Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi saying her family that she loves Arjun. Neelima reminds her words that she hates Arjun. Poorvi says no, I was mistaken, and defends Arjun. She says Arjun has always helped me, going against his family. She says Arjun has freed Lakshya from jail, she has exposed Sarika, I wanted you all to meet him that day, if he did not help us, Lakshya would have been in jail till now. Lakshya says Arjun kidnapped me to get Nisha from me. He asks her to forget Arjun. Poorvi says I can’t, he will be in my heart till my death. Lakshya says I m not giving advice, but warning, you won’t take his name and not see his face, else…. He raises his hand. Poorvi says fine, beat me, then what will be difference between us and Bachcha Singh’s family, every women in his house are scared and mum made Poonam marry her love, I felt you will understand me.

She says I know you all hate them, but Arjun is not wrong. She says Arjun was right that you all won’t understand us. Dayal asks was she running away. She says no, I love you a lot, and can’t ruin our respect. She says I love Arjun also, and can’t live without him, he has changed, he is not like his family. Neelima says its true I hate that family, and I believe people change, if you believe he has really changed, then I don’t have any problem to meet him. Poorvi thanks her and hugs her. Lakshya asks what is she doing. Neelima says I know, and asks Poorvi to call Arjun, if he convinces her that he really changed, then I don’t have any problem in getting you married to you, I m giving this chance to him, not him, I still hate his family.

Arjun sees marriage arrangements going on at home and goes to talk to his mum. She says your dad wants you to marry Tanu. He says you know me very well, I can’t marry her. She says you know your dad, he can do anything. He says yes, but he can’t stop me from marrying Poorvi. She asks him to forget Poorvi, as he does not know that his dad is…. She sees Bachcha Singh and does not tell about Neelima. Arjun sees him, and sasy fine, lets see you win or my love wins. He leaves. Bachcha Singh gets angry and shuts the door.

Gauri speaks against Arjun. Dayal asks Neelima why is she giving a chance to Poorvi. Neelima says if we don’t listen to her, she can run away, she has shared everything with us, we have to support her. She says Arjun fools girl and gets saved, this time has to pay a price. She calls commissioner and tells about Arjun. He says we want some proof, if we both love each other, we can’t arrest them. Gauri says Arjun cheated me and other girls too, he uses girl and dumps them. She says he is engaged to Bhanupratap’s daughter and he is fooling Poorvi. He says fine, call him at your home, we will arrest him. Gauri smiles.

Arjun comes to meet Tanu. She smiles and asks him to be patient, as they are getting married soon. He says I can’t marry you. She asks what. He says I did engagement to save my family respect, I was helpless, I love someone and I will marry only my love. I m sorry, just forget all this. She asks is he serious about his GF. He says yes, I can kill anyone and die too, I love her a lot. He returns the engagement ring to her. He says he has broken many hearts till now, and one more today. He leaves. Tanu smiles and Bhanupratap comes to her. He asks what happened, why did Arjun come here, is everything fine. She says nothing, he came to choose bridal dress.

He says I m sure he will keep you very happy, he loves you a lot. She says a lot. He blesses her and leaves. Tanu thinks Arjun Singh, how can you be so foolish, what do you think, if you say no, this marriage won’t happen, I like this about you, I like challenges and I will win this. You will make me wear this ring too. Arjun gets Poorvi’s calls. She asks him to wear any good clothes, any formal suit. He asks why is she saying. She says you have to meet mum, she called you. Arjun smiles. She says I told you my mum will understand, now everything is in your hands, if you impress her, she will make us married. He says I will surely impress her, I m glad, but is this sure, or is your mum calling me to beat. She says no, my mum really wants to know you love me or not, and if she is convinced, she will agree to our love.

Yeh dil sun raha hai……………….plays………………She asks him to come soon, as she is waiting. She smiles. Gauri looks on and thinks the happiness will go soon, my revenge will be fulfilled. Arjun gets ready and takes Nisha’s help. He says Poorvi’s family called me to talk, I have to impress them. Nisha smiles. She wishes him all the best and his love will win. Arjun is leaving. Watan says what happened to him, and stops him, seeing him in formal suit. Arjun does not tell anything and leaves. Bachcha Singh says all this is a hurdle for us, he has come from your room, control your wife, go and ask her where did Arjun go. Watan goes to ask Nisha.

Arjun meets Neelima and says he loves Poorvi a lot, I promise I will always keep her happy. Neelima says she believes no one can keep Poorvi happy more than you, and she is ready for the marriage. All this turns out to be Poorvi’s imagination. She calls Arjun and asks where is he. He says he is on the way and excited. Lakshya comes to her and asks for her phone. She says I will give it if Arjun’s call comes. She gives her phone and smiles.

Arjun is arrested by police. Poorvi says I m sorry, you told right, they won’t understand our love. Arjun says yes, we will run together today infront of all of them. He takes the gun and says no one will stop us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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