Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun’s mum asking him to sacrifice in life. He recalls Nisha’s words and cries. Poorvi calls Arjun and he sees her name. He does not take her call. He agrees to his mum. Poorvi thinks why is he not taking my call and gets worried. He hugs his mum and they cry. Arjun thinks he has sent Poorvi away from her, he will not let anything happen to her, he will keep her safe by beign away from her. Arjun says forgive me Poorvi. Its morning, Bachcha Singh smiles and says Arjun will agree by my drama. Arjun comes to him and asks can he come inside the room. Bachcha Singh acts like being very ill. Arjun asks him to rest. Bachcha Singh tries emotional blackmail and says I felt you have gone to Poorvi.

Arjun says I will not go anywhere, I m ready to marry Tanu, you get well. Bachcha Singh smiles and says I can’t believe my ears. Arjun says do as you feel right. Arjun says I will do as you say. He says he will get fine now, I m feeling weak. Arjun asks him to rest and leaves crying. Arjun comes to meet Bhanupratap. Bhanu asks why did you come here, I think your mind changed. Arjun says I m ready to marry. Bhanu is glad. Arjun says I have a condition. Bhanu asks the demands. Arjun says promise me four things and I will do what you say. Bhanu says say. Arjun recalls the marriage vows and says you will not hurt Poorvi and her family. Bhanu says fine, next.

Arjun recalls his dad and says you will end dad’s loan and not threaten him. Bhanu says yes, its all over, all your dad’s business is yours and you are marrying my daughter, why will I ruin you, I will give my everything to you. Arjun says I wish to tell your daughter everything and not cheat her, if she is ready after this, then its fine. Bhanu says done and next…. Arjun recalls Poorvi’s words and says I m breaking Poorvi’s heart for Tanu, if I have to help her ever, I will help her if she needs me, and you can’t stop me, but I will never meet him. Bhanu laughs and says he won’t stop him to help by money, I agree to all conditions, go and meet Tanu.

Tanu gets ready as bride and smiles seeing Arjun. She asks is his love fever not gone till now, you run away with your GF, I know everything, your love story, what happened, why did you come back, by my dad’s fear. He says he is ready to marry her. She says I know. He says he will never love her, I will always love Poorvi, you will not touch me after marriage, I will not come close to you, as my heart and soul are given to my lover. He says even if you want to marry me, you can. She says yes, I will marry you and smiles. He says how can you marry a guy who will never love you, think you can get someone who loves you. She says you will change slowly. He says no, I will never change.

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She says you are different from others and its fun and challenging. He leaves. Poorvi comes to meet Arjun to his home. The guards stop her. She comes to know Arjun went to Bhanu’s home with family. She thinks why did they go there and Arjun did not inform me. She comes to Bhanu’s home. Arjun and Tanu are getting married. Sujatha does the ghatbandhan. Poorvi comes there and is shocked seeing Arjun taking rounds with Tanu. She says Arjun and he stops. Everyone look at her.

She asks what is he doing, this can’t happen. She cries and says you love me right, how can you marry someone else. Tanu thinks so she is the one whom Arjun loves. Bachcha Singh asks Poorvi to leave, its my son’s marriage today. He acts like being unwell. Poorvi says I will not go anywhere, I know you are threatening Arjun, this is all a plan to separate me and Arjun, nothing will make us away, even if you lie or pressurize me, I will not leave Arjun, we love each other, I will take Arjun with me. She asks Arjun to come. She tells the same to Tanu.

She says Arjun does not love you. Tanu says then ask him what is he doing here. Poorvi says I know they have blackmailed him, Arjun tell her the truth. Sujatha and Bachcha Singh scold Poorvi. Poorvi says we will not get away by your money and power, no one can separate us in any birth. He says Arjun is marrying by his wish. She says no, he loves me. Tanu says I told you not to trust anyone blindly. Poorvi says no, this marriage can’t happen. Watan and everyone scold Poorvi. Poorvi asks Arjun to say something and tell everyone that they love each other.

Sujatha says Arjun is marrying Tanu. Poorvi says it can’t happen, as Arjun has already married me. Tanu and everyone look on shocked. Bhanu scolds her and gets angry. Bachcha Singh says she is lying as she is losing our money. He holds his heart. Porvi says you are selling your son for money and blaming me, Nirbhik says how dare you… Poorvi says I have courage to tell the truth, we are married now.

She asks Arjun to tell them the truth. Watan says why are you after my brother, do you bhave any marriage certificate, how can you blame Arjun. Sujatha says she is not even wearing mangalsutra. Nirbhik taunts Poorvi and says I stopped their marriage, where did you marry, in which temple. Poorvi says we did not marry in temple, but in lcoked room infront of Lord, our marriage is pure, see this sindoor. Sujatha taunts her. Everyone start joking on her. Poorvi says marriage is pure and it does not need any witness or proof, it connects hearts. She cries and Arjun stands silent.

Arjun tells Poorvi that his dad chose the girl for him and praises Tanu. He asks Poorvi to leave and continues the wedding rounds. Poorvi cries seeing him.

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