Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi seeing the presentation and saying there is something less in this. She works on it. Neelima gives her tea. Poorvi says I feel its something less in this. Neelima says every hotel has every comfort, but not home peace. She gives her tips and says hotel works if customers are taken good care, do something which people did not see and hear before. Poorvi smiles. Its morning, Bachcha Singh, Bhanu and Arjun comes for the meeting with the investors. Bhanu says I have seen Arjun’s presentation, he made it very well, Viraj can’t fail us this time. Viraj comes there with Poorvo. They are shocked seeing her. Viraj greets the investors.

Bachcha Singh says I thought Viraj is smart guy, but I was mistaken, as you hired such inexperienced people, what can this girl do, you don’t know she lost to us many times, what will she do today. Viraj says I don’t care, my company runs by my name, I will win its my habit. Bhanu says today you will lose, as we have Arjun Singh. Viraj says Poorvi Dayal is enough to face him. Arjun goes out and talks to one of the investors. Poorvi comes out and sees them hand shaking and sealing the deal.

Poorvi scolds him for using wrong way to win. She asks doesn’t he trust on his capabilities, he is shameless. Arjun says why shame, you called me bad many times, why should I be honest. He says he is old player, and he won’t let make hotel infront of his hotel. She says your bad time will start soon, you are proud of yourself, I will break it. She says you think I m very weak, I will show you honesty and truth as strength. He says its good to dream but day dreaming is bad. She leaves. He thinks I m sorry, I wish your heart could listen whats in my heart, I know you will win, I love you Poorvi.

Arjun starts the presentation. He says the hotel will be like 7 star and very grand, having all comforts. The investor says we don’t know what Viraj will present after such a nice one by Arjun.Viraj says Poorvi will give presentation from our side. Poorvi starts it and says her basic idea, about being away from home and feel like home. She says our hotel is simple, people should feel they are like home, why do people stay in hotel, for business trips or to celebrate family outings and married couples go for honeymoon, but they get real peace at home, we want to change it.

She says our hotel will be beautiful and comfortable like they can increase their stay, they will just miss families, not home. She says we will take customer’s family pics and place it in room, instead of costly paintings and vases, so that people get fresh seeing their families, and also we have thought to keep a small kitchen for such mothers who has little kids, as I m sure no mother will wish their kids to wait, and there will be diaper rooms. She says they will use luxury money on needs. Viraj and everyone like the presentation. She says we will make people smile and not forget out hotel when they go home.

She says if they spend more on it, I don’t think they will mind. Arjun smiles. The investors clap for Poorvi and says congrats the deal is yours. Bachcha Singh and Bhanu are shocked. The investors say we will stay in your hotel when we come here. Poorvi smiles and thanks Lord for making things fine. Arjun sees her happy and thinks his heart is listening to her happiness, and he is also very happy today. He says its your happiness tears and this is just the start of your success.

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Viraj says Poorvi you passed in this test, now your job is secure, I promise. She thanks him and says its just start, I promise I will work hard. He gives her appointment letter. She thinks I did a big deal, he did not tell anything about salary and asked me to leave. Arjun comes to Viraj and thanks Viraj for hiring Poorvi. Viraj says it was our deal, I will get 50% profit from your hotel. Arjun says yes, I remember, don’t fire Poorvi. Viraj says she is talented, I like your deal. He recalls in FB about Arjun coming to deal with Viraj to hire Poorvi. Viraj says why that girl, you are being foolish.

He asks how can he trust she is not his spy, and she can’t harm his project. Arjun says she wants to ruin my hotel and me. Viraj asks why does he want to help her, why is he joking. Arjun says I m saying true, think about profit. Viraj asks does he love her. He smiles and says great, but you married the cheap politician’s daughter, I like this deal, so its done. They shake hands. Back in current scene, Viraj smiles thinking of it. Poorvi says I will call Neelima and tell everything. She thinks she forgot her phone in Viraj’s cabin and goes back.

Viraj says I have special thing for you, and gives a gun to Arjun, asking him to shoot himself, and matter will end here. He says the story will end as you love the girl who wants to ruin you, you are helping her, why so much hardwork. If you die, she will get peace, so shoot yourself. Arjun gives the gun back and says I can’t do this. Viraj asks why, can’t you give your life for her. Arjun says I die for you every day, if I kill myself, she will be hurt, how will she fulfill her revenge, I will be alive till she gets her revenge.

Viraj smiles and says love is strange thing, it looks sweet and its painful, it makes you cry, breaks heart, but people blame it, and still people love. Poorvi comes to them and stands at the door. Arjun sees her and thinks she should know why I came here. He tells Viraj that Poorvi is not good for this work. Poorvi is shocked.

Poorvi scolds Arjun and says she will ruin him, and start with the hotel ruining. Arjun challenges her.

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