Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Malaika is back in action

Episode starts with Vimlesh asking to make rajjo and comissioner drown in water. Happu scolds everyone asking how to solve this issue. Amma says I shall ask for new solution, but Rajjo says vimlesh and I shall go. Happu warns not to have sweets at all.

In school buzzo have banana, when malaika arrives. Chamchi hugs Malaika. Malaika asks buzzo why is he troubling my sister and brother. Ritik says please calm down, talk to him softly. Ranveer says we shall throw them, otherwise he shall trouble us more. Ritik asks to stay calm. Malaika challanges Buzzo. Buzzo touch Malaika feet stating I am your bigg fan, I want to be just like you. Malaika asks not to waste powers on week people, but use against wrong people. Buzzo agrees and give it payaya to them.

Vimlesh and Rajjo talks, when 3 goons hold them on knife⚔️ asking to give us everything. Malaika, ritik, ranveer and chamchi arrives. Rajjo asks Malaika to stop them. Chamchi says that Malaika is bound by swear. Malaika says I need permission of happu. Ritik calls📱 Happu, stating all things. Happu says Malaika that he meant that not to fight uncessary, he meant not to bear wrong things, I take my swear back, show them their place.
Malaika takes latt and fight with all goons with lathh gaddh dun music🎶. She beats goons. Goons ask sorry.

Comissionar asks about Manohar, Manohar abd about him. Happu comes stating that manohar is lying. Comissioner says I am forgiving you, as Malaika did so good thing, she beaten all goons. Happu asks how do you know? Comissioner says see her viral video, even I shall present medal to her. Happu says just provide your blessings. Manohar says happu children are smart then him.
Rockey comes and inform them that Malaika is the one who beaten him. Happu gets shock😱

Kat praises Malaika and ask her to take rest and your hand are swellon. Kamlesh comes and trouble malaika. Malaika smiles🙂, while kat says please go, we shall talk later. Kamlesh says I shall play games with Malaika today. Kat asks not today, but kamlesh insists. Malaika says today I shall show how fine are you. Malaika beats kamlesh black and blue, when kat informs that happu took swear back. Kamlesh cries😭

Rajjo, Vimlesh get romanitc, but Happu and Benny denies. But when they get angry😡, they all get romantic.

Precap:- amma says holi should be played plain without any alchol. Benny says we shall have bhanng.

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