Would you miss Nimki Vidhayak?

Star Bharat’s popular show Nimki Vidhayak will be going off-air soon. The show is struggling to gain TRPs. The Season 2 didn’t garner much viewership like the earlier one. Nimki and Mintu’s love story didn’t develop completely. Nimki stays surrounded by her life’s trouble makers like Ganga Devi, Anaro Devi and others. The political backdrop show had appealed to the viewers a lot just because of Nimki’s unique and light take on life’s ups and downs. Nimki has been an iconic character, handling the women empowerment issues in the most practical and realistic way.

Nimki’s dialogues were much appreciated in both the Seasons. The leads actors Bhumika Gurung and Abhishek Sharma do a commendable job as Nimki and Babbu/Mintu Singh. The show may get replaced by the upcoming Kartik Purnima, which puts light on the sensitive subject of social discrimination based on caste, colour and creed. Nimki Mukhiya and Nimki Vidhayak will surely be missed by the fans, mainly for the prime character Nimki. Would you miss Nimki Vidhayak? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Miss Nimki Vidhayak? Not at all. The show is going off air – the nees makes it a day to renoice. Thanks, TellyUpdate for this news. You deserve a Nau- Lakha Haar for this great news. Wow, our ordeal is about to get over.

  2. selina bhatti

    no ! it started nicely but then quickly became unwatchable as do most serials sadly

    1. Absolutely true. We all had so much of expectations. It kept on fooling us under the garb of women empowerment. But soon its true colors became glaringly visible, and we understood that it is a total trash driven by feminist jingoism. Its day of closure would be the day of celebration.

  3. Shesha485

    Though this show is destroyed, some things are there to learn from Nimki like fighting for rights etc.

    1. Yes, always fight for your rights and never do your duties. Always use others for yourself. If they become unusable, throw them, or better still, kill them. And don’t forget to deny others their rights. Nimki wanted to be an MLA (it was her exclusive right), but Babbu also dared to have this ambition (how dare he?), so Nimki killed him. Great lessons from Nimki!

  4. How can be a love story between Nimki and Mintu, the look-alike of her late husband Babbu whom she killed because he allegedly raped his wife Nimki? Either Babbu didn’t rape her (and Nimki is a liar) or Nimki is so b*t*hy that it doesn’t matter for her. In either case, the protagonist has lost her grace and credibility. And what did you say- Nimki is surrounded by trouble makers, Shukla, Mishra, Ganga? Rethink. It is Nimki who started this trouble game. No Madam, we would never miss this shit serial. We would celebrate its closure.

    1. Love story between Nmki and Mintu could have been acceptable by all audience if either 1) Nimki had recalled both good and bad memories of her dead husband Babbu (akin to the movie ‘Doosra Aadmi’ starring Rakhi, Shashi Kapur and Rishi Kapur), or 2) Nimki would have realized that although Babbu had caused immense pain to her, she too had tortured him no less, and that she finally killed him for selfish reasons and inequitable revenge, and then repented for it. Both courses were suggested to the makers by the audience. But the makers remained adamant with their version of this love story. The audience rejected this love story which reflected in the serial’s poor trp. Now it is too late. Let the serial close.

  5. It’s a shit serial
    all the characters are b****
    there must be a celebration when show goes off air
    thanks for the news i m so happy

    1. Well said. The show must close. I too will celebrate.

  6. Amena Ji of TellyUpdates, you said, “Nimki has been handling the women empowerment issues in the most practical and realistic way”. Do you really think so? Women empowerment means equitable and cordeal power and role sharing between men and women. It is work creation, not work snatching; it is role sharing, not role reversal; it is power sharing, not dipoweing any one; it is construction, not destruction. What has Nimki done in this regard, except for self promotion at others cost, and often at others destruction. All that she has done is creating conflicts and confrontation, which is feminist jingoism and not women empowerment. Had she really worked in true spirit of women empowerment , the serial wouldn’t have witnessed this day, and you wouldn’t have asked whether we would miss this serial. Madam, we would never miss this serial, we would celebrate its closure.

  7. No serial would have mongered so much hatred as has Nimki Mukhiya/Vidhayak done. Here in, a husband (Babbu) is made to rape his wife Nimki whom he had never accepted as his wife and whom he had never even touched s*xually earlier. Can we gauze the level of hatred? Later, the wife Nimki gets her husband Babbu killed for power or revenge or what ever. Can we gauze the level of hatred?
    Even now in the closing phases of this serial the hate game continues unabated. What horrible memories can the audience have of this serial? What is there to miss about this hatred mongering serial? Let it close. Earlier the better.

  8. Nimki the b*t*h, an all time whore. Who’d miss her? Close the serial.

  9. TellyUpdates, you don’t know how the audience feels relieved to learn that it would soon get freed from its torture at the hands of a b*t*hy witch Nimki unleashed by its creator Zama Habib. We would never miss this shit serial, we would enjoy its closure. But what we are definitely missing is that the Habibs are getting away scot free. They must be punished for creating and unleashing the monstress Nimki at us.

  10. It is almost certain that husband and wife cannot be equally competent. Often, the competence differential can be substantial. One great lesson from this shit serial is that if the husband is substantially more competent than the wife then the marriage may still work, as has been happening since ages. However, the converse is never true because the highly competent wife will either jettison the poor incompetent husband, or more often, will kill the incompetent husband. Examples – Nimki killed her husband Babbu and Ganga killed her husband. The lesson – men, don’t marry empowered women. What a great lesson from this shit serial! So would you miss this serial? Definitely not.

    1. The other great lesson from this shit serial, Dear Shrutkeerti, is that married men shouldn’t allow their wives to get empowered. Now, is this serial pro women empowerment or against it? Let the serial close for everyone’s’ benefit.

  11. As finally diagnosed, this serial has been an ugly street orgy of dogs and b*t*hes led by Queen b*t*h Nimki and directed by Zama Habib. Eagerly waiting for the curtains to close.

  12. I would celebrate the closure of ‘Nimki Mukhiya/Vidhayak’ scheduled to air last on 01 Feb 20. When it started in Aug 17 it was liked by every body and the expectations were very high. First, all expectations were belied one by one, and then the maker, Zama Habib, started misusing it to air his own sick whims and fancies, as perceived from his jaundiced eyes, to erode the universally and eternally well-established and cherished socio-cultural and human values and institutions of the Indian Society. Examples: 1) Nimki’s marriage to Babbu was expected to bring social acceptability and promotion of inter-caste and inter-class marriage, but it taught us that such marriages can never succeed, 2) Nimki becoming an assertive and progressive lower-caste woman Mukhiya raised high expectations of socio-economic progress. But her only social contribution was to raise the pitch of social disharmony and confrontation. Economically, she couldn’t think beyond that catastrophic fashion cat-walk, leaving most economists wondering as to how it could have brought-in economic progress, and some economists like Adam Smith and Lasky, turning in their graves, 3) Although forced marital s*x is not rape in IPC and the story so far did not support this incident of forced marital s*x by husband Babbu with his wife Nimki, still the maker enacted it and proceeded with the case as rape. So it was expected that he would raise meaningful on-screen social debate on this issue, but what he served us was a month-long court trial of the case acquitting Babbu, which any way, should have been dismissed on the first hearing itself as the charge of rape was legally not tenable, 4) If a married/single woman wants to marry some one of her choice, it must be permitted and is expected to be done in a legally correct and socially co-operative/persuasive/participative/reconciliatory/acceptable way, but Nimki taught us that let the woman/girl elope away with the man/boy and that others must aid and abet this elopement. She demonstrated the same twice to everyone’s dismay, 5) If a marriage does not work then it is expected that either the couple reconcile cordially or divorce gracefully, but Nimki taught us to destroy (kill) your spouse and destroy his/her family, 6) It was expected that if a woman is wiser and more competent than her husband then she should support her husband and help him grow (as has been the case in general in vice versa scenario). But Nimki taught us that the woman must jettison, or better still, kill her less competent husband. There are many more examples, and as far as Nimki Vidhayak is concerned, it is so trashy that any comment would be a waste of time. In nut shell, the TRP of the serial kept falling with the falling expectations, and finally, it became so shitty that its closure became the only save-our-soul option. That’s why we must celebrate its closure. But then, how should the serial end? This Nimki b*t*h has been living by coning, mindless revenge and rancor, treason, and treacherous murders. Let Babbu and his family be avenged. Let Anaro shoot her dead. Firstly, Nimki is not a heroine, she is a vamp. And even if one insists that she is a heroine, even then, she is a heroine with dark/grey character, and such heroes/heroines are killed in the end (Amitabh Bachchan in Deewar, Dilip Kumar in Ganga-Jamna etc.) to part the lesson that such characters, even if they are heroes/heroines, cannot be glorified. Let this b*t*h Nimki get killed by Anaro. This would be an apt end to this filthy serial. Afterall, those who live by the sword are perished by the sword.

  13. How can one miss a serial that gives a wrong lesson to the women that being empowered and being happily married are mutually exclusive, a serial that preaches us women that if you want to be empowered then don’t get married, and if you are already married then kill your husband and kill your children as well if you have them. No, I would never miss this serial, I would celebrate its closure.

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