Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tanu taunting Poorvi and her family, seeing them on roads and calling them beggars. Bachcha Singh also taunts Neelima. Bhanu says yes, you should have supported us. Tanu says yes, the city did not suit them, they should just leave now, if you don’t have money, ask me, my dad will give you money. Poorvi says save your help for yourself, and we won’t leave the city, as we did not do anything wrong, I have to make many people get sense and slap their ego, this city does not belong to your dad. Tanu says this city is of my dad. She reminds them how everyone listens to her. She brings some money and asks her to take it, her heart is big and she helps beggars. Arjun looks on.

Lakshya asks Poorvi not to touch money. Poorvi picks it from the ground. She gives it back to her. She says you run after money and have shown you don’t care for money too, money is Lakshmi, people preach it and you insulted it, you would never get it. Tanu laughs. Poorvi says you will know its imp when you get poor. Tanu says who will make us poor, will you? You are standing on road. Poorvi scolds her and says some people planned against me. She promises she will change the situation, and make hr stand in her place. They laugh on Poorvi. Arjun comes home and scolds her.

She gets a call. Arjun puts it on speaker. A man tells her that he did her work. He says it means you did all this and raises his hand. She holds his hand and says I m not a helpless woman, I know to protect myself, and my answer would be lifelong pain, my dad promised you that he will not hurt Poorvi’s family, not me, she has come in between us and she has to pay the price for it, its just beginning, just wait and watch. Arjun scolds her and insults her. He says he will not let Poorvi harmed, and if she tries to harm her, she will have to face him first.

Poorvi and her family are still on road. Poorvi says she will show Tanu’s place very soon. Neelima says we don’t have place to live. A man comes and identifies Neelima. Lakshya asks why did he come. The man says I came to help you all, I want you to come to my place. Poorvi asks why will you help us, you don’t know us. He says Neelima and Dayal know me. He says they have helped me in getting my land back, I read about you in newspaper and I understood someone cheated you, I went your home and came to know you left home, I can’t see you like this, please come to my home.

Dayal says I told you, good deeds don’t go waste. Neelima thanks him. He brings them to his home. He calls Arjun and says he has brought Poorvi’s family home, what to do next. Arjun says help them, do what they want, don’t tell them you are doing this on my saying. Arjun is glad that Poorvi will not face taunts now, he will always protect her.

Poorvi arranges home, and keeps Lord’s idol. Lakshya says Lord is nothing, its just belief, its nothing, and loses faith in Lord by facing all hurdles in life. Poorvi says no, puja gives peace in heart and encourages us, I m sure Lord exists, I believe this. He asks where was Lord when this happened with us. She says even I m angry, it does not mean we don’t believe Lord. He says there is just power and money which works in world, bad people are happy, good people are on roads, why is this happening if Lord exists. He leaves.

Dayal and Neelima say he is angry, we need to talk, we need to have money to run the home, we both are suspended and won’t get job. Poorvi says don’t worry, I will do the job. He asks who, you were studying. Poorvi says everything has to start one day, I will do any work for my family, and to take revenge from Arjun’s family, I have to become powerful and reach heights. She does puja. Bachcha Singh and Bhanu laugh on Neelima, and stop Arjun.

Bhanu says we wants to make a grand hotel and Arjun should do the budding or the land, I want it, its my old dream. Bachcha Singh says you are the owner of this project. Bhanu says I made all papers, and shows power of attorney. Arjun reads it, and tears it. They get shocked. He throws on his face, angering both of them. Bachcha Singh scolds him. Arjun says I m not interested in this project. He says Dayal and his family are on roads today, how many more lives will you ruin. He leaves. Bhanu says he has gone mad, control your son, else he will become a problem for you. He leaves. Bachcha Singh says I know how to control Arjun. Tanu hears this and thinks everything has a limit, and you are crossing it, you insulted my dad, I can’t bear this, I know you are helping Poorvi and her family, so you stay away from me, fine, I love challenges, but not my dad, you will be punished for this.

The police comes to check the place where Poorvi works. She says its parlor. They arrest some people and also Poorvi. Poorvi says I don’t know, its my first day here.

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