Would you miss Nimki Mukhiya?

Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya will be soon going off air owing to the low TRPs. The show has been experimenting many twists. Recently, Nimki’s pregnancy track with the mystery around Nimki’s big decision to forgive Babbu Singh was introduced. The elections campaigning and rivalry track is also ongoing. The twists are presented in the fresh promos every week. The show is trying hard to sustain the TRPs. The concept of women empowerment looks unique only because of Nimki’s interesting character. Nimki is very much different from the female leads seen in regular daily soaps.

Nimki’s dialogues, attitude and looks make the character much adorable. The characters of the show are well written. The show is losing out its viewers at the 8.30 PM prime slot, facing much competition from other channels. Nimki’s journey to become the village head/Mukhiya has been an amazing one. Babbu’s reformation from an evil-minded guy to a sensible, supportive and caring husband is something positive. The show is going to end next month. The viewers wanted to see Babbu and Nimki’s romance further. Nevertheless, Bhumika Gurung playing Nimki will be missed the most. Would you miss Nimki Mukhiya? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

  1. I enjoyed the show and hoped Nimki as a lady mukhiya would acheive something but it turned into daily bitchy soap with twists either being predictable or out of this world…there were episodes of a new thought process but then it became typical bhenji…

    1. This is a bad show! NIMKI character is so biatch like! In order to be different the worthlessness writers just waisted opportunities to make a good show. This was total crap experience!

    2. Only a male chauvinist can do such comment, sorry to say that our society need such characters as Nimki’s in order to bring justice to every social background especially from the brutal feudal society which exists even in this advanced space age…So be it…

  2. SsiyAa

    I started to watch this serial 2 months back only, and I must say the character was designed very uniquely even dialogue delivery was also good by nimki, but the rest they did was worst script and completely rubbish.. And highly abusive dialogues by tettar family members.. They still can do something good with character nimki but it’s better to close now…
    But I read in times of India article that they may bring season 2 as “nimki vidhayak”

    1. Not may, The 2nd season will be on from August 12 at 8.30 pm slot

  3. i used to love Nimki Mukhiya,,,and used to watch it till recently,,,but however idisliked the fact of Nimki deciding to stay with Babbu,,,,i personally felt that Babbu did not deserve her at all,,, idin’t know why makers introduced such a thing,,,a woman does she have to sacrifice always???And i don’t understand why did a headstrong woman Nimki take such a sacrifice,,,,iknow she could not bring the changes to the people of tettar Singh’s house until and unless she entered there,,,but she should have tried some other way out. I don’t understand when Abhi and Nimki loved each other so much,,,then what was the need of this sacrifice,,,they should have lived together. I know now the makers will make the show end with Abhi alone or with Sweetie and BAbbu-Nimki,,,,arrey Babbu is a man who did a big sin against a woman so he should have sufffered,,,he should have lived his whole life repenting and stopping the evil against women as apenance,,,bbut here i really hated the fact Abhi was treated,,,he got dumped thrice,,,,really makers this is how good people get rewarded for their deeds,,,and you will show him married with Sweetie and being satisfied but what is the use when he was in love with Nimki,,,,,,

    it is unbearable for me to see Abhi and Nimki not together after all that happened!!!!!

  4. I liked the show, acting was good by everybody as per characters written. I wished they made Sweetie’s character more powerful. After all she is much more sensible than Nimki, only thing she lacked was guts to take a stand for herself. Even if she did not feel right to marry Abhi, she could have discussed with him and seek his help for studies & protection. I also wished Nimki and Babboo had supported her to fight elections instead of Babboo as more than anybody, she needs power to live with dignity . Nimki’s character is so unrealistic, at times she behaves like an idiot without thinking and everybody dances to her tunes.

  5. The show started in a unique way, and thus it attracted the critiques as well. However, the makers started playing to the galleries with exceedingly high quotient of twists and turns and lots of drama. The story, characters, and its narration got so diluted that it neither remained milk nor water. The biggest flaw was that the protagonists – Nimki and BDO, turned out to be people with lesser virtues, and hence unfit to lead the vanguard. Nimki was extramarital, despotic, revengeful, irrational, selfish, intolerant, and disrespectful to the well established and universally cherished values of the Indian society. The BDO disgraced himself as an Officer and public servant by morphing videos in an election, and his disgraceful conduct in eloping with Sweetie (the purpose maybe noble, but its execution was most disgusting and unacceptable. It could have been done legally, ethically, and gracefully). In fact, the BDO turned out to be a stooge of Nimki, rather than her mentor, and always danced to her tunes. Also, he was a dishonest officer taking bribes, a womanizer always trying to fish in the troubled waters of a disturbed marriage, and an officer who would always take law in his own hands and would barge into any body’s and every body’s house to force himself on them. On the contrary, Babbu Singh, whose character remained spotlessly clean, with the fault-lines that he did not accept Nimki as his wife (it is understandable because he never loved her and was forced to marry her on gun-point) and that he was arrogant and aggressive (again understandable because of his up bringing, and because it could have been easily corrected), was a prince-in-making ‘in shining armor’ who together with Nimki, was most suited to lead the band-wagon of women empowerment. But, lo and behold, this man who had never even touched his wife Nimki, was suddenly made to rape her, just because the makers wanted a twist, and believe me, that’s the episode, that drove the last nail in this serial’s coffin. I would like the show to continue with the BDO, the disgraced and tainted man, immediately thrown out of the show, with Nimki and Babbu as the lead pair, in a much more realistic and honest way towards the noble purpose of women empowerment with only the acceptable quantum of drama and twists-and-turns, that don’t spoil the broth. All the best!

    1. i guess you did not show as a good viewer but rather as a stereotyped indian personality, tat is why you are finding perfection in sweetie, think BDO to make extramariatal and Nimki to be foolish, you should first remove the stereotypical concepts which are buried in your mind and then watch this show,,, then you will understand that the llead pair should be BDO and Nimki in S2, with Babbu being a changed person who aids them,,,because Babbu doesn’t deserve Nimki after all that he had done to her and Nimki should not sacrifice her love for BDO all for him

    2. I agree with you lisa babu doesn’t deserve nimki love only bdo deserve bcs he supported her from first day….director should hv new cast for sweety n babu as in season 2 there ll no one want to see tht rituraj tettar singh n anaro …..we want new villian n then nimki n bdo together hw ll tackle them.

  6. Thanks, Lisa. Firstly, I have made no positive or negative comments about Sweetie so far. Secondly. I am neither a perfectionist nor stereo-typed. I am only quoting facts and incidents from the serial and analyzing it with the lens of contemporary socio-legal conditions and the well established and cherished (please note that I do not subscribe to the universally condemned or controversial customs and practices) values of the Indian Society. Thirdly, Nimki has been proved beyond doubt that she has extramarital relations with BDO (extramarital is not limited to physicality only, even a romantic affair outside marriage is extra-marital – the exact definition may please be checked). I do not subscribe to couple continuing with a bad marriage, but they must get divorced before getting extramarital. Hence I find both, Nimki and BDO guilty of it. I can make concessions with Nimki, but never with the BDO because he is a Govt Official and a Public Servant entrusted with the onerous task of developing his Block. His Official code of conduct does not allow his personal indulgences in the citizen’s personal lives, and is limited to his role as a mentor to a newly elected Mukhiya (Nimki). He has disgraced himself by morphing videos in connivance with Nimki in defeating Tetar in an election where he was himself a Returning Officer. His other disgraceful conducts have already been described by me in my preceding comments. Hence the BDO is disqualified to lead the band wagon (in fact, even Nimki too is disqualified, but a sympathetic concession can be given to her). Fourthly, it is note-worthy, as described by me earlier, and reiterated again, that the character and conduct of Babbu Singh became abysmal only after he was stabbed in the back by Nimki-BDO-Sweetie Trio when the ill-fated elope was conspired by them. Hang Babbu a hundred times, but then Nimki too cannot be left scot-free. Since Babbu has apologized, you may give him a second chance. Finally, it is better to close the show, but if you want to continue, Nimki-Babbu pair is the only qualified pair to lead the band-wagon. Nimki-BDO pair is not only unacceptable, but detestable. Lisa Ji, you may or may not agree with me, I continue to respect you and your views.

  7. It’s good the show is ending…i started to watch the show from the begening…but i didnt find what i expected…

  8. SsiyAa

    seriously!!.. how come this is off-air?…. they only changed the name from NIMKI MUKHIYA to NIMKI VIDHAYAK from 12th august… there is no break no off-air… only the name is changed… such rumours..uuuh!..

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