Y/N – a creepy part of friendship ( Part – I ) Short horror story

Y/N – part I . Let the thrill begin …..

“Today would be an amazing day ” “ I’m going to meet them all ”“ Those crazy ,spunky  and lovely charms of mine ” Says a Beautiful , Blonde lady   sitting at the backseat of a car , Driven by her driver on the roads of amazing city of New York city on a warm Sunny morning

She’s looking through the glass window and viewing those tall skyscrapers , People , And everything . Then She took out her mobile from purse and seeing those pout – walle – selfies , And other pictures with her friends 

A bright glowing smile comes to her lips ….

“ How would they all look like after 5 years ”“Hope they’d have not changed much ”“But human beings change with time ”“ I just can’t wait to meet them all ” A reliable smile still on face kept the glow over her cheeks alive.

The car stopped at ‘ Stevens high school ‘ A huge building decorated like a wedding bride . She gets off the car , The silver door opens and White sparkling heels comes out and are kept over the floor .

She’s walking and the tapping of the sandals on the ground is heard. She  goes and stood at the threshold .

She walks in silently towards a group of prettily dressed up men and tiny dressed up chiks . Just being behind a boy , She covers his eyes soflty as with love , With her feather like palms . . .

” Shhh !!! ” She says to all of  them ” Who’s this , Any guesses ???” She says in super tone

The guy holds her hands and turns around ” I’m sorry lady I couldn’t recognize you ” ” By the way do we know each other ?” He says as  if being sure , Really ! 

She says with a nostalgia ” Mike , What?  You can just recognize me from a touch and now you’re saying that you don’t know me “

Mike ” I’m sorry , I think you’re still into that old past , Move on , Miss .whatever, , By the way what’s your name , Leave I don’t care ! , Hey  , Meet my wife “

He holds a hand of a girl , ” Meet Liana , She’s gorgeous isn’t that “

Getting her  eyes filled with tears , She turns away and walks out .

[ Flashback :- She’s in the car a few minutes ago , Looking at the pictures of her with Mike 

” I’m just crazy to meet my best friend Mike , My  jovial man , I’ve been longing for this moment , Since 5 years “

From there she goes back to time in her high school days and her thoughts celebrating those golden moments

Flashback over ]

But suddenly , She’s made to stop , Her hand held by someone , It’s Mike …

Mike gave a loud blast of laughter ” See , I told you that when we’ll meet I’ll ….”

She turns back ” You’ll do a prank and I’ll madly give into it “

She smiles and so does he , They both hugged . Each others arms around the body . He pressed her into himself and she lied there in the warmth .

Mike ” Did you really thought ? Emily ! ” He says softly in her ears , Lying close to her in a hug

Emily ” Yeahhh….No…” She hesitated and blushed …

Emily ” I’m really stupid , I’m so mad , Don’t you think “

Mike ” Yes ! You’re ! ( He says confidently )

Emily looks onto him  curiously

Mike ” And I love being mad with this mad girl “

Emily ” And what if you had done that , Maybe you had , You were away for years ” She said like taunting him , Or , Half – Jokingly ….

Mike ” Come on , You know “

Emily ” I know you’ll never do that ” She laughed

Then from background Emily’s internal voice is heard ^ He’s like that , My Mike ‘ ‘ He’s a jolly man ‘ ‘ You’ll never find him worrying about politics , Oh i should say the politics of life . He’s like a person who doesn’t believe in fake speeches and promises . Beside , He’ll be always seen in a free minded mode ,  like a nitrogen filled balloon  flying in the air ^

Then they both look into each other eyes , Smiling and their eyes sparkling …

Emily ” You’re exactly same like before “

Mike” But you’ve changed much “

Emily ” Ohh I see …”

Mike ” You’re skin is more soft , Bright , Your hair a little longer and smooth , And you’re little more healthy than before , How many pounds have you gained , Ha ? ” He gave a laughter

Emily ” Mike ! “

Then another guy comes and says ” He’ll never stop joking , I wonder from where does he gets so many of them ! “

Emily turns back ” Jaden ” She Smiles and hugs him

Background Emily’s voice ^ He’s Jaden ,Our professor , Just kidding , He’s just mad after books , We’d call him Jed.Einstein . He’s our genius ^ ^ Hope you’re enjoying meeting my buddies ^ ^ We’re waiting for our two other ones ^

‘ ‘ Hello ! Good morning Everyone !  ‘ ‘ The host said these words in lyrical speech . A boom of loud mixed noises were echoing everywhere . That clearly depicted how excited they all were .

‘ ‘ Hope you’re enjoying already ‘ ‘ It’s time for some rock and roll ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ So guys make some noise for this party , And for all of us ‘ ‘

‘ ‘ All the boys and girls gather on the dance floor ‘ ‘,  ‘ ‘ Let’s leave the floor on thunder , Let’s dance ‘ ‘

By now the crowd has gone mad , There were howling , Shouting and everything . Everything was appearing as if the country has won the world cup in their national sport . Huh !!
grew dim , Neon colors glowing and bouncing up and down …

The music has started vibrating inside the pinna of the ear …

[ Music – Genre Dance / Electronic

O-o-o-o-o-oh ….]

We’re missing someone , It’s Kevin , He’s one of us , But he’s sitting right there at one corner , Calmly , Has his eyes turned a little red ? , He’s drunk . We didn’t paid attention to him by mistake .

Actually we’re both got insane . But what about him , He’s not sane !

By the time Emily could turn towards Kevin , Mike dragged her to where beats were loud .

Her got her hands and his on her waist .

[ Music:- You’re the light, you’re the night
You’re the colour of my blood
You’re the cure, you’re the pain
You’re the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much, so much]

They’re dancing …

He says ” I missed you too much “

She ” Don’t say that ‘coz I was missing you too “

He ” How did I had spent all these days ! It’s difficult to imagine “

She ” Thought to just leave everything and run back to this life “

He ” But we had to remain there “

She ” Yeah ! “

He ” It wasn’t easy “

She ” But we made it possible “

[ Music :- You’re the fear, I don’t care
‘Cause I’ve never been so high
Follow me to the dark
Let me take you past our satellites
You can see the world you brought to life, to life]

He ” Now we’ll don’t repeat it , Ha ! “

She ” Yes “

They are close to each other , In each other arms , They could feel the coziness in that touch …

He ” Never “

[ Music :- So love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do
Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do
Touch me like you do, to-to-touch me like you do
What are you waiting for? ]

The dance ends here ,

Jaden ” You both were amazing “

Mike ” Thanks Jaden “

Emily ” Where’re they ? , Hadn’t they come Yet ? “

Jaden ” There’s Kevin ! ” He points towards a man , Lean on chair , Holding a glass of wine .

He was having something clenched inside fist , Didn’t know what that was ! . We stepped towards him .

Just soon he saw us , He dropped the glass , That something in his hand was quickly hidden by us .

Mike ” Kevin ” Happily he said
” How’s you my bro “

Kevin just smoothly nodded his head ” Hey my peeps “

Jaden ” Come on we’re going for food “

Kevin ” Nope , I’m fine here “

Emily ” Hey, Kevin , Is everything alright here ? “

Kevin ” Hey , Em , How’s you ? ”
Emily ” I’m good ! ” ” Kev , You gotta join us , We’ve go so much to talk about “

Mike ” If you said no , Then you know well what I could do ! “

Jaden ” Be aware , Kev ! , He’s more crazy now than before “

Kevin gave in , He smiled ” Okay , Let’s go then ! “

( They’re over the food section )

Jaden and Kevin are talking to some other people , While Emily and Mike  are over food counter …

Mike ” Emily ! ” ” Emily ” He has to repeat again , As she’s just paused at noodles section , She seems to be lost somewhere

Mike ” Emily !  “

She finally came into life ” Uhh !! ” ” Yeah did you said something Mike “

Mike ” What’s the matter ” ” You seems to be lost “

They walked together holding plates

Emily ” Nothin’ don’t you think there’s something with Kevin “

Mike ” Honestly , I felt to too “

Emily ” He was drinking alcohol “

Mike ” He never does so “

Emily ” Just have a glance of him , Its like there’s a fake smile over his face “

Mike ” Let’s go and clear it all ‘

Emily ” Yeah ! “

( Four of them sat over the table )

Mike ” Kev ! I think there’s something which you’re hiding from us ! “

Kevin ” What ? No ! ” ” oh wow see you’ve got the red velvet cake “

Emily ” Yeah I got it because it was Mia’s favourite and yours too “

Kevin halts for a second ” Yes ! its our favourite one “

He’s got his eyes rainy

Jaden keeps his hand over his ” Kev ! What’s the matter “

Emily ” Kevin ! hey why’s you so sad , Tell us , There’s defiantly something “

Jaden ” I know it ! “

Everybody looks at him

Jaden ” It’s about Mia ! ” ” Yes Kev ! “

He was silent

Emily ” Don’t worry she’ll come soon “

Kevin ” I don’t think that she’ll “

Mike ” What makes you think so ? “

Kevin ” We’ve reached half way now , But she’s not here yet “

Emily ” I’m thinking the same , What’d be the reason “

Mike ” Maybe she’s sick ! “

Emily ” Ahh !! Don’t say that “

Mike ” Why don’t we call her “

Jaden ” No use , I’d tried it several times , But she’s not answering the calls “

Mike ” I got ya ! ” ” She’s in the flight “

Emily ” Yeah maybe , Kev ! There’s no need to be sad , Okay ! “

Jaden ” She’ll come for sure “

Kevin ” Nope she won’t , She doesn’t wanna be friend of us now “

Emily ” What’re you saying , It’s not true “

Jaden ” Kevin ! “

Kevin ” Yeah ! I’m sure “

Emily ” See , She’s to come from far off , It takes time , We need to be very patient ”
” I know you’re really eager to meet her ” ” But be patient “

Kevin ” I am being patient since 5 years ” ” You don’t know what’s happened ! ” ” We’ve never called ! ” ” I had wrote to her so many times ” ” But …no replies “

” Think our relationship has come to an end ,,,, Now “

Emily ” I think you’re over thinking now , Everything that happens ,,, Happens because of a reason ”
” Believe me our friendship isn’t over yet , Ha ! “

Jaden sooths him ” She’s right ! we might loose our lives but our promises will never be broken “

Mike ” Becoz , We’re friends forever “

Emily ” Remember we all had the promise , That this day , Friendship day , we’ll meet here ” ” She’s faithful ” She smiled ” She’ll come “

They all hugged…..

Jaden ” And don’t be sad again ”
Emily ” We should celebrate this day , Who knows what’ll happen next , We’ve to happy “

Mike ” So let’s rock the party then ! “

Everybody says ” Yes ” But one sound , Alive , Wasn’t mixed with theirs .

The disco beats were like electrifying . We’d Danced to almost all popular musicians   Oh how can I forget to tell about the music it was thrilling . Like ever part of the body got infused with a lot of vitamins , Enough to support our party dance moves . Ha !

While all got fixed in jumping over the floor and shouting as if their voice could be heard out of loud music , Emily went to see out Mike , He was stuffing some hamburgers into the mouth wide opined , And guess what he was talking selfie in that pose .

She has creamed her hands completely with whipped foam over some pastry , And quickly colored him white like a little baby who’d just spilled all over his face milk .

” Hahhaa !!! Yeh it’s like much more better pose for clicking a picture “

” Emily ! That’s not fair , That cake was supposed to be in my mouth , Oh look at these cute little strawberries at the top of it , Oh ! Man “

” Wow Mike , You’re looking handsome , I must admit ” ” By the way what does the cake tasted like ? “

Mike ” Well I think why don’t you let me know that ! ” He grabbed a bowl which was kept full of pink ice cream

She gotta know and ran away

Mike shouted ” Hey ! Em wait u got ya ! “

Kevin stood there in nostalgia as he had thought that he’d have been experiencing a feeling like that …..But for him it seemed to far away .What he was hiding before from us finally comes into light …..A ring …

He hold it just in front of his two sparkling eyes and just all of a sudden Kevin saw the entrance door opening . He gave a smile .

“ Mia ! ” He says in moving sound

“ How’d I hadn’t been here ” “ I still remember the promise we made ” – Mia
“ what’re you waiting for let’s go and dance with everyone ” She says smiling broadly and goes away

He just stepped ahead “ Mia wait ” still that ring held into the fingers “ I’ve something for you ” but what happens is that he bumped into someone and the dropped , He shook down , As soon as he got up , Kevin jumps out of his skin , He took a double look .

Certainly , It was a misconception .

Kevin’s shoulders were dabbed “ Hey Kev ! Party’s just going to be over let’s go in the crowd and …”

“ No thanks Jaden I’m right here , You know my ears begin to paining while in loud music ”
“ So in that case let’s sit back ”- Mike

“ Yea I’ve got a lot to talk about ” Emily

They came from behind .

They all kept blabbering , For him it was like that only then …. Minutes passed and he spoke

” Guys , She’s not here yet “

Trio stopped and looked at each other

” We’re doing it for you  so as to distract your mind ” ” Where are you Mia we’re waiting for you ? ” Emily had a thought

Jaden ” Don’t worry she’ll come “

Emily ” Yeah ! “

Kevin ” No now I can’t wait anymore , Stop lingering on one thing ” He said coldly

And left out in anxiousness …

Mike ” Kev ! Wait “

He’d left ….Banging the door .

Emily “ What’d be the  reason ”

Mike “ She’d be sick , I think ”

Emily “ Don’t say like that , Eh ! ”
Jaden “ She’s not answering calls too ”

Emily “ Yeah ! ” “ We’re waiting for long ”, “ I can easily see him down in the dumps ”

Mike “ I can relate … How’d I feel like I  didn’t met you guys …”

Jaden “ Let’s go and Cheer him up ”

As they all get out they could see a man standing near white sedan and muttering something to himself .

Jaden keep his helping hand over his shoulder “ Kev ! Are you okay ”

Kevin turns out to be sad as expected “ Guys you here ! ”

Mike “ You thought we’d leave our kev alone ”

Emily “ Kev you gotta be patient ”She spoke smoothly

Jaden “ Yes kev ”

He didn’t looked like moved , He opened the door of the car and sat inside

Mike “ Where are you going ! Party’s not over yet ”

Kevin “ For me now it’s over , It’s meaningless ”

Emily opened the and got into the car “ If is it ! Then for us to it’s of no use , I’m accompanying you ”

Jaden and Mike said “ We’re coming along ”

The car took to road …After few minutes , Mike asks

Mike ” Where are we going ? “

Kevin ” I don’t know ! “

Mike ” Know I’ve always learnt to save gas “

Kevin ” I know that “

Emily ” Just a few kilometers away you’ll find my home ” ” Let’s go there “

[ Shot – 2 in the house ….]

Mike ” We all had reached from far off places , I came all the way from Germany and Kevin came from Australia but can’t she come , How’s that possible “

Jaden ” Who knows , We can’t predict ! “

Emily ” Last year she called me and said that she’d come for sure whatever happens ! She promised me “

Kevin has got eyes red ” Should I understand that she’d forgotten the promise , That one which we took at our last Christmas “

[ Flashback – 25 December  2013 , Christmas

The place is beautifully decorated . Like usual celebration all are opening their gifts .

Emily ” Can’t believe this’d be our last Christmas “

Jaden ” Yea ! It’s like a hallucinating dream for me , Haha ! “

Mike ” I’m gonna miss you all “

Kevin ” Me too “

Mia ” Hey guys , Let’s promise each other that after years in our reunion , We’ll meet each other for sure “

Emily ” Yes where ever We’d be we’ll come “

Mike ” And till then we’d not forget each other , Right ! “

Mia ” So guys ready “

Together in one sound they spoke ” We’re together always and for ever “

Flashback over ]

Emily ” We pledged to meet today , 5 August , The friendship day “

Kevin ” She’d forgotten , She must have got new friends “

What I thought in the beginning was that a bitter truth , People change with time ! No this was something I can’t believe.  Even if god comes to earth . We’re best friends and we’ll remain so . Then what could be the cause .

Kevin woke up and walks up to the open window , He looks out to the bright sun , The merrily flying crows , And the water colored sky and relate it to  his situation . He took that ring out and throws it away .

Emily just spoke without notice ” I’ve an idea ! “

They turned their necks to that sound

Emily ” Let’s go to Mia’s hometown and give her a surprise “

For a fraction of seconds they all were gaping

Emily ” Did I said something wrong “

Jaden ” Ahhhh nope I guess “

Mike ” Think that’s okay “

Emily ” What if she can’t come we can , Maybe she hasn’t got flight or whatever we’ll go to her “

Mike ” OMG that’d be whole fun we’ll enjoy “

Kevin ” I’m not going to join you guys “

Emily ” You ought to “

Mike ” If you didn’t then I’ll drag you alright “

Jaden ” KeV ! Believe me it’d be fun , Come on “

Kevin thought ” I also wanna to know that why is she not here today “

Kevin ” Alright I’m in “

Mike ” What are we waiting for let’s go now “

Jaden ” Right now “

Mike ” Oh yes ! We’ll get great offers now and it’s morning by the evening we’d be there in  eating fresh noodles “

Emily , Jaden , Kevin ” Oh Mike ! “

AT               THE         AIRPORT

Four were really excited . While Mike was buying a hamburger , Jaden and Emily were discussing something over the papers .

Kevin was sitting over the waiting area . He drank a sip of water , And suddenly started huffing , The water’s got stuck into throat .

The lady sitting beside asks “ Hey are you okay ”

While in same condition he said “ Yea sort of ”

“ Do you need some medicine ”

“ No thanks ” He said in reminiscence “ I’m just going to my remedy , I’ll be fine soon ”
The lady smiled and does he …

[ Background song – [Intro]

[Verse 1]
I didn’t know that I was broken
Until I found my missing piece ]

Kevin looks here and there boys and girls going by hands in hands . Once he even did felt Mia sitting next to him , But when he tried to reach to her …

[ It seemed like every door was closing on me
And you were so far out of reach ……]

Emily and Mike pulled him to click a selfie .

Emily “ It’s okay but one thing’s missing ”

Mike “ what ! ”

Emily “ Kevin’s smile ”

Jaden raised his hand up , Emily made the duck phase and Mike got his lips dogged into vanilla ice cream , Kevin too smiled though it was just forcefully .

But when they were going to click , Kevin felt , Mia between the group . And his eyes moved to right side .

[ Drunk on the night, you got lips like your wine
I got nothing but time for you
Feeling so high on that look in your eyes
I got nothing but time for you]

Mike ” Hey Kev where are you looking ? Ha ! Look at the camera “

But he could still feel her presence “ Kev you’ve got crazy , I gotta do something ” He thought , “ Oh I’m sorry ” he said , Giving a glorious smile

[ O-o-o-o-o-oh)
I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe (o-o-o-o-o-oh)
That loneliness is my decease (o-o-o-o-o-oh)
I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe (o-o-o-o-o-oh)
That you are the remedy-y-y-y-y (o-o-o-o-o-oh)… ]

JAPANInside a Japanese train …

It’s evening by now , Jaden and Kevin are chit chatting to each other . While Mike is laying over the seat , Taking a nap .

Since , The lights are turned off , And everybody’s dozed off . Emily  comes on tiptoe  and dabs at the sheet under which mike was snoring .

” Miieek ” she mumbled , She raised the tone and murmurs again close to his ears ” Wake up , Mike “

He opens the eyelids and gets frightened seeing a girl in big hair , Her face under the white light from torch

” Ahhhhh!!!!!” a loud wail came from his side ” Ghost , Ghost , There’s a ghost in the train “

Emily ” What’s happened ? Why are you shouting ” ” Everyone is sleeping ” She said slowly

Mike huffed ” Offfff!!!”, ” Jesus you almost freaked me out totally “

Emily ” There’s nothing like ghost you know that ! “

Jaden ” Mike be calm now “

Mike ” Why did you woke me up ? “

Emily ” Guys I’ve made something for Mia and I wanted it to show it to you all ! “

Kevin ” We’d love to see it “

Emily Opens a box , inside they all could see , A dagger

Mike ” A key ” ” Are you going to gift her a dagger “

Kevin ” It looks so ancient “

Mike ” Hope it’d not cause any threats , Ha ! “

Jaden ” It’s considered Holly in some houses , It’s given for security or used in some rituals “

Emily ” Yes , He’s right ! ” ” As she lives so far away from all of us , I’ll give her this , So that she’s always protected “

Kevin ” It’s so nice of you to think for her ”
.Emily ” Thanks “

Mike ” Now would you let me sleep because I’m tired “

Kevin ” You’re tired of what ? “

Mike ” I’d danced a lot you know “

Jaden ” We’re just going to reach by next few hours “

Mike ” I know that , What’ll these big muscles are for , They’ll carry me if I couldn’t woke up on time “

Jaden ” Then it’d be better to leave this luggage over the seat snoring ” He giggled

Mike ” What ! “

Emily ” Good night ….I mean good evening Mike “

Mike ” Thanks ” And he once again went into the comforter .

Emily ” Oh Mike ” She said pranking

It’s growing darker , Everyone seems to be laying on bed , Some reading texts , Listening music , Some doing something or the other thing .

Emily and others were eating their dinner , While the sleeping man still asleep .

Emily ” The food’s really good “

Kevin v” Yea it’s “

Jaden ” Honestly , More than thus food I love this smile over your face “

Emily ” yea absolutely true “

Kevin ” Thanks guys if we’re together I can never stay sad for longer “

Emily ” This is the true shade if our friendship , Remember , If we’re. Together we can fight with fire , We can cross ever oceans and chase cyclones “

Jaden ” If we’re together no I e can do anything to us “

Kevin ” I’m glad to have friends like you “

Emily ” Me too “

Jaden ” And mostly a friend like Mike , Who never let’s be bored “

Emily ” Yea ! ” ” You guys continue I just go and wash my hands “

Emily goes out . ” Kev I’m just going to attend a call okay “

Kevin ” Sure ! ” ” Meanwhile i can clean the surface “

Jaden ” Great “

Kevin then picks up all the dishes and throws into the trash area , On reaching back to seat he finds a glass over the floor , He shock down to pick that up , But as he did so , A bulb which was glowing above his head fell down . It seemed like some force , Something in the air , Stopped it from breaking that glass into his head . It had to fell right away there , On his head , But it dropped over the right side

” Watch out ! ” Spoke jaden cautiously loud .

” Oh lord ! ” Kevin blows air out of wide open wide

” Are you alright ! “

” I’m fine , Thanks “

” I was terrified , Thanks to god he saved you “

” I don’t think so , This time , It was a heavy flow of air which saved me “

” Really ? “

” Certainly , But , Any ways I’m fine “

There Emily had Come out from WC , opened the tap near basin to wash her face .

A cold splash of liquid over her face gave her chills . At the moment , Somebody dabs her shoulders .

Emily while her hands over her face answered ” Yes ! A minute please , I’m done “

She had bowed down , And then looks up into the adjoining square mirror , But could see nothing ….No one standing at her back

Emily ” Wait a minute please ” ” It just went out of my head to put back my contact lenses “

Rubbing her eyes after doing she turns back

Emily says little pretty smile over face , As she’s habitual of meeting everyone like that ” Yes , Sorry I couldn’t see when my contact lenses are off ” ” How may I help you ? ” She asked greeting A long brown overcoat wearing lady .
Who’d covered almost all her face with a hat with big rigs around .
She’d lowered her head for that only her poky nose and dark pigmented lips were visible .
From head to toe she was covered . Her long black shining hair behind the hat denoted that she must belong to higher class .

” Where area you going ?” Just this short thing she asks her in kinda heavy voice

“ I’m Emily and I’m going to Nagasaki , Only to meet my best friend after 5 years “

As soon as she spoke , The lady smiled broadly .
Though looking like rich , She’d dry , Chapped , Lips as if they aren’t given a drop of water since ages . And that’s all I could explain , Beside the fact that she never raised her head up while talking .

“Excuse me I forgot my towel ” Emily turns back , But she’d left when she turned her neck at front .

” A strange high class lady ” ” what was she up to! ” Emily spoke in disapproval.

     >>>>  F-  R –  E E  –  Z –  E  <<<<<

This was just the beginning , Stay tuned for more thrill, Horror , Goosebumps , Mystery and most important Friendship .

Guys I need you and your support . Please feel free to share your views . You can give me like or unlike . I’d be happy . I just want people . My people . My friends . Please I plead to write , Share and Like . I love you all .

I’ve not ended my ongoing or previous fan fiction. it’s just that I’ve taken a break . I’ll be back soon. I took a lot of time because I wanted my readers to feel the story . So I was collecting pictures from here and there , Finding new phrases , Words and here tried my best to make it best . In next parts I’ll do more better . Hope you’d like it . Bye

💖 👍 💬💬💬💭💭📩📩 sorry if I bored you. Plz ignore all mistakes . I’m in hurry ….

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