Ye Ishq Nahi Aasan #27 History

I AM BACK!! And I know that the title is boring but the update is really good (I asked 2-3 people!!)

Kabir: But mom, I don’t get it! Why did he lie? I mean i am not… I did not… I remember everything but it’s so far away it seems like it was ages ago (because it was ages ago!)… I don’t remember…

Anupriya: Kabir! Just book a flight and come here! We will discuss everything calmly. (ya Whatever! You steal everybody’s calm aur bolti hain shaanti se discuss karenge! Hatt! Aayi badi!)

Anupriya: His phasing is gonna start soon!

Ragini: We can’t tell him, he will be scared!

Anupriya: We won’t… his flight just landed… we will ask him to take some rest.

Ragini: It’s a good idea but do you think it will work?

Anupriya: He might deny his mother but he would never deny his gudiya.

Ragini: You are so wicked!

Anupriya: I know! How do you think I won the last time!?

Ragini: You mean…

Anupriya: Yes! Yes! I mean their last birth! I was the one who turned them against each other! Vihaan and Kapil were my sons! Vihaan was a vampire and Kapil was a werewolf,

Ragini: But how is that possible!? I mean, a vampire and a werewolf of the same mother!?

Anupriya: Vihaan’s father was human and Kapil’s father was a werewolf. Vihaan turned into a vampire later he fell off a cliff and before he could die, Riddhima’s mother, the queen, turned him.

How fascinating! History repeats itself! After his father’s death, Vihaan used to live with us and Kapil’s and him were trying to get along but fate has its own game, doesn’t it!? Or shall I say, me!

When Vihaan was turned into a vampire by the Queen, she took him to her palace and her daughter was taking care of him. She was a vampire too but with special powers. She was half immortal. She was a Halfire. I bet she still is! And then, Vihaan, Kapil and princess Radhika became good friends.

That Radhika! She had something in her! She was making both of them fall in love with them! And even though those boys did not know, I knew that one of their hearts was gonna break and that too badly!

And as the time passed, I knew who… it was Vihaan… Kapil’s heart was gonna break… I thought of a brilliant plan! Kapil was the prince of werewolves. He could easily take on a halfire and a few vampires with the help of other wolves. There were so many packs that supported us!

If Kapil turns against Vihaan, which he definitely would… then he could take on Radhika and Vihaan and the kingdom could be ours! The wealthiest kingdom in the entire Sapt Sindhu could be mine!! So then, I started manipulating Kapil…

Then came that day! Vihaan ran away with Radhika, her brother and his lover. They were planning to get away from the kingdom and take help from their allies. But unfortunately for them, I got to know their location.

And I spread a rumour in the village that Radhika betrayed Kapil and ran away with Vihaan. So, what happened wast quite expected! The biggest and most powerful and trained pack went to avenge their prince. But, Kapil got to know what I did. I convinced him not to do anything but he requested to go there. He requested to see Radhika for the last time. I let him go but he ended up killing himself, helping me in my plan so, with the prince dead and no other heirs, I got to become the queen! I played a great role in history. Now, I am playing it again, the property will be mine!!

Ragini: But mom! Why don’t I remember anything? And why did Bhai say that he was lying? And why isn’t he able to remember clearly!?

Anupriya: I… I don’t know! How would I know? I don’t know anything!

Just then, Kabir arrives. Anupriya gives Kabir and Ragini their lunch and a juice and then all of them go to sleep. Meanwhile…


Riddhima: I am ready! Let’s call Bhai and Maithili!

Vansh: Her name is Piya!!!

Riddhima: Doesn’t matter! I love to call her Maithili! It annoys her too much!

Vansh: You keep annoying everyone!

Riddhima: I only annoyed her and Bhai and… Sejal… and… uhh… Rakshit… And Siya… And Ishani… And Aryan too I guess… and… umm… that’s it!

Vansh: Nope! You annoyed one more person! And you annoyed him the most!

Riddhima (putting her hands around his neck): Whom? Papa?

Vansh (kissing her hands): Nope! Try again!

Riddhima: Maa?

Vansh (trancing his finger on her arm): Nope!

Riddhima: Umm… Daadi?

Vansh (kissing her neck): Naah!

Riddhima: Oh wait! I get it! It is…

Vansh: Is…?

Riddhima: You!

And they kiss.

(And I find something to cover my face and now I am unable to find anything so I cover my face with my hands because this is sooooooo embarrassing! @chahd2017 now I know what you went through!)


AbhIya And RiAnsh are walking through the crowd in the souvenir shop. They had explored the entire fort, even the restricted sections. Riddhima and Abhay had put an invisibility charm on them. The girls were collecting whatever they wanted while the boys watched them.

Piya: Let’s take all this to the car while the boys pay the bill.

Vansh: No! No! I’ll go with Riddhima and put all this in the car. You fill that stupid survey form and come.

Piya: Okay!

So Riddhima and Vansh go to the parking lot. Riddhima opens the dicky(boot of the car) and Vansh puts all their “souvenirs”. Just as she shut the boot, she found herself in his arms.

Riddhima: Vansh! We are in the parking lot!! Not here please!

Vansh: Offo! Sweetheart! Stop being so unromantic on our honeymoon!

Riddhima: But Vansh if you forgot, we have a confession to leak! And then I will be as romantic as you want!

Vansh: Oh! I didn’t forget it! You mean the ‘Sly’ Sharmas’ confession right?

Riddhima: Yes I mean that!

Vansh: Offo! Agar tum itna tadpaane waali ho to mai abhi ke abhi police aur media ko de deta hu! [If you are gonna make me crave like this then I will leak it to the media and police right now!]

Riddhima (mimicking him): Offo! Agar tum over romantic hone wale ho to mai tumhe divorce- [if you are going to be over romantic then I will divorce-]

Vansh doesn’t let her speak… (You guys understood how?)

Vansh: Never speak about leaving me!

Riddhima: It was a joke!

Vansh: Not even in a joke!

Riddhima: Achha baba! Leave it! Let’s go! They must be coming!

Vansh: They who?

Abhay: Hawwww!!! You forgot us!? Piya we have to call the doc!! My best friend forgot me!!!

Vansh quickly moves away.

Vansh: Nothing like that… let’s go!

RiAnsh start blushing while AbhIya laugh…

GUYS!!!!! I missed you all!!! On this ff, I mean and I have been trying to think so much of a further storyline…

but I couldn’t think of many things…

I am not so good at extending… So I need your opinion!

Do you guys want me to extend the honeymoon? (I don’t have many things left but I will try my best!)

Or you want me to make them go back? (I will have a lot of content with the family!)

So that’s that! I’m done! And plz plz plz tell me your opinion!

By the way, the update was really long!


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