Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelima seeing a video in memory card. She gets a call and goes to talk to her sister. Poorvi opens the files and is shocked seeing her and Arjun’s intimate pics. She gets tensed and deletes the files. Neelima ends call and sits to check the files. She sees the folder is blank and says how is this possible. She says the truth was coming out, but he said it has proof. Poorvi thinks who can click my and Arjun’s pics. She says maybe the one who gave you memory card has lied to you. Neelima says no, this can’t happen. Poorvi says fine, I m going to sleep. She leaves. Neelima thinks Karan can’t lie to me, maybe its some mistake. Poorvi informs everything to Arjun and says she has deleted pics in time, who is it who is following us and clicking our pics. Arjun is stunned.

He says our friend can’t do this, it has to be our enemy, it can be enemy in friend’s cap, so till we know, you don’t tell anyone. She says yes, but we have to be careful, I love you, but we should stop doing this mad things. He says yes, don’t worry, I will manage. She ends the call and thinks did Mrigank do this, no, he can’t do this, then who. Nisha sees the party video and thinks about Lakshya. She seeks forgiveness from Lakshya and she will always love him. She sees the deal happening between the political leaders and is shocked. Karan tells Neelima that he gave the deal video and apologizes for his mistake to not put file right. She says its fine, we will find some other way. He leaves.

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Neelima gets a call from Nisha, who says she is her well wisher and she has a thing which can be useful for her. Neelima asks who are you and what you have. Nisha says she has proof against her enemies Bachcha Singh and Bhanupratap, they have ruined my life too. She asks her to meet in market and she will give her the proof, she knows her and will find her. Neelima is glad. Nisha thinks she called from Watan’s dad’s phone, its private phone and Neelima can’t figure her out. Bachcha Singh stops Nisha. He asks what was she doing here. She says her earrings broke and she came to ask mum about getting it repaired. He asks her to leave.

Neelima thinks who is this well wisher, but she has to go and meet. She tells Lakshya about the girl’s call, and if she has proof, its good. Lakshya says maybe she is lying. Neelima says no, her voice has truth, I should meet her. Lakshya says maybe its any enemy, I will come along. They leave. Gauri asks Poorvi to come and meet Arjun. Poorvi says she won’t meet and recalls Arjun’s words not to tell her anything, and says Lakshya caught us meeting in party. She says we decided we will not meet. Gauri says fine, study now. She gets tensed as her plan is not working. Nisha comes there in Burqa and sees Lakshya. She says Lakshya can identity me. She meets Lakshya and Neelima.

Lakshya asks why is she helping them. Nisha says I m helping myself and gives the envelope. She leaves and Lakshya goes after her. Arjun and Poorvi meet and think who has taken their pics, and she says she did not tell anyone about their meeting. Nisha runs and Lakshya tries to reach her. Poorvi and Arjun see Lakshya and hide. Lakshya calls Nisha and hears the ring tone. Arjun takes Poorvi and leaves from there. Lakshya thinks he felt it was Nisha in Burqa but how can this happen, she is happy with Watan and she won’t do anything good for us. Nisha thinks Lakshya can realize its me, I wish I could tell him the truth. Neelima calls Lakshya and he says he is coming.

Tanu sees Arjun passing by and thinks to see his GF’s face. She thinks she will do something that she will be away from Arjun’s life, Arjun is just mine and I don’t share anything of mine with anyone. Arjun drops Poorvi home. Poorvi thinks Lakshya came to market after me, who told him, who is following me. Arjun tells his friend that someone is after me and Poorvi, and clicking our pics, find out who is it. His friend says he will find out. Arjun says its imp to catch that person. Lakshya and Neelima come home, and Poorvi sees another memory card. She gets tensed thinking does it have any proof against her and Arjun. She calls Arjun and says my mum got memory card again. Arjun asks does it have our pics. Poorvi says don’t know, maybe the person has sent out pics again.

Arjun asks her to delete the data. Neelima goes to play the memory card and check files. They hear some fire catching up. Lakshya and Neelima go out. Poorvi thinks sorry, I did this to stop mum from seeing the pics. She deletes the contents. Lakshya and Neelima come back and see the memory card empty. He says someone has joked with us, ignore calls from unknown numbers. He leaves. Neelima thinks whats happening this again. Neelima thinks she left the card on table, then who has deleted files. She gets Poorvis dupatta piece stuck there. She recalls about Poorvi and why will she delete files, is she trying to hide something.

Arjun and Poorvi promise to stay together and in love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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