Would you watch Ishq Mein Marjawa without Alisha Panwar?

Colors’ Ishq Mein Marjawa has always been in the news for two reasons. Firstly, the over the top confusing and tangled plot and secondly, the lead actors getting switched on and off. There is always a news that the characters like Deep and Aarohi, the two pivotal ones have been killed in the track. Nevertheless, they are always a big part of the storyline and can never die. They come back with more intense looks and motives to take the story forward. The revenge drama gets so confusing that it doesn’t get clear, who wants revenge from whom. Most of the time, the lovers turned enemies are seen turning back to lovers and romancing all the while.

With bits of thrill, romance and mystery, the suspense driven show is still doing good. The show has maintained its TRPs by shuffling some of the leads. Recently, Sonarika Bhadoria has joined the cast as the new supporting lead Nethra. Arjun Bijlani is seen romancing Sonarika in the current track. The actress who gave a remarkable stand to this show, Alisha Panwar by her dual convincing roles of sweet Aarohi and edgy Tara is soon going to quit. Alisha is currently seen only as Tara, while Nia Sharma has taken up Aarohi’s role. Would you watch Ishq Mein Marjawa without Alisha Panwar? Let us know your opinion.

  1. lucy westerna

    isq mein marjawa was thrilling at the beginning . but the show is very worse after the character changr. nia sharma doesn’t look well in the character aarorhi . alisha shouldn’t have quit the show much to the fans dismay

  2. I would like to see ishq mein marjawa without ishq mein marjawa on colors…. I MEAN I WANT THIS SHOW TO SHUT DOWN !!!!! This is a bullshit plotless show and Deep is an ASSHOLE !!!

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    No, i left watching and reading after aarohi role given to Nia, her over acting was tooo much torture, and now tara is leaving as well…. Better to end the show

  4. SsiyAa

    i never watched after characters changed that is after nia’s entry…i don’t like nia acting ever and never watched any of her shows though she is too hot to hold 😛 😛 alisha was the lead and the moment nia entered she should had left the show..still it’s not too late..alisha should leave bcoz she nomore looks lead but more side actor therefore leaving show at this point won’t change anthing to those viewers of immj… also she has been approached by ekta for kzk as per rumors so something good waiting ahead for her..better she leave

  5. Already stopped watching. Alisha should have left ages ago, when the show did injustice to her and gave her hard worked role to Nia Sharma. Even Tara has no role now. Everything that made Tara special was spoiled and she became a greedy, self-hand-cutting loser. I am happy she is leaving and hopefully she gets a better role in her next project

    1. True dhara di she deserves better than immj

  6. After the entry of nia many left the show even I stopped watching it and was just reading the updates. Very happy that she has decided to walk off from the show. She would have done that with the entry of nia so that hum updates bhi pdna chod pate. Chod dia pdna bhi. Very happy

    Buzz was around that aalisha was roped to play new komolika in kzk2 as hina is walking out but she also said that she wants to do +ve roles after tara. Lets seeeeeee

  7. Medina_botasheva

    alisha is the main character of this show and after her replacement by another actress, the series became quite different and not interesting, many fans just abandoned the view.

  8. After nia enter I didn’t watch the show just read the uodate after sometime I m stop to reading to when one day I saw on insta vm on tara and abhi as abhira vm I really like them as a pair watch some episode for them when story going bored I m leaves the show and stop reading the update its good for alisha as she leaves the show

  9. Its has been time I saw alisha old vm and think she should leave immj and may be part of kasautii my wish comes true so soon

    1. Hi Zain… Alisha is very good in playing both positive and negative roles. Here she had double role as Arohi and Tara. But Komolika also has two face, nice in front of others but evil in truth. I am sure Alisha can play that role very well, along with grace and sophistication. Lets see what happens…

    2. True dhara di

    3. I m waiting alisha as komo

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