Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tanu hitting a woman and Arjun comes in between to save her. He scolds her and she smiles seeing him. Arjun takes care of the woman and leaves. Poorvi thanks Gauri for taking the blame on her. Gauri acts sweet and says she believes in her true love. Poorvi apologizes to her. Gauri says she will be sad if she hides anything, and promises she will help her. Poorvi says she will tell her everything. Gauri hugs her. She says she has to call home and leaves. Gauri calls Sujatha and says Poorvi has started believing me, she will tell all her love stories to me, and we can catch them red handed. Sujatha says no need now, let them continue their love, lets fuel and then we will see how to ignite fire. Gauri smiles.

Poorvi calls Arjun and tells about Lakshya telling everyone about their affair. She says Gauri took the blame on herself. Arjun says what, I will call and thank her. Poorvi says yes, she helped us, she is my true friend. He says he wants to meet her. Poorvi says she can’t meet him. Gauri comes and takes the phone. Arjun thanks her. Gauri says Arjun and Poorvi’s love is true, and if she can help them, she will do. She tells Arjun that she will bring Poorvi to meet him. Poorvi thanks her. She says she even lied to her family, is this called love. Gauri asks Poorvi to hide it, and a time will come when her family understands her love and feelings. Poorvi hugs her.

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Nisha comes to the room. Watan asks her to lock the door. He says sit near me, I m in all my senses today, I did not do any work all day, I took good rest so that I don’t get tired. He says he will celebrate Suhaagraat today and holds her closer. He rests in her lap and says he is feeling relaxed. Nisha looks at something she kept to make him fall sleepy. He falls asleep and she goes. Its morning, Gauri asks Poorvi to relax, they will leave in some time. Poorvi asks did she plan well, if they get caught. Gauri says no, we won’t get caught. She says she will lie to everyone.

Lakshya comes and asks where are they going. Gauri says they are going to Amrita’s class to group study. Lakshya says I will come along. Gauri says no, all girls will be there. He says fine, call me later, I will come and pick you both. Poorvi is scared to lie. Gauri brings Poorvi to Arjun and asks them to spend time. She says you can also help me when I get any BF. Arjun says sure. Gauri thinks she should take their romantic pic to use. Watan wakes up and thinks why does he sleep at night. He talks to Nirbhik and says he is getting tired. Nirbhik asks him to get a relaxing massage. Watan says its affecting its personal life, he is decided to do something, and sleeps every night. Nisha looks on.

Watan asks him does this happen with this. Nirbhik says no, its record, I did not spent any night without doing anyting. Sujatha hears them and asks Nisha, about Watan sleeping so early. She smiles and leaves. Nisha says no one should know she mixes sleeping tablets in his milk glass, even Sujatha is doubting now, if Watan comes to know then, what will happen. Arjun and Poorvi go on a romantic date and talk on the way. The car breaks down. He checks it. She says we have less time. He says give me 5 mins. She says your car spoiled everything. Gauri planned so well, all waste.

Poorvi says she will take lift. He laughs. She says see me and asks for lift. Arjun stops her and says I have seen you can take lift. She says she is not joking, she has to go. He says she will go with him. She says she can’t trouble her family, Gauri will be caught by us. She goes with the men, and asks Arjun to call her. Gauri reaches the hotel to take Arjun and Poorvi’s pic. She waits for them and thinks where did they go, how will I get proof, did they plan to go somewhere else.

Arjun is beaten up by some goons. Poorvi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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