Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi recalling the her and Arjun’s moments and getting disturbed. Arjun thinks about her. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays………… They recall the happy moments. Poorvi sees his pica and says why are you coming in my dreams even today, why do I feel my heart is listening to your voice, the pain you gave me is not less, I hate you, why don’t you leave me alone, why are you giving me more pain. Arjun says this pain is my life, I m bearing this to bring a smile on your face, I m away from you and still close, I want to save you from people like Tanu, I can’t let anything win against you. Poorvi thinks she will win the fight against him, I will not think about you, you can’t break me, as your memories are just a wound for me, and I will always keep this to make hatred in my heart. He says I want you hatred not to get less, this is good for you. They both cry.

Neelima wakes up and sees Poorvi awake. She comes to her and talks. She says she will take revenge from him, and they day she succeeds, she will burn this pic, I wait for the day. Arjun tells Nisha that he can’t tell anything to Poorvi. Nisha says you are doing this for Poorvi, you cleared the blame on her. Arjun says I will fight with Lord for her, hut this all happened because of me. She says if she knows your hatred is her strength and you created this hatred. He says I can’t let this happen, I created love in her heart and now hatred, its all by my heart. He cries. Poorvi cries at her home.

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Its morning, Poorvi comes to an office for interview and prays to get the job. The man takes her interview and says by her qualification, they can’t give her any job, but there is one post, don’t know she will accept or not. She says she will do. He says our company is organizing an auction, you can work to welcome the guests, think about it. She thinks that its just one day job, she needs money for family, I should do this. She agrees. Bachcha Singh tells Arjun that he is happy that Arjun is going to auction, it will be profit for Bhanu and us, we had much loss. Tanu smiles.

Watan and Nirbhik ask him to win auction and do the work by his heart. Tanu starts acting like vomiting and goes. They ask what happened to her. Tanu comes back smiling and Nirbhik asks is she fine. Sujatha says I think its nothing to worry, its good news. Arjun is shocked, while they all get happy knowing about Tanu’s pregnancy. Arjun and Nisha look at Tanu puzzled. Bachcha Singh says its good news. Watan says ARjun you went ahead in family planning, smile now, congrats. Nirbhik says congrats. Arjun confronts Tanu about this pregnancy lie in the room.

He says I m going out, till I return, tell them that this is a lie and there is nothing between us. He leaves. She says I won’t listen to anyone, I will d what I want, why should I say. The man asks Poorvi to welcome all the guests by giving them roses. Poorvi giives everyone roses. Arjun comes, and she stops him saying Sir. He turns and sees her. She gives him the rose. Zindagi tujhe kyu na dekha na………bin tere…………..plays…………. The rose petals fall on them. Arjun thinks he wanted this romantic moment that their life gets like roses. She thinks he broke all his promises, and he gave her pain. She gets hurt and he holds her hand. She says you have me the wound, this is nothing infront of it, don’t show fake concern.

She says you can never heal the wound. Arjun goes away and sees a man flirting with Poorvi, asking her to come to his office and get a better work. Poorvi gets away from that man. The man goes to washroom. Arjun goes to him and beats him. The man asks why are you beating me. Arjun scolds him. The man apologizes. Arjun says fine, before I make you ashamed, just leave, and don’t see any girl with bad sight, else I will take off your eyes, learn from your mother and sister how to respect women.

Poorvi’s boss says we will start auction when Viraj Raichand comes. Arjun hears the people talking about Viraj, if he is coming, no one can win infront of him, he gets what he wants. Viraj Raichand arrives at the airport and talks to his manager. The manager tells him the auction details, and the venue is far, and time is less. Viraj takes the keys from driver and says I will do the impossible possible, I will reach there within 15mins before auction starts.

Viraj drives very fast and the manager gets tensed seeing the speed. Viraj smiles and drives on 120kmph. The manager says Lord save me, and wears the seat belt. Poorvi’s boss asks her to take care of the food and drinks of all guests. Poorvi serves all the guests. Arjun recalls their happy moments where he says he will do all the work aand make her rest as princess. She serves him the drinks. He takes the drink, and she leaves.

Arjun talks to Viraj and says his answer is no. Viraj says the thing he loves, he gets it or ruins it, the one who says no to him, he ruins that man, you refused me, you will be ruined now.

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