Yaariyaan, friendship and love, part 9

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Hi, I know ragsan scenes are more than raglak scenes, but only for  while, then you have more and more raglak.


Ragini and Durga go inside the tent. Ragini had baked a pineapple cake from home. They do the icing. She had brought jasmine buds safely, they sprinkle water on them. They go out.
Rag : Guys, all of you go to other tent. Let’s arrange this place.
Uth : Ok, come on.
They all leave.
Ragini and Durga set rocks in the form of a table. They place cake there and keep the flowers around it. Ragini place a candle and match box too. They call others. Everyone sings happy birthday.
Rag : Now before cutting the cake light the candle and make your birthday wish.
San : Sure.
Uth : Why Sanskar Bhai? I mean won’t you blow it off.
San : No, we should always light candles and not blow them. Light should be spread.
Everybody smiles.
Rag : So go on.
Sanskar lights the candle. He looks at Ragini.
San : (thinking) Let mine and Ragini’s friendship remain like this forever.
He cuts the cake and gives the first piece to Ragini. She makes him eat it.
They smile.
He feeds everyone. Shaurya gift him a book.
San : Wow man, thank you so much, I wanted this book.
Shau : I know, di told me.
Laki and Uthara give him a watch. He thanks them.
Dur : We are not giving you any gift.
San : Cool. So you got nothing?
Dev : No, but it not for you alone, it is for you and Ragini.
he takes out two saplings. One is jasmine and other yellow rose.
Dur : This is for you guys, I know, it was the NSS camp which happened here which made you closer and I want you both two plant these here as a symbol of your friendship.
Ragini and Sanskar are glad. Ragsan hugs them.
Rag : Thank you so much.
They plant them together.
San : So what are going to give me Ragini?
Rag : What? I organised the whole party! You still need a gift from me?
San : Hey no, I just joked. Actually you gave the best gift.
Rag : Don’t be silly. I have something for you.
She gives a present.
Rag : Go on, open it.
It was a photo frame with their pic.
He gets very happy.
San : This is very beautiful.
Rag : So Mister, I don’t know who is going to come and go in our lives, but I promise you one thing, our friendship will last forever.
He looks at her. They smile. Dev takes their Pic.
Rag: Bhaiya, what are you doing?
Dev : I doubt whether there will be better pic of you two together.
He shows everyone the pic. Everyone admired it, ragsan’s eyes were showing the intensity and purity of their relationship.

All had a fun time chatting and then everyone other than Ragsan dispersed.


Ragini and Sanskar start walking.
Rag : Do you remember the first time we came here?
San : Yeah. We both loved this area and neither of us slept. So we just casually started talking.
Rag : (smiling) Yeah.
She notices that he is upset.
Rag : What is up with you?
San : I have to tell you something.
Rag : Go on.
San : Ragini, Ragini I think Laksh loves you.
Rag: (shocked) What?
San : Well, I felt so from his behaviour.
Rag : Come on man, that can’t true.
She laughs.
San :I am serious.
She laughs again.
San : Do I look like I am joking??
Rag : (tensed) But that can’t happen!!
San : I don’t know Ragini, I was just observing him, and…..
Rag : Maybe you are thinking too much.
San : Maybe I am, but you just observe him carefully, let’s see.
Rag : (unwillingly)Ok. Anyway you leave; I want to sit alone for a while.
San : Ok, but promise me that you will sleep.
Rag :Pakka, I am a bit disturbed, I will sleep when my mood gets better, or I will wake you.
San : Sure.
Rag : But now you will go and sleep.
San : (smiling) Ok.
He leaves. She sits near the fire, deep in thoughts.
Ragini’s POV.
That just can’t be true. How can he love me? I am sure Sanskar is over thinking. Laksh is a special friend for me; maybe he too feels the same way about me. I think it is so.
End of POV.


Next morning.

They all got ready to leave and packed the tents. They cleaned the whole area and were waiting for the guard to come. Ragini goes to the sapling she planted last night and watered them. She talked to the plants and as usual got herself covered in mud.
Lak : What is she doing?
Bh : She like to talk to plants.
Uth : What?
San : Yeah, she talks to plants, moon, books etc.
Lak : Poor things, so they are also victims of her chatter.
Everyone laugh.
San : She don’t spare anyone or a thing.
Dur : Except you.
Lak : Yeah true, only with you I have seen her silent.
Dev : That’s because he don’t let her speak.
Lak : Serves her, there should be someone who pays her back for making us suffer.
Dur : Yeah, to tell the truth, I had headaches at first, listening to her.
Lak : Understandable.
They laugh harder.

Ragini hear them laughing and goes to them.
Rag : What’s up guys, why are you laughing?
Dev: (looking at her) Well, when you speak of joker, you will automatically laugh.
Rag : Bhaiya!!
She tries to beat him, he runs.
Laksh notices mud in her hands and face. He holds her hand.
Lak: Have you taken an oath that you will never look normal?
Rag : What did I do now?
Lak: What did you do, just look at yourself. You are disgusting.
Rag : I went to water the plants!!
Lak : To water the plants or play in mud? You alone will water like this!!
Rag : So now will you teach me how to water plants?
Lak : Actually Ragini, you should be taught everything, not just watering plants.

Ragini stares at him angrily.
Lak : You are absolutely senseless.
Rag : What??
Lak : Why else will go for watering now?
Rag : So there is fixed time for watering plants?
Laki: When you are sure that you will make yourself dirty, you should have watered the plants before getting ready.
Rag : So what, I will clean now.
Lak : Exactly, you yourself increased your work. Senseless girl.
Ragini was about to say something, just then.
Guard : Hello everyone.
They greeted him.
Guard : I see that you have kept the place very neat. Good. Now you may make your leave.
They thanked him.

Ragini and Laksh stared at each other angrily and started to walk. Ragini walks with Sanskar.
Rag :You saw this right, how he was fighting with me, from which angle did you feel that he loves me, he loves to irritates me and that’s it.
San : I know he fights with you, but other times he behaves differently, I have never seen anyone behaves like this to you.
Rag : Everyone are not the same.
San : Everyone’s felling too.
Rag : (sighs) There is nothing like that!! You are just over thinking.
San : Maybe I am. So you will come to office for afternoon right?
Rag : Of course.
They all head to home.


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