Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshya scolding Nisha for not being with Poorvi. Mrigank calms him. Watan talks to Nisha taking advantage of her tears and says he will call his dad to find Poorvi. Poorvi asks Arjun to wear his shirt and she will inform his family. He asks the hotel room. She says hotel rose. He says what, it’s a bad cheap hotel where wrong people come. She says what. He says you won’t stay here now, you from here and don’t tell anyone you came here. She says you can’t go out, you are not well. He promises her that he will be fine till he drops her home. He gets hurt and she worries for him. He gets closer to her. Aag ka darya hai…………… yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays…………… He forwards his hand to her face while she is shocked.

He takes her dupatta from the window and shows her. She takes her dupatta and he holds her hand to take her out. Bachcha Singh tells Watan that he will not find Poorvi, why should I find her, why are you into this matter. Watan says you know its for my benefit, its imp. Bachcha Singh says I know what benefit you did to me. They have an argument. He says fine, ask Arjun to find Poorvi. Watan says I don’t know about him also, his phone is not connecting. Chacha hears this. Bachcha Singh says is it that Arjun is with girl and laughs. He says fine, I will talk to my men. Watan ends the call.

Chacha says what am I hearing, Arjun is missing, and you feel its small thing, I m worried. Bachcha Singh says Arjun is my son, he can’t go missing, he will manage everything. He laughs and leaves. Arjun and Poorvi come out. Poorvi says you are not well, lets go back to the room. A man stares at Poorvi and Arjun scolds him. He says she is with me, if you say anything, I will beat you. The man talks dirty and Arjun starts beating him red and blue. Poorvi stops him.

They come to the room. She says you know its such hotel, why did you beat the man being weak yourself. She says you know what you did, we can’t go from here now, we would have gone silently, but you can’t be quiet. The man informs police and asks him to come to hotel rose and catch them. Arjun says he was misbehaving with you, should I be quiet. She reminds him that even misbehaved with her. She says how will we inform our parents. He says don’t worry, we will go. They hear police sound. They run. The police raids in the hotel.

Arjun and Poorvi run and hide in the store room. She asks where are we going. He says come. She asys we did not do wrong, why are we hiding. He says its wrong place, police raided here, we can’t show our faces if they catch us. She says I will talk to them, let me go. He shuts her mouth and says you risked your life to save my life, I m doing this for you, I m male and it won’t affect me, and you are girl and you will be defamed here. She looks at him. Aag ka darya hai…………… yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays……………

The police officer comes there and Arjun looks at him. He saves himself and Poorvi from his sight. They have an eyelock. The inspector still catches them hiding. Arjun and Poorvi are shocked. He asks them to come out. Poorvi scolds Arjun for making things worse. He says he will bribe the inspector. She says why, did we do wrong, what will you manage, if you can’t even swim. He says you don’t know them, if they catch you here, your name will be ruined, be here, I will talk to them.

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Arjun says my name in Arjun, Bachcha Singh’s son, that girl is my wife. Poorvi is shocked. The inspector says fine and is afraid hearing Bachcha Singh’s name. Poorvi says she is not his wife and can never be, an incident happened that made us come here, see my face to know that I m not related to him, please inform my parents, I m Neelima Dayal’s daughter. He says fine and takes the number. He says I will call now. Arjun says why did you tell him your identity. She says yes, I don’t need to become your wife, I don’t need to join my name with your name.

The police catch many girls at the hotel. Poorvi’s family come there and sees her with those girls. Gauri is shocked seeing Arjun there. Bachcha Singh also comes there as inspector informs him. Watan looks on. Bachcha Singh greets Neelima and says my son is like this, we give freedom to kids, don’t worry, your name won’t come in this, I promise. He says such things happen, don’t worry. He says see me, I was also caught in my young times, many times. He laughs. He says Poorvi is young, don’t scold her.

Arjun takes him and says what is he saying, its nothing like that. Bachcha Singh says why is he worried, he is happy as he got a good girl, Neelima will do as I say now, as its about her daughter’s respect now. Poorvi tells Neelima that she saved Arjun as he was sinking, he was shivering so she got him here, he would have died. Neelima says she trusts her and hugs her. She says I know you can’t do wrong. Bachcha Singh says if she was my daughter, I would have killed her. Neelima says this world does not run by your mind, my daughter did not do wrong thing, she saved your son’s life, so she came here.

Bachcha Singh says my son will also tell this story, fine, its good. Neelima takes Poorvi and leaves. Arjun looks on. Aag ka darya hai…………… yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays…………… Arjun is in his room and thinks how he has insulted Poorvi and she hates him. He thinks how she jumped in river to save his life. He plays video game. Chacha comes to him. He asks whats bothering him so much. Arjun throws the console and says what to tell and how, I insulted this girl a lot and she risked her life to save me, and she said she does not need me to protect her, I m feeling so small.

Mrigank calls Poorvi and asks is she coming in card party. Poorvi says yes, I m coming. Watan says everyone is coming. Arjun smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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