Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi asking Gauri why did she do this. She was sad for her when she broke up with Arjun, she regards her sister and she would have not met Arjun if she told him. Gauri says stop it, you knew I love Arjun. Poorvi says why did you not tell me. Gauri scolds Poorvi and Arjun comes in between. He says don’t dare to tell her anything, whatever is happening is because of me. Poorvi cries. He says he never loved her, he was bad guy and just spoke to her, he is talking to her because of Poorvi, he did not have feelings for her, he has all feelings for Poorvi, he loves her, Poorvi did not snatch him, he loves him since Poorvi did not like him.

He scolds her and says I did not plan to love Poorvi, I was quiet as Poorvi trusts you, I had doubt on you when you blamed my friend, he is my childhood friend who does not see girls, and you blames him for raping you. He says he saw her true face again. He says now he does not feel guilty of anything. He says lets go Poorvi. Gauri says yes, I did this, as you both have cheated me, there is nothing to get shocked. She says Arjun left me because of Poorvi and I can’t bear this, so I decided to let you go through the pain I went through, I had many chances, I was waiting for right chance to make your life hell, I will expose you. Arjun asks what proof she has, you call me your BF and blaming Poorvi now, everyone will call you mad.

Gauri says just few days and I will tell everyone the truth. Poorvi hugs Arjun and cries. Gauri calls Sujatha and says our plan failed, Arjun and Poorvi came to know it was me who took their pics and videos. Sujatha says don’t worry, I m there, I have weapons to separate them, and its very useful, let Arjun’s birthday come. Gauri asks the meaning. Sujatha says I will tell you when we meet, this is my plan, they will never unite. Tanu sees Gauri and thinks she is Arjun’s GF as everyone know this in college. She talks to Gauri and asks is she Arjun’s pic.

She gives her a blank cheque and asks her to fill any amount, but go away from his life, very soon. Gauri is shocked. She says take this cheque and your nonsense, I m not Arjun’s GF, I m out of his life. She leaves. Tanu thinks who is Arjun’s GF then. Arjun sees arrangements. Bachcha Singh says its his son’s birthday and it should be special. Arjun thanks him and laughs. Bachcha Singh asks Sujatha does Arjun not know about his engagement tomorrow. She says trust me, no one should tell him. Arjun’s sister cries and runs out.

Neelima’s car breaks down and she waits. She sees her going out alone, and saves her from committing suicide as she stands infront of the truck. She asks what was she doing. The girl says leave me, I don’t have any way. Neelima asks is she mad, and hugs her. The girl says I don’t have any way. Neelima says I know sometimes we don’t have any way. The girl says if I m alive, my family will kill me. Neelima asks why. She says they will kill me and my lover, I want to safe him. Neelima asks whats the problem. She says there is big problem, he is very good guy and my family won’t accept him, they will kill him, my dad won’t allow me to do love marriage. Neelima says give him some time. She says I don’t have time, as I m pregnant. Neelima is shocked.

She says they will kill me, my baby. Neelima asks her to think about baby. She says I don’t want to kill my baby, but I m helpless. She says my BF does not know this. Neelima says tell him, will he accept you. She says yes, he is a good guy and loves me a lot. But my family will kill him. Neelima says she will find the solution, don’t tell anyone. Neelima thinks to do something. Gauri says I can’t act to be friends with you Poorvi, so I will shift to guest room. Poorvi says she forgot everything, but don’t create any scene infront of my parents. Poorvi wishes Gauri should not hate her, they are still friends.

Arjun calls Poorvi and asks why is she serious, what happened. She says nothing. He says I came here, open the window. She sees him. He says I think I should ask before coming. She says this is wrong, our families want us to stay away. He says love is not wrong. She says but lying to family and hurting friend is wrong. He says he is doing this to save their love. She says she will meet in morning, and asks him to go. He says its last night and then we will remember this later. She says she is scared and can’t meet. She feels cold in the room and goes out again and see him waiting. She asks him to go. Aag ka darya hai……………..plays………….

She comes to him by making excuses. She says you are very adamant. He says you can get angry, but I can’t see you sad. She says she is tensed how will families react. He says they will agree anyhow, they can kick me out of home, but I can’t leave you. Gauri looks in and takes their pics. Poorvi says I can’t leave my family, I feel they will accept you. They hold hands. Arjun says everything will be fine. Gauri says I should call family and show them live.

She goes to Lakshya and says Poorvi is outside talking to some guy. Lakshya says what. Poorvi asks Arjun to see the fate lines, as it shows its not possible for them to unite. He says will this lines tell will we unite, He cuts his hand to make another line. She asks is he mad and ties a cloth. He says I will change my fate to get you. She says don’t do this, I will die, you promise me you won’t hurt yourself, I trust you more than this lines, I trust your love. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………….plays…………. She hugs Arjun. Lakshya comes out and calls Poorvi. She asks Arjun to hide.

Arjun sees Poorvi in his birthday party and smiles. Yeh dil sun raha hai…………..plays……………

Update Credit to: Amena

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