Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi standing on the road. Arjun sees her and recalls the old moment. He shows the list of gifts he will give her after marriage and praising her. He says if I ask dowry, your mum will get me arrested. She says my mum is not so bad. She reads the list and asks what will we do. He explains his choices. She slips. Arjun comes and olds her. Yeh dil sun raha hai ……………plays……….. she scolds him. Arjun says he is helping her and acts rude. She asks what is he planning to trouble her more, his plan won’t succeed now. The men come and scold Arjun for teasing a girl. Poorvi says its our matter, and they leave. She says I saved you from getting beating up, its equal. She goes. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays…………..

The people talk about the land auction. They talk about Bhanu and some new businessman Raichand who are after the land, and lets see who wins. Poorvi comes for the interview. She says she will work by hardwork. The man asks what can she do for him personally. She says I did not understand He says I want a personal assistant, who stays with me all the time. She says what. He says you have to do this for job. The other girl says she needs the job. Poorvi scolds the man and leaves, thinking she has to be strong. She comes to some other job place. She does not get the job because of lack of experience.

She gets rejected at many places. She gets a job and sees Arjun there. She comes to know Arjun’s dad is partner in the company. She returns the appointment letter and refuses the job. Arjun stops her. She says she won’t work here and leaves. Arjun says she won’t take my help. A lady bumps into her and asks why is she worried. Poorvi says she is not getting the job. The lady says maybe I can help you. She shows the parlor and says I need a good girl for manager post, I m not well and you can join me. She says I m woman and I know its tough to work, you look good so I felt I should help you. Poorvi thanks her. The lady says don’t say thanks, just work well. She gives the card and asks her to come tomorrow morning. Poorvi leaves.

The lady calls Tanu and says your work is done, she did not doubt that you are linked to this. Poorvi tells Neelima how she got the job when she was sad, I did not lose hope and I got the job. Lakshya asks about the job. Poorvi says a lady hired me as a manager. Neelima and Dayal are glad. Lakshya asks who is she, and who did she give job like this. Neelima says Lord is doing this. Poorvi says yes, Lord did this. Lakshya says Lord does not exist. Dayal says she might be some good lady, leave it.

Poorvi comes to the parlor in morning and starts working. The inspector raids and says wrong things happen here. They catch some people and even Poorvi. Poorvi says its my first day here, I don’t know anything. He scolds her. They identify her as the girl who has run away with Arjun. Poorvi says you don’t have right to talk like this. They scold her and taunt on her mum who was caught for being corrupt. He says come with me to police station. The media comes and covers the story. Arjun is shocked seeing the news. Tanu smiles and thinks she has done this, to take revenge for her dad’s insult, poor Poorvi, she lost the respect.

Bachcha Singh and everyone laugh seeing the news, and asks where did her values go now, she called me cheap, and see her, her family is doing wrong things. Nisha cries. Bachcha Singh says mum was corrupt, but daughter is more ahead. Nisha asks Arjun whats happening, who is after her, she is trapped, do something. Arjun says I promise I will clear Poorvi’s name from this. Arjun scolds his family and says he does not trust the news. Nirbhik asks who will trap her, she was using you, she wanted money. Arjun says I know she was not after money. Watan asks then whats all this, who did this.

Bachcha Singh says Bhanu and I did not do this, who is her other enemy. Arjun says I know who can do this. He goes to room and confronts Tanu. She says she did it, to get his love, her love has lies. He says you have poison which has create hatred, this is shameless, you can’t love anyone, as it needs a heart which you don’t have. He scolds her and she asks him to save Poorvi. He says his love will win, everything will fail infront of his love, you will see very soon that Poorvi’s name will be clear, she is pure as our love. He leaves. She smiles.

A lady constable beats Poorvi asking her the truth. Poorvi cries and says I don’t know anything, I m not lying. Arjun sees her in lockup and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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