Would you miss Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2?

Star Bharat’s mystery thriller show Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 is coming to an end tomorrow. The show has been very much promising since its start. The audience had big expectations from Season 2, because of the successful first season. The show brought a stellar cast in the amazing mysterious tale of Kaal Bhairav’s deadly curse over a royal family of Kanakgadh. With every episode, a new layer of conspiracies and evil came up to bring twists and turns in the plot. Gautam Rode and Additi Gupta play the leads in the show. The season is finally having a climax on a highly dramatic note.

Even in Season 1, the final episode was the most interesting one. The audience can expect a mega climax in the last episode of this season. The show kept the intriguing factor high. Being a finite series, the story is covered in a total of 120 episodes. Archana will be seen fighting the evil force Brahmanand to secure the sacred powers of Kaal Bhairav’s idol, given to Lali and her descendants. Veer and Archana’s journey comes to an end, when they free the family from the 150 year-old curse. Would you miss Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Yess… Will miss

  2. Waiting for season 3

  3. I have already commented in poll zone in detail. Yes I will miss it but expect a new story with simple people and atmosphere like in season 1 plus not so many senseless murders. God does not kill people to punish them or to make them realize his existence.
    Climax of both seasons were great. Gave me goose bumps (another friend also wrote about it). I am glad to see other people liking it. Though poll results disappointed me. I am devotee of Bhagwan Shivji. Kaal Bhairav is a form of Shivji.
    Good thing is this show comes with definite no. of episodes without endless dragging.

  4. Channel please show us repeat telecast of serial Mahakumbh also and simultaneously make a sequel of it. Thank you.

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