Would you miss Mitegi Lakshman Rekha?

And TV’s show Mitegi Lakshman Rekha is going off air. The show will air its last episode on 31st August 2018. The story revolves around Vishesh and Kanchan. Vishesh is Mathura’s Prince, who falls in love with an ordinary middle-class girl Kanchan. He adores her for her virtues and heart. He learns that she is a rape survivor and respects her struggles. He decides to support her in her life’s struggles only to give her strength. Kanchan accepts Vishesh’s selfless love. They together fight with all odds and get married. Kanchan’s rapist gets identified. She regrets the fact that the criminal is related to Vishesh’s family. She conceals the truth to maintain peaceful relations in the family. But, she doesn’t want her silence to appear as her weakness.

Kanchan makes a plan to expose the culprit, who happens to be Ananya’s brother-in-law Saurabh. Kanchan gains strength from Vishesh and his family. Vishesh wants Kanchan to end her fears completely. He supports her in punishing her culprit and getting justice. Vishesh doesn’t care for the society and backs up Kanchan. The last episode will show Kanchan similar to a Devi Maa avatar. She will be punishing Saurabh for his heinous crime. The show starring Shivani Tomar and Rahul Sharma as the leads, will be having a closure due to low TRPS. It is getting replaced by Perfect Pati. Would you miss Mitegi Lakshman Rekha? Let us know your opinion.

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show ka end to show ek promo se hi pta tha, but itni jaldi hoga yeh nhi pta tha…

  2. Ys I’ m gonna miss the show. bt y it’s getting off air.feeling sad??????

  3. I’ll surely miss d show but it’s good that they ended on a good note instead unwantingly extending it….Love the main couple…a boy should be like this n all girls our there be strong

  4. V r surely gonna miss d show n mainly vishesh n kanchans character as a boy should be like him n all girls be strong n they were d striking example of husband wife….but it’s good that they r ending this show on a nice note instead of unwantidedly extending it

  5. Jennifer Jarvis

    I’m so upset!! I must say it’s so bad to just drop the show. I’m an avid Asian TV viewer who is very English and needs the subtitles.
    I’m so angry when these shows get dropped. I’d rather watch it than the new one that replaces it.
    It’s happened so many times with others. As I don’t speak the language,there is no English text to read giving out information.
    I hate the advertising banners that cover the subtitles too. Please don’t leave everything to end in one episode. Thankyou jennie jarvis.

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