Yaariyaan, friendship and love, part 3

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So you know what Ragini is. And for Laksh, he is a perfectionist, health consious and also normally behaves mature.

Gosh these words sounds like Laksh’s antonyms??.

I guess you know why I used the word normally ?.

I was requested by a reader to make karan vohra as Laksh’s younger brother. So I am using him.

So the youngest Maheswari brother is Shaurya.

And also Parish and uttara too.

For Sanskar, he has an elder brother, I am using Gautham Rode, I liked their bonding.

Also Jennifer winget, as his bhabhi. So they will play Mr.Arjun Kapoor and Mrs.Maya Arjun Kapoor with a son named Ayush kapoor.

Into the story now.


Raglak informed their family that they need one month time to decide anything.

Janki was suspicious on Ragini.

Rag: Ma, now don’t give me that look. It was his opinion. I told him I am not interested in marriage, and he asked me to wait and see.

She said with crossing her finger, because only half was truth. It was indeed his idea, but they were not going give it a try, at least she isn’t.

But Ragini was unaware of its side effects. She was asked to go for a date the next day.

Rag: Why should I go for a date?

Jan: So that you can understand each other.

Rag: huh, I don’t want to.

They started to argue.

Shek: Beta just go na,

Rag: ok.

Jan: See this, I was arguing and still you are not ready, but said yes instantly for your Papa. Great.

Ragini shows her tongue and went inside.

Rag: What is there to know, I mean I know he is a gentleman and he knows that I am a chatterbox, so what more.

She sighs.


Adar: Laksh how was your date?

Lak: She said she is not interested in marriage and asked me to oppose marriage.

Siblings share a great bond, never hide anything.

Shau: Shoot now what?

Lak: I told her that I will say this after a month.

Pari: Are you going to?

Uth: Of course not, Bhai will convince bhabhi.

Shau: After all how can anyone refuse to Laksh Maheswari’s charm.

He winks and all smile.

Just then Ragini calls him, others give him a teasing smile.

Lak: Hello,

Rag: Problem,

Lak: what?

Rag: Ma asked us to go for date.

Laksh smiles.

Lak: Well, let us go, I mean it will be a date for them, but we can have fun right, after all we became friends, or you like to spwnt time with Sanskar alone.

Rag: Nothing like that,

Lak: Then we will meet for a coffee, same place same time. What say?

Rag: Done.

She cuts the call.

Lak: She is cute.

Rag: He is a gentleman.

Next day,


Lak : So, what will you have? What about ice cream?

Rag : Ok, I will have chocolate.

Lak : Really? Chocolate is my favourite!!

Rag : (smiling) It is my favourite.

Lak : That’s cool.

They order ice cream.

Lak : What else do you like?

Rag : I love rain, you know, I and Papa always play in rain..

Lak : WHAT?? Why will someone do that?

Rag : What do you mean?

Lak : I mean why would someone do such a foolish thing. Playing in the rain!! It’s so unhygienic.

Rag : What?

Lak : Yes, there will be so many germs, and you will carry them with you, you will spoil the house and get sick for sure, but will make others also sick due to germs….!! So, why to do such a foolish thing?

Rag : Foolish? You think playing in rain is foolish?

Rag : Of course it is.

Rag : No, it is not, it is an amazing feeling to play in rain, those who don’t play in rain are foolish.

Lak : Never, they are smart and intelligent.

Rag : You are a total failure.

Lak: You are a mess.

Rag:Then you too be one.

Saying this she throw the ice cream on his face and leaves from there before he could react.

He screams in frustration. Others laughs seeing him.

Lak: What the hell, this girl is a cyclone. Stupid girl.

He fumes and wash his face and  leaves.

Both reached home being annoyed with each other.

Their siblings were excitedly waitng for them.

So now take this as simultaneous conversation in GM and MM.

Dev & Adar: How was the date?

Raglak: A total failure.

Others: Why??

Rag: He is insane.

Lak: She is mad.

Others : Why, what happened?

Rag : He think it is foolish to play in rain, he is insane and unlucky that he never experienced rain!!

Lak : What else will I call someone who think playing in rain is amazing, it is so foolish and unhygienic!!

Others laughs.

Dur : Well i heard he is very much concerned about cleanliness.

Pari : Well i heard that she is crazy and she loves rain a lot, she loves playing in rain.

Siblings shared both Raglak charayer with each other, so that they can set them.

Rag : But what is the problem in playing in rain?

Lak : But why? What fun does she get in doing such stupid things?

Adar & Dev: Well, I don’t think you won’t understand that.

Raglak : I don’t want to.

Rag : He is insane!!

Lak : She is mad!!

Rag: aargh, I hate him.

Lak: But I love her.
He smiles.

Later at night.

Ragini messages Laksh.

Rag : Hi.

Lak : Hi.

Rag: Well, I am sorry for that ice cream, I mean I know I over reacted, but I loose control fast.

Lak : Well, I was angry.  Anyway it is over now. So chuck it. Still, how could you enjoy rain??

Rag : Do you want to argue again??

Laj : No, I don’t want to argue, but it is that I can’t understand how.

Rag: I don’t think you will.

Lak: Are we starting again??

Rag: Nope, anyway Good night.

Lak: This early??

Rag: I am reading an interesting novel.

Lak: Ok then, see you tomorrow.

Rag: Well, I have some work tomorrow, but I’d you are interested, you too can join us.

Lak: Tell me what it is??

Rag: We, I mean me and Sanskar are going to regional cancer centre. You know for right, the treatment cost too much. We, that is both our families donate money for the patients and every Sunday we both spent the day with them.

Laksh was very impressed.

Lak: I will definitely join you. Thank you for inviting me. I too will donate money Now.

Rag: Taht would be amazing. See you tomorrow.

Lak: Yeah, see you.

Ragini continued her reading.

Laksh was lost in her thoughts.

Lak: Till now, I felt like you are special, now you are proving it. You have a golden heart. But it is crazy too.

He thought of her throwing ice cream on her. He chuckles and sleeps with her thoughts.


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