Ye Ishq Nahi Aasan #26 Vihaan-Kapil… Kapil Vansh…

Piya: Abhay, Kabir did not die while attacking Radhika… I mean, Riddhima… Kabir was… He was trying to save Riddhima when he died!

Abhay and Riddhima were just too shocked to respond… Riddhima seemed on the verge of tears… Suddenly, one of the glasses on their table broke.

Vansh: Riddhima! Riddhima! Calm down!

But she was too upset with the newly found information. She ran to her room. Before he could go behind her, Abhay stopped him saying…

Abhay: It would be better if you leave her alone for sometime… She might be upset… the problem is related to you too so…

Vansh: You guys don’t get it! If I don’t go, she will feel guilty!

Abhay: What would it matter even if you go? She will still feel guilty!

Vansh: ABHAY! You guys don’t know about it but now that you are not letting me go, I have to tell you… Vihaan was a traitor… He gave your location away and I am not VIhaan! I am Kapil!

Then he runs to his room leaving Abhay and Piya too shaken to react! (Zor ka jhatka hai zoron se laga! Ha laga! Kis kis ko laga?)

He runs into the room and finds Riddhima lying on the bed emotionless. He slowly walks towards her and snuggles close to her.

Vansh: Do you trust me?

Riddhima: Yes (How many of you thought that I will write ‘more than my life’??)

Vansh: Then listen to me! Vihaan did not love you. He gave away your location to the werewolves…

Riddhima: WHAT!? What are you saying!? And why are you speaking like this! YOU are Vihaan then how can you say tha–

Vansh shuts her up with a kiss.

Vansh: Calm down! And let me finish! Vihaan was a traitor… He gave away your location to the werewolves. Kapil was fighting to save you from the wolves… The pack had a misunderstanding that you had betrayed kapil and since he was a prince, the traitor was to be punished… Now Vihaan died because he was a traitor amongst you so werewolves couldn’t trust him… Kapil died because he wanted to save you from his own pack. Now, I got the face of Vihaan… I am not Vihaan… I am Kapil… Destiny played well! He faked his love for you, then he faked his love for you now, only difference is, this time you knew…

RIddhima hugs him tight and they stay like that for a long time. Then they hear a doorbell and part.

Abhay and Piya are at the door and both are stressed… Riddhima opens the door. They see her and Vansh and then, they start laughing!

Riddhima: What is so funny?

Abhay: We thought you both ust be all sad and upset but look at you!

Piya: Ya! They were enjoying themselves! And here, we were getting stressed thinking what must’ve happened!

Vansh: Enjoying?

Just then it struck them… Riddhima’s hair was all fussy and lipstik was smudged and Vansh had lipstick on his shirt and lips.

(Now admit it! Mujhse behtar mood light karna kisiko nahi aata! I am very talented!)

Riddhima: Achha Chalo! Now that we have come here, let’s go exploring the city! We are in Udaipur! Such an historic city is worth exploring!

Abhay: Riddhima, if you forgot….we know every nook and corner of this city! We were born here remember?

Piya: But Abhay!! If YOU forgot! That was a loooong time back! Now the city must have changed a LOT!! (Why fear when your Bhabhi is here? Bhabhi to the rescue!!!!!!)

They all chat around and plan to visit the Kumbhalgarh fort unaware that Mr. Kabir ‘kabutar’ Sharma has heard everything! And because he heard it, he remembers it too.

He runs to his room and calls his mother to ask Mrs.Anupriya ‘daayan’ Sharma if she knew everything!

Anupriya: Kabir, listen to me!

Kabir: What do I listen to mom!? I was the reason she died! She- she died because me!

Anupriya: You were not the reason, okay!? And even if you were, how does it matter Kabir? We want our revenge, that’s it!

Kabir: Mom! I can’t just can’t stand it! I don’t know what to do! I have this guilt…

Anupriya: KABIR!! What are you feeling guilty for!? None of it was your mistake! It was their mistake! They have always been snatching whatever was ours! They don’t regret, why should you!? Kabir, do one thing, let’s just finish it! You come here, I will tell you everything! I have a plan!

Kabir: Mom, everything will be fine, right? 

Anupriya: Yes Kabir, everything will be okay! Don’t worry!

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