Would you miss Aapke Aa Jane Se?

Zee’s Aapke Aa Jane Se will be soon going off air. The show recently got its Season 2. The huge dramatic change with a twist of reincarnation didn’t take the show any higher on the TRP charts. The show starring Karan Jotwani and Suhasi Dhami in leads roles has been much loved by the audience for its unique concept, a love story between a young guy and an elderly aged divorcee. The strength of true love was depicted again and again when the lovers Sahil and Vedika were put in tough tricky situations by their fate and enemies. They always had a triumph over their enemies. Still, their struggles didn’t end.

Even in Season 2, a lot of similarity is observed in the track of Sahil and Vedika’s separation. The couple doesn’t get any moment of peace because of Vedika’s sister Avantika, who has turned into a villain for them. Avantika is obsessed with Sahil. She wants Sahil’s love at any cost. Vedika will be learning about her past birth and eternal love with Sahil. Both Sahil and Vedika will be seen uniting in this birth before the show marks its climax. Did you had enough of the drama or would you miss Aapke Aa Jane Se? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. It will be sad to stop aapke aja nese. It woukd gave been a great show had the directors and writers been taking advuse fron viewers, aapke a janese would have done better than
    Khumkum bangya or even khubdili bagya.
    Am sure someone will pick it and rewrite the story. Sahil and sadika should have grown old together even married off their kids while fighting off society. The series had toi many kiddnapping, unnecessary violence, too many unhappy moments and repeatation, even now there us not much difference same problems as before only avantika us vedikas younger sister. Anyway no need to waste time What is done is done.

  2. Pls Zee do not stop this unique love story. This show was an oxygen to us viewers. Sytipid shows all kundali bhagya n the.other.show which is aired at 9 pm is running last so many yrs. Why? Because Ekta is a powerful lady. In AKAJS show the actors enact their scenes so naturally esp the heroine n hero. And what a lovely pair suhasi n karan were. It looked like they r pasionately in love with each other. Suhasi is such a NATURAL BEAUTY n no wprds for karan jotwanis handsomeness n talent.. you spoult the show after u introduced the twit girl jannat zubair (talentless actress). Just knew to gae at the camera. Pls pls after a few months break plscre start the show. The pairing of.suhasi n karan was so strong n natural that i dont think karan will look nice with any other actress.

    1. This is one show that anyone from any country can watch, and not only Indian’s so i believe we should take a vote and conceded this matter because this AKAJS is the only show that i have seen so far that is truly great. So please think before you cut the show off the air please and thank you zee tv.
      The truth is I don’t know why others watch kundalini and kumkum bhagya it is boring, and more importantly a waste of time for every body.

      1. Nina

        Absolutely right

  3. Namira shaikh

    Plzzz wapas chalu kro yrr mt bnd kro plzzzzz 😭😭😭😭

  4. The show should not be stopped.In my opinion this concept of love is very unique and wonderful..This cab prove that even a divorcee lady can stay in peace in the society .And of course love has no limits ..So my great opinion is that this show should not be stopped .And also this is the most favorite show in between the people as they had shown a great love and appreciation towards this show.So please don’t stop this show..

  5. 😍This was amazing and exceptional love story.I will never forget this show.Love it forever.😍

  6. This show was so unique and wonderful but pathetic climax ever ..miss you Sahil and Vedika ..

  7. The show had an amazing concept with spectacular performances from the lead as well as supporting actors….. I will miss the show especially the sadika’s enchanting chemistry…..

  8. Ramya Chitragar

    Inta jaldi end karne ka plan tha toh season 2 kyu layaa??πŸ€”πŸ€” I’m not getting 😐😐

  9. This was and is one of the best conceptualized serials in a very long time coming from Zeetv.. This story had so much promise, it rekindled the belief that love is possible between two people of different age brackets..the chemistry between KJ and Suhasi Dami is damn awesome and real and I’m going to miss them terribly, I even miss the old cast of actors.. The change of writers over the months are to blame, they butchered a pure love and didn’t give us enough of it, too much negativity, the stupid track with the black magic, Aarya marrying 3 blasted times at such an age, the Pankti saga which seems like a bad dream, Puneesh’s continuous stupidity etc were to blame… I wish a wand could be waved and we could get back what this serial had from the beginning…the dreamy chemistry between the two leads…and how they live in the world, trying to cope with the stigma of societal misconceptions… I know I’m gonna cry for this serial when it’s over just like I did for Jodha Akbar … I’ll definitely miss you KJ… This is the first time I’ve seen his work and he’s damn great at it.. Looking forward to seeing him in the very near future… 😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Leisa s morris

    AKAJS was one serial.dat had a lot of potential and an amazing cast. Ppl tuned in every day to c d chemistry and romance between sahil and vedika,an older woman being romanced by a younger man defying society’s rules and fighting against all odd to stay together. Then d writers got crazy and started butchering d whole serial moving away from d initial concept and goin down a path dat turned off most if not all of its viewers. A lot of unfinished plots with wrong doers not being punished and evil defeating good. Was so lookin forward to seeing puneesh and prachi dealt with but alas dat was one of d unresolved matter. I always say y do reincarnation when u can have d couple be victorious in dis life but no dey aways do reincarnation when dey butcher a serial and dont know how to go forward and believe dat a revamp in terms of reincarnation will do d trick siggghhhh. No im….sorry there was only one instance dat reincarnation worked and dat was with divya/ vidya character cant remember d name of d serial of hand. The others were all failures.D writers ruined dis serial and now im not even sorry to c it go off air just hope dey do justice to sadika and not just end it abruptly like they’ve done in other serials.

  11. @Zeetv this Show is going to be off air.???
    I steel can’t believe really…….Oh If this Awesome show…’AapKeAaJaneSe ‘were be not off air……what was your problem from this such a beautiful show??
    Here, many others show on your channel but Iam not attracted from thease show… bcz here Story line is not unique and not intresting not faster..moves….though its a fashionable…Unreal…like Kum Kum bhagya..Kundali bhagya…just name is beautiful but not shooted on the Story line…and YOUR new shows just check..Tujhse hai raabta…,Gudden tumse na ho paayega..Yhe teri galiya…and Raaja beta…just boring…like your above mentioned show…Just dramatic…
    @ZeeTV It may be this shows is most wanted for the others and valuable bcz it gives a good trp rate…
    But for AapKeAaJaneSe fans gives their heart..to this show Only…Most Amazing…fantastic…awesome Love Story..Aap Ke Aa Jane Se….
    AND One more thing that we know that my beloved @Suhasi Dhami…Is a born star…most Talented and Prettiest female actress…
    But now Iam taking on Karan jotwani who Give us a special performance in this series…with #Suhasi dhami…waoo….It was a challenging role for Karen jotwani….and goes Successful…no words for their personal performance..as a main lead..
    So Thanks so so much…@ZeeTV for the pairo of Suhasi dhami and Karan jotwani…A lovey dovey pair πŸ’―πŸ˜Sadika…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€—Will Miss Their Chemistry….😭😭😭😭 And Our Lovely Show..and All Old Supportive Cast..too…
    Iam again Saying @ZeeTV that This is Not perfectly comleated in The Both Season1st abd 2nd..by Makers….Special thanks to giving us such a beautiful show “AapKeAaJaneSe “

  12. Pls Zee TV bring back our favourite show AKAJS. How come stupid serials like kum kum bhagya n kundali bhagya are running 4 yrs n then why not AKAJS. Look at the fabulous chemistry between the main leads. It was so pure n natural. We could sit with our family n watch the show. I know that suhasi dhami is favourite of ZEE TV CHANNEL. Then whybdid u stop this serial so abruptly. I hv never in my life seen such a beautiful n unique love story. Esp karan jotwani looks passionately in love with vedika. What a fantastic actor he is. Pls ZEE dont deprive us of our OXYGEN.

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  14. The story was a bit unique… And awesome.. If it wud have been continued.. It cud have been so interesting to watch…. What was the need to stop the show so soon? just for TRP…? Ppl watching the show r truly attached.. At least think about them….

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