Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 18th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 18th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ajun getting ready and giving kisses to Gauri on phone. She smiles. Gauri says Poorvi is chatting online, Mrigank messaged yesterday and she is excited. Poorvi writes bad things about Arjun and praises Mrigank. Arjun reads the messages and asks Gauri whats Poorvi writing. They continue chatting and he shows his fake true side. She asks is he planning to come Patna. He says he will come to meet her. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………..plays……………. She smiles. Arjun tells Gauri that he is doing some imp work and ends the call. He says I got the girl whom I liked, but this girl, don’t fall in love.

In college, Poorvi dreams about meeting Mrigank. Arjun comes and sees her. She closes her eyes seeing him. He comes in between the lecture and gives chocolates to Gauri, showing it to Poorvi and taunting her. He says he will leave now and smiles. Shankar and Dayal try to book a hall and come to know every hall is booked by Bachcha Singh as he got few dances from abroad, he booked all hotels. Bachcha Singh meets a man who tells he married again, and got a baby now, his daughter form first wife is 24 years and my second wife is younger than her. Bachcha Singh laughs.

He asks you made Patna a city of girls, Garam Masala house full. Bachcha Singh says modern girls are good, but I get bored in 15 mins, I don’t understand language and thus no fun. The man says yes, I told them to give performance as you like. Bachcha Singh asks him to make them wear bikini. He says fine. He sees his daughter going out in jeans and scolds her. She says Maa said if kurta is long, I can wear jeans. He asks her to wear full covering clothes. She goes back to the room. The man says your heart is so big to allow her to go to college.

He says yes, people ask for degrees first, but my son is not like this, don’t know about Watan, but my Arjun is ready to marry a girl who just knows how to sign. Poorvi comes to know that Arjun comes first, though he does not attend classes. Arjun asks a guy to get less marks than him. Poorvi hears this. The man says I leave one question to get low score than you. Arjun says my 10 marks should be more. He sees Poorvi and says she heard the reason of being on top, everyone loves me here.

She thinks to do something. Watan comes to the govt hospital and calls Lakshya. He says I reached here, Lakshya comes out and meets him. Watan shows his friendly side and says I m opening new department in my hospital, so I came to invite. Lakshya says why did you come to invite me, you could have sent anyone. Watan says you are special friend, get your to be wife too. Lakshya says she stays busy. Watan says are you afraid that if Nisha meets me, she will like me more. Lakshya agrees. Poorvi comes home and chats with Mrigank. She complains about Arjun and Arjun laughs reading she hates him.

He writes maybe he is affecting you. She says she does not like to see his face, I have to do something, how to teach him a lesson. They both think. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays………….. He gives an idea to change his exam time table. She says brilliant idea. He says I m with you, but there is one man who can teach me a lesson, and that’s myself. He thinks its fun to chat with her.

Poorvi comes to college in morning. Arjun sees her and says come, lab schedule is waiting. He asks Nitin to go and say as he said. She goes to change his lab exam schedule. Arjun sees her and smiles. Arjun says the time table is fake. The lab assistant brings the orginal and removes the wrong one. Arjun smiles praising himself. Poorvi smiles and messages Mrigank that she has done the plan, and it succeeded, Arjun does not know his practical is at 12 pm. He messages that’s great and when is yours. She messages 3pm. He smiles.

Everyone wait for Poorvi in practical. Arjun comes there in her place. He sings a song for Gauri. Poorvi looks at him. He asks Poorvi to do practical well, all the best. She says you give your exam well. He says his result will be better than her. Poorvi thinks he is over confident, he will know it today. Arjun tells lab assistant that Poorvi will give me exam from today. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays………….. Poorvi goes to give exam in Arjun’s place and the lab assistant says oh, you came today, fine, you are new here, go. She writes the exam and Arjun smiles seeing her.

Satish talks to Arjun and asks why did he not let him write the paper. Arjun says lets give chance to Poorvi too. Poorvi sees them talking and thinks it will be fun to see Arun failing in practical.

Poorvi comes to know she gave exam for Arjun and scolds Arjun. Neelima is worried for land problem which belongs to Bachcha Singh. Bachcha Singh finalizes the deal. Poorvi tells Shankar that she won’t study here as someone told her time table and she got absent. He says how can this happen, I will talk to staff, they will have to correct the mistake. She says no, I won’t study here. Gauri stops her and says she loves Arjun and Poorvi can’t blame him. Poorvi speaks against Arjun. Arjun comes and they argue. Poorvi and Arjun take part in dance competition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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