave away myself to him. Neelima is shocked and gets angry.

Arjun sees the sky, moon and stars and brings his anger out. Poorvi blames the stars for deciding the fate.

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