Would you like to watch Udaan without Meera Deosthale?

Colors’ Udaan has already marked the exit of the main lead Vijayendra Kumeria. The show will soon see the exit of female lead Meera Deosthale, playing Chakor. Meera has been the prime face of the show since a long time. Udaan’s soul will get missing with the exit of Meera. The show is taken ahead with the new leads Gaurav Sareen and Tanya Sharma. Tanya plays Chakor’s daughter Anjor, while Gaurav plays her love interest Sameer. Anjor’s character will be coming in limelight once Chakor’s character takes a backseat. Anjor is a multilayered character. She is seen as a spoilt, arrogant and self-centred girl. She will be seen becoming responsible, strong and daring just like Chakor.

As per the current track, Chakor is seen struggling to win her daughter’s love. She loves Anjor so much that she didn’t accept Raghav’s true love. She doesn’t want Anjor to hate her. Chakor is sure to explain the past scenario to Anjor, but Anjor’s foster mother Poonam lays hurdles for Chakor. Meera’s exit will be seen in the coming episode. Meera quits the show, but Toral Rasputra will be seen stepping in Chakor’s character. Would you like to watch Udaan without Meera Deosthale? Let us know your opinion.

  1. no problem at all better send her to star production to replace prerna or mishti im very much sure she can nail any character at her will ; meera is love and her passion means work !!!!

  2. She should have left before the leap happens. From no angle she looks like a 20+ years old girl’s mother. Looks more likely her on screen daughter’s younger sister. The concept ended, important characters ended, story is pointless better end the show as well in a good note.

  3. Udaan has lost its soul a long time ego, since the death of Suraj.

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    She IS the show ?

  5. Marija Antonijevlc

    I get miss Meera in “Udānn” wery much. After leap this serial be wery stuped. Story is not more about “bhandua” story and this is stuped. After Paras Arora, Vidhi Pandya, Vijayendra Kumeria and now Meera Deosthale’s exit this serial be a much boried. I dont know but, Meera playin Chakor character wery nice i mine wery hood in this last 3 years, i dont think Toral be playing this caracter like Meera but who know. I hope Anjor soon know a truth, i mine she’s misunderstanding, is deth Chakor is not married with Raghav like she think. After this stuped leap idea serial is death… ? I and Sukor’s fans hope to see Meera and Vijay in main roles in the another show.

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