Yaariyaan, friendship and love, part 2

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Ragini and Sanskar were walking and talking in the park when they spot a boy and a girl. The girl was flirting with the boy and he was trying all possible ways to escape her. Ragini turned her face and to control her laugh and Sanskar was embarrassed. He looks at her and saw her trying not to laugh. He fumes.

San: Don’t laugh.

That was it for Ragini she started to laugh like anything and Sanskar fumes more.


It was their farewell day. Students did had a voting session with various categories. One of them was to find the girl whom most the boys have crush.

Sanskar was reading out the name and it was a girl named Tia.

Tia smiled when her name was announced. Sanskar for the fun of it announced that he too has a crush on her. Tia blushed hearing this as has a crush on him.

After the event Tia cornered him and started to flirt with him. Sanskar was shocked and was trying to escape. But she was not letting him go. Sanskar looked around helplessly as and for his luck saw Ragini.

San: vo, Tia, I have a work with Ragini. I will see you later.

Tia: why later, I will also come with you.

They went to Ragini. By seeing their face she guessed what was happening.

Rag: wow Tia, finally you guys are together, you know he is crushing you from ages but was afraid to confess.

Sanskar’s eyes popped out hearing her and Tia blushed hard.

Rag: And I was really surprised when he made a public announcement of it. So Sanskar your wait is over now, you guys carry on, catch you later.

She leaves from there winking at Sanskar and he was shooting death glares at her.

San:Ti, Tia she is lying. In the party I just said for the sake of fun and nothing else.

Tia held his collar and pulled him towards her. He widened his eyes. She looked at his seductively and ran her finger on his face. He became numb by shock.

Tia: it is ok if you haven’t had a crush on me till now, try now.

He looked at her horrified.

San: I am sorry sister, leave me.

She fumes hearing him.

Tia: You called me sister, I kill you.

Sanskar ran from there and she chased him. Somehow he managed to escape.

FB ends.

Ragini was laughing thinking of it and Sanskar was fuming.

San: I said stop laughing.

Rag: Or else,

Saying this she ran from there and he was chasing her. She was looking behind and running and dashed with someone. (Obviously with the hero)

Sanskar stopped and held his head.

She fell down along with the file he was carrying. She looked up and luckily he was standing, ie she saw his legs. She immediately grabbed his file and stood up. He was about to scold her but was lost in her angelic face.

Rag: (with full speed) I know now you will also me whether I don’thave eyes and will address me as careless, also you will ask me where was I looking when I was running and why am I even running? But if you ask about me being blind, then it is obvious that you are blind. I mean I have got big eyes and it would be visible to all.

Sanlak looked at her with wide eyes.

Rag: And you can call me careless, because I am careless only. In  fact I am tsunami. And yeah I was looking behind while running because I was being chased. This being a park I have also rights to run. Anyway here is your file. I think I answered all your questions. So bye dude.

Saying this she looked at him and found that he was in shock. She smirked, went to Sanskar, grabbed his hand and ran from there.

Only then Laksh got his sense back. He looks at her running figure.

Lak: crazy girl. Anyway one thing is true, she is a tsunami.

He smiles and open the cover which was in the file. His eyes popped out seeing the photo, because it was her photo.

Lak: Oh my, so she is Ragini Gadodia. Interesting.

He smiles and leaves.

Ragini and Sanskar ran for a while.

San: Ragu bas stop. What was that?

He stopped running, she too.

San: What were you blabbering to that guy.

Rag: I was escaping his scoldings. It is obvious that he would scold me. So I tried a way. Thank God it worked.

Sanskar shook his head in disbelief.

Rag: leave it. Come we will leave.

San: yeah, but Ragu did you notice him, he is handsome.

He winks at her.

Rag: wow, you found him handsome. Don’t worry I will make sure that you get married to him, after all I am your best friend.

She winks back.

San: Youuuuuuuuuu

He again chased her.

Later they reached her home.

Janki welcomed them in.

( I am using Dev and Durga from ek haseena thi as ragu’s bhai and bhabhi.)

Jan: Sanskar come in beta. Actually I want to ask you something.

San: why this formality aunty, ask na.

Jan: so I was thinking of getting you both married.

She said straight away. Ragsan looked horrified for a moment and then started to laugh like anything.

Others came to the hall hearing them.

Jan: stop laughing I am being serious.

San: Aunty, be honest do you really hate me, do you have any problem with me coming here, if you do means fine, I will never ever come in front of you or visit this house but please, please aunty don’t give me such a big punishment. If you want to punish me the hang me.

He fakes pleading. Ragini fumes.

Shek: Beta on serious note, just think over it, I mean now there is time, otherwise like in movies you will have to ditch your partner. Like in jaane to ya jaane na.

He winks at the duo.

San: Uncle don’t worry, our story will never resemble that movie, it will resemble dostana.

He runs saying this and Ragu chases him. Others laugh seeing the duo. He hides behind dev.

Rag: bhai move.

San: bhai please no.

Dev: But ragu what wrong did he say.

Dur: ha Ragu he is saying truth only.

She fumes more and went to shekar.

Rag: Papa, see them…

Shek: Guys, what is this, don’t you dare to tease my prince.
He winks.

Rag: Papa. Urgh I hate you all.

Jan: but when you dress and behave like about all will call you a boy only na.

Rag: Ma, not again.
She huffs.

Shek: beta, tomorrow after work you go to xyz café, you have a date there.

Ragsan: WHAT?????

Jan: stop shouting.

Rag: Papa what are you saying?

Shek: well, my friend he came up with an alliance for you for his second son. So just meet him.

Rag: Papa I don’t want to marry.

Jan: you are 25 now.

Rag: so what, 25 or 55, I don’t want to marry. I hate marriage.
loveraglak our category?)

Jan: what, how can you say that, so want to spent your life alone, no, I won’t let that.

Rag: Ma,

Shek: beta it is ok if you don’t want to marry, but just meet him, I promised my friend. Please….

He signs Janki, assuring her.

Rag: ok I will meet him, that too just for you. But no marriage ok?

Shek: ok.

She smiles.  Then they all had dinner and Sanskar leaves after dinner and others disperse to their rooms.

Ragu’s room

Rag: So Mr Laksh Maheswari get ready for the worst date of your life.
She sleeps.

Shek Jan:

Jan: Shekar ji, what is this girl upto?

Shek: Relax Jan, you know na how she is, there is no use in forcing her, she won’t listen nor I want to listen, and this hatred towards marriage, it isn’tpermanant. It will change. And you know how laskh is, he will definitely change her, I am sure that he will only be our son in law.

They sleep.

Next day :


Ragini comes to the café and sees someone sitting alone. She went near him.

Rag: Laskh Maheswari?

He looks up.

Rag: Hey you are the handsome guy I dashed yesterday right.

Laksh smiles hearing her calling him handsome.

Lak: yes.

Rag: wow now that is cool.

She sits.

Rag: You know actually I was searching for you.

Lak: Me??

Rag: yes, actually my friend went gaga over you after seeing you and I as good friend I wanted to talk to you, I mean wish to set you both.

Lak: oh.

Rag: you both will look perfect together. Shall I call him here?

He spots the coffee hearing “him”.
She smirks.

Rag: are you alright?

Lak: yeah.

Rag: so what about him,

Lak: well I don’t mind it. If it is a he or she.

He winks and they laugh.

Lak: so you are a Tom boy?

Rag: yes if you don’t want to get married to one.

Lak: what if I would like to marry a tom boy?

Rag: then too yes, you see I don’t lie.

He smiles.

Rag: I don’t want to get married, so can you tell your parents that you at not interested in me, my Ma will by no chance listen to me.

He gets startled.

Lak: Well, if I sat it today they won’t believe it. So what if ee both say that need at least a month to understand each other will tell our decision only after that? See the advantage is your family won’t force you for marriage for this one month at least.

Rag: point, then we will make six months.

Laksh laughs.

Lak: they won’t believe it. One month is better.

Rag: ok.

Lak: so friends?

Rag: friends.

They shook hands and also exchanged numbers.

Lak: So are you leaving?

Rag: If you want you can, I am waiting for my friend.

Lak: ok then I will give you company till he comes.

She hesitates.

Lak: Don’t worry I will leave as soon as he comes.
She smiles.

Lak: so is he the one whom you said went gaga on me?

He winks. She laughs.

Rag: yes, my bestie, Sanskar.

Laksh then realized the blunder he did by asking her about Sanskar. Because she played on her non stop button. She kept blabbering about him and by then end of her talk Laksh was sure that he would be able to write biography of Sanskar. Even though he hasn’t seen Sanskar he was sure that he would be able to recognize him from hundred people.

Such detail was she description given. Also he was taken aback by the speed and enthusiasm with which she said. He never heard someone talking so much and so fast.

Lak : (astonished) how did you manage that?

Rag : Manage what?

Lak : Nonstop talking, that to with this speed? How could you manage without breathing for this much time?

Rag : Well, I am chatterbox, and this talent is very rare, not everyone can achieve this.

Lak : I definitely will never achieve this!!!

Ragini laughs.

Rag : That’s really good, because now you are friend of a chatterbox, you have to keep your mouth shut, because I will never keep mine shut.

Lak : You will surely improve my patience.

Rag : Pakka.

Lak : I presume Sanskar is also less talking type.

Rag : No, he talks more than me.

Lak : WHAT????? Impossible!!! No one in this universe can talk more than you.

Rag : (laughing) He speaks a lot only when he is with me.

Lak : How is that even possible???

Rah : Well, only two people to whom I listen patiently are my Papa and Sanskar.

Lak : (smiling) Sanskar is very special for you, right?

Rag : Very special, I never used to share my miseries to anyone before I met him, now I share everything with him, I must say he taught me to cry. I feel so relaxed when I am with him, knowing that he is with me give me an extra energy.

She smiled wholeheartedly , which shows the depth of their friendship.

He smiles and Sanskar arrives by then.

Rag : What happened? You are late only by 20 minutes…..

Sanskar smiles.

San : Hi, I am Sanskar.

Lak : Laksh.

They shake hands.

Sam : I am sorry, I didn’t know that you guys are not done.

Lak : No, actually when she said that she is waiting for you, I just thought to give her company. Now that you came I am leaving.

San : We just casually meet in the evenings……..

Lak : She told me, but I don’t want to spoil your time, carry on, bye.

Rag: cool then bye.

Lak: bye see you later.

Ragsan: sure.

Ragsan leaves. Laksh smiles seeing them.

Lak:So Miss Ragini Gadodia, get ready to be Mrs Ragini Laksh Maheswari. I fell for you from the sight itself, and luckily you turned out to be my would be fiancé. I have one month time right, I will make you fall for me by then. Love you.


So Laksh entered in Ragini’s life. But Swara won’t be coming in picture any sooner, will have to wait for it. Sorry.???

How was this?

Please suggest someone who can play the role of Laksh’s younger brother. He will have a great bond with raglak.

Awaiting your views

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    1. Anju24

      Sure dear, thank you

  2. Priyankashaurya

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