Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the city Patna shown and mantras Om Bhur Bhuvaswaha……….. playing in BG. The temples are shown and the train scene starts. The girls hear the radio and gossip about their boyfriends. Gauri talks about Arjun. Poorvi jokes on her. The girls have a casual talk about their affairs. Poorvi says your parents will scold you when they come to know you came to Patna from Delhi to meet your boyfriend. Gauri says even Nisha is going for the same. The train stops and Nisha tells about her and Naksh’s love story. Poorvi goes to charge her phone. Naksh asks the guys who stopped the way, who are this people. The other man says they are Bachcha Singh’s men. Naksh says my sister and her friends are coming.

Arjun passes comments on Poorvi and smiles. She is shocked seeing him. He signs her. Hua Chokra Jawaan Re……………..plays…………… He comes to her and says see, I came down. She says mind your business. He says yes, you are for me, the mobile is not charged and you did not get BF’s message so I came to become your BF. She raises her hand and he holds her signing no. He says don’t try to raise hand, as I don’t slap girls, but I lift them. Lahu Mu Lag gaya……………plays………………… He says did you get it, you don’t have to do anything, I will see you. She says I will see you. He says fine, take my pic. She leaves. Arjun smiles.

Poorvi tells Nisha about an ill mannered guy. She says every guy is same, except my brother, you are lucky. Arjun’s brother tells Naksh that Arjun is coming from Jaipur. Gauri says my Arjun is in this train. Arjun comes there and looks at the girls. He winks to Poorvi. Gauri hugs him. Arjun meets Poorvi and Nisha. Poorvi gets angry. The train starts and she gets the jerk. She falls. He says why are you touching my feet, are you my wife. He says he can shake hands. Nisha greets him shaking hands. Poorvi shakes hands too. He does not hold her hand. Lahu muh lag gaya……………….plays…………..

He gets closer to take water bottle and teases her. He says she is stubborn and he likes her. Naksh talks to Arjun’s brother. He says I know Arjun will come first as my dad has link with the college, I m not a doctor to treat patients but I opened a institute. He asks Naksh about his marriage. Naksh says he will make him meet the girl, as she is coming with his sister now. Poorvi and Nisha talk where did Gauri go. Poorvi goes to see and finds Arjun and Gauri in the loo, romancing. Arjun sees Poorvi and makes her jealous passing indirect taunts on her.

Poorvi leaves. Arjun’s brother says Arjun’s GF is coming with him. Arjun helps Nisha and takes her bag. Poorvi asks him not to touch her bag. He says fine, this hand is not made to touch bags, I was taking my bag. Gauri comes out and smiles seeing Naksh. Arjun and Poorvi bump into each other. Arjun shows his GF to his brother. Poorvi talks about her parents. A lady officer asks Dayal to do work in time. Arjun says bye to Nisha and eyes Poorvi giving her a flying kiss. Poorvi gets angry. Arjun’s brother asks Naksh to come on dinner along with the girls.

Poorvi says what a problem. Arjun winks to her and smiles. Arjun comes home and his mum showers love making him have food. He says fine, I will have two laddoos. His sister asks you went in inter college festival, what did you do there. He says he worked a lot. She says I got it. His mum stop it Chutki. I know my son is gold. He hugs her. He says whatever I do is by heart. Arjun hugs his brother. Bachcha Singh is on the way and looks at the watch. Dayal and the lady pass in other car. The goon says I think we should kill them or explain them. Bachcha Singh says not now. He says if we have to do anything, we will make it done by police.

He says if law has many men, why should we make our hands dirty. The lady tells Dayal about wrong people who has ruined the city. He says I m transferred here but I m not able to do anything. She says I m able to do this, as you are with me. She sais she is lucky to have a husband like him. He says I m lucky to have a wife who loves a low status man, but you are not ashamed of me. She smiles. They come home. Poorvi hugs them saying mum and Papa.

Poorvi’s mum asks the girls not to go to Arjun’s house and asks them to be careful. Bachcha Singh comes home and is angry talking to pandit. Poorvi walks in his house. His son introduces his friend Naksh, his fiancée and his sister. Bachcha Singh blesses them. Arjun comes and hugs his dad. Poorvi looks at him. Bachcha Singh asks his sons to take care of guests well and show the house. He asks pandit ji to see his son’s stars again. The pandit ji checks again and says about problems in the kundli. Bachcha Singh scolds him saying how can any big change come in Arjun’s life. He says fine, I will see to it, and asks everyone that no one will tell Arjun about Rasipur, I won’t let anything bad happen with Arjun. He leaves.

Arjun flirts with Poorvi and asks her to sit showing her hand to the pandit. The pandit ji sees her hand. Naksh asks about her marriage. The pandit ji says her marriage still has time. He says she has a problem that she should not fall in love, its dangerous for the man she loves, his life will be in risk. Poorvi gets upset. Arjun says lets see whom she loves and smiles. She looks at him.

Arjun says Poorvi that she is alone with him, it means you are attracted to me. She says I don’t even want to see your face. She leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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