Would you miss Pyaar Ke Papad?

Star Bharat’s romantic comedy Pyaar Ke Papad is soon going to see a closure. The show has been a decent family entertainment. The story revolves around Omkar and Shivika’s love struggles and accomplishment. Omkar and Shivika’s love gets tested by Shivika’s father Triloki Nath Mishra, who is a temple head priest. Triloki always wanted Shivika to get married into a good family. He chooses Alankar, assuming he is a noble man serving the temple and the society. Alankar turns out to be an evil-minded guy. Omkar stops Shivika’s marriage with a wrong guy. Situation changes in Omkar’s favor. Triloki gets Shivika married to Omkar under odd circumstances when Alankar refuses to marry Shivika.

Omkar and Shivika’s love story resumes after their marriage. Omkar clears Shivika’s misunderstandings proposed by Alankar. Omkar and Shivika share a marital harmony. Alankar targets Triloki’s family by instigating his other daughter Shalu. Omkar takes the responsibility to save his in-laws from dangerous Alankar. The show will be soon having a climax with Omkar and Alankar’s mighty confrontation. Alankar will get exposed. Triloki will be happily accepting Omkar as his son-in-law. Omkar will succeed in convincing his father-in-law towards the end of the show. Would you miss Pyaar Ke Papad? Let us know your opinion.

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