Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone leaving from Arjun’s house. Arjun talks to Gauri and she plans to marry him soon. He says why, and jokes on her. Poorvi hears them and gets angry. Gauri leaves. Poorvi scolds Arjun for diverting the marriage talk so soon. He flirts with her and says your family has gone, you are still here talking to me, I feel you are attracted to me. She says what, I don’t even want to see your face. She sits in the car. Arjun looks at her and smiles. He says what did she tell me in English, I did not understand, I have to learn English. Its morning, Neelima asks Poorvi to get ready fast. Watan calls Lakshya (Name not sure) and says his nursing home wants talented doctor like him, and he will give thrice the pay.

Lakshya says I was thinking I will get experience from govt hospital and then I can join you. Watan gets angry and ends the call. Poorvi asks Gauri to stay away from Arjun. Nisha says Gauri is Arjun’s BF and now your brother got job offer from their hospital. Arjun calls Gauri and talks to her. She says she is going to change clothes. He asks her what is she wearing, send me a pic of your nightie. She says not now, Poorvi can come anytime. He says its more good, she should know how romantic we are, and how romantic talk we have.

Poorvi tells her parents about the women in Bachcha Singh’s home, and how Watan fixed his result and came first and Arjun is cheap. Gauri tells Arjun that they all took admission in his college. He is glad and smiles. She says you and Poorvi don’t like each other. He says I will bear her for your sake, don’t tell her its my college. Arjun’s Chacha comes and asks was he talking to his new BF. Arjun says not so new, four months old. Chacha tells him about pandit’s warnings that his life will have dangerous change, maybe this girl will bring the change. Arjun smiles and says do you think any girl can change me, I changed many girl’s lives.

Chacha asks do you know about love. Arjun says he did not fall in love. Chacha says real love happens in heart, and changes the life. Arjun says love, me, never. Poorvi looks at her hand and thinks about pandit ji’s words. Neelima comes to her and Poorvi asks is it true that the man I love, his life will be destroyed because of me. Shankar Dayal asks who told this. Poorvi says pandit ji said it. Neelima says I don’t believe astrology, so I did not make kundlis. She asks Lakshya to be away from that family. She says I m sure you will get a good guy.

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Arjun sits with his gang in the college. He covers a basket and says now it will be fun, come. The girls arrive there. Poorvi and Gauri like the college. They talk about Arjun. Gauri says Arjun told me everything. They stand in the queue. Poorvi fills the admission form and she goes for the interview. A guy comes to her and asks her to manage his doggy, and he will give the interview. He gives her the basket. She smiles seeing it. He says its naughty, his name is Diwakar, shout on him saying Diwakar shut up and he will listen to you. She says fine.

The guy signs work done to Arjun. Diwakar Sharma is the name of the principal who is angry man by nature. Poorvi talks to the doggy saying Diwakar, behave yourself, very bad boy, stop, I will slap you. He comes outside and scolds Poorvi for taking his name. She says no, I m scolding this dog. Arjun comes and says Tommy. She is stunned. Diwakar says she was taking my name. She says a guy told me its name is Diwakar. Arjun starts his drama and says she called you dog. Nisha and Gauri come there. Diwakar says he won’t take her in this college, so somewhere else. Poorvi cries. She sees Arjun winking to that guy. She says you did all this, I know and scolds you. He says same to you.

She says if I knew you are in this college, I would have not come. Gauri defends Arjun. Gauri asks Arjun why did he do this. Arjun says he was ragging her. He asks about Mrigank. Gauri says he is her ideal man and she is finding him on facebook. Arjun says he will get Poorvi’s admission by talking to Diwakar. The girls return home. Nisha’s parents meet Lakshya’s parents to finalize their marriage. They ask what do they expect. Neelima says nothing, when you want to do bidding, the doctor’s market rate is 10-15 lakhs. She says many lengthy list.

She says we are not selling our son, maybe your daughter have something less, which you are hiding, your daughter is part of our family, then why all this, we want to do two simple functions. Engagement and marriage. Nisha’s parents apologize to Dayal. Dayal says we are lucky to get Nisha as our bahu. The girls come. Her mum says the date is fixed. They ask are they finding a guy for Poorvi. Neelima says no, she is still studying. Poorvi says she don’t want have plan for career. She says she does not want to touch the skies and lose out the happy moments.

Poorvi says lots of lines. Gauri and Nisha talk that Poorvi looks so happy, and bless her. Poorvi chats with Mrigank and smiles after getting a friend request from him. She can’t believe she is chatting with Mrigank and sharing many things with him. She complains about Arjun, who makes her angry. Its Arjun, who is chatting with her as Mrigank’s name. He laughs as this online chatting is so weird, she feels she is chatting to Mrigank and talking with the one she hates. He says whatever I do is by heart, right. He smiles. Aag ka darya hai………………yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays………………….. Poorvi smiles.

Arjun gives chocolates to Gauri, by showing to Poorvi and taunts Poorvi. Bachcha Singh says he does not know about Watan, but Arjun is ready to marry with the man who knows just to sign. Arjun waits for Poorvi. He asks Nitin to go to Poorvi and say what he said. Arjun looks at Poorvi and smiles. He pulls her leg and says all the best for the practical. She asks him to give his exam well. He says his result will be better than her, and tells the teacher that Poorvi will write his exams from today.

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