Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nirbhik scolding Poorvi and saying she wanted Arjun’s property and doing acting now to get money from us, you won’t get a penny, get lost from here, leave from here else I will throw you out, Arjun is not a fool to love a girl like you. Poorvi cries. Arjun gets angry and Bhanu stops him, asking him to use his mind before doing anything, he has doubt that this can come that Poorvi can come here, and he can lose control, so he has made arrangements, see there. Arjun turns and sees a shooter aiming. Bhanu smiles and says if you make a mistake, Poorvi will die now. I have everyone, but you are alone, you let her get her life, and you are smart enough. Poorvi asks Arjun to say something, as they all are blaming her and not accepting their marriage, why are you silently watching.

She says tell them once and then everything will be fine, please say, we will be happy always, tell them, its very imp. Watan asks her why is she making them insult her, get out now. Tanu smiles. Poorvi says I know they will tell you that they will kill me, as I know you can’t bear my insult like this, you don’t get worried for my life, our love is very strong that we can stand against them, nothing will happen if we are together. Nisha cries seeing Poorvi’s pain. Arjun thinks he can’t say anything now, as he has to save her. Arjun wipes his tears. She says why are you silent, what did they tell you, you are afraid of them, but I m not, I trust my love and I will take you from here, come with me. She holds his hand and he shouts enough Poorvi.

He says she is lying. Bachcha Singh and Bhanu smile. Poorvi asks am I lying Arjun. He says yes, you are lying, its true I loved you, but its lie that I married you. Poorvi is shocked. Arjun asks when did I marry you. Poorvi says no, you are lying. Arjun says I lied when I said I love you, but today I m saying the truth, that I never loved you. She says this is not my Arjun saying this, you have filled sindoor in my hairline by your blood, and you said our marriage matters to us, and can leave the world to be together, just say truth once, don’t be scared, I will always be with you.

He says my name is Arjun Singh, I fool girls, you know Gauri, I left her. He says my dad decides marriage at our home, I see just girls and their good family, Tanu has all good qualities, no you. Don’t make any issue now, leave from here. Tanu asks Poorvi to leave, as she has heard it now from Arjun too. Poorvi asks Arjun does he not love her. He says are you mad, I m marrying Tanu by my happiness, I have acted to love you, so that I can spend a night with you. Poorvi is shocked as he pushes her. He turns and cries. Sujatha asks Poorvi to leave and she can enjoy the marriage, have food. Poorvi cries.

The marriage resumes and Arjun takes rounds with Tanu. Poorvi leaves. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays………..He thinks he is hurt seeing her hurt, he will always protect her and he will regret all his life, he will take her pains and end her problems, he will save her life. She recalls his marriage vows and cries seeing him standing far. She thinks Arjun cheated me, I can’t believe this, I feel this all is lie. He is marrying someone infront of my eyes, my life is ruined because of Arjun.

Arjun thinks his heart is aching, he has forgotten all his promises, but to save her life, if possible, forgive him. she thinks she believed all his lies and vows and now she understood his reality. The pandit says the rounds are completed and asks Arjun to make Tanu wear mangalsutra. Poorvi looks on and Arjun makes Tanu wear it. Arjun thinks he will love only Poorvi all his life, and fills sindoor in Tanu’s hairline. Poorvi cries touching her sindoor and leaves.

She walks on the road depressed and crying. She falls on the road. Arjun and Tanu stand at the door for Grahpravesh. Tanu enters and Arjun stands still. He then comes inside and recalls his love with Poorvi. Bachcha Singh blesses them. They greet everyone. Lakshya asks Neelima how can she let Poorvi go to Arjun. Neelima says I thought a lot, but I saw truth in her eyes. Lakshya says they are cheaters, all of them are wrong, why did you let her go, she is mad, but you are smart. Gauri says Lakshya is right, I know Arjun, he will not keep Poorvi happy. Neelima says Poorvi and Arjun got married. They are shocked. Lakshya gets angry.

Neelima says even I got angry, but Poorvi said Arjun has helped us a lot and Poorvi has belief in her love, else Arjun would have not dropped her, and she told me honestly. Arjun is different from her family. Gauri says no, he will change. Neelima says Poorvi is not fool, we don’t have option, we have to accept it. Lakshya says you can believe it, I can’t, i won’t let her fall in pit. Neelima says I want you to support me like always. She says once Poorvi brings Arjun, we will tell Dayal. Poorvi cries. Karan sees her on the road and saves her from getting hit from the truck.

Poorvi cries and tells Neelima that she has spent time with Arjun. Neelima asks her did anything happen between them. Poorvi says I have lost everything believing his love. Neelima is shocked and gets angry.

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