Would you like to see Sana Amin Sheikh in Perfect Pati?

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There will be a change in lead in And TV’s prime time show Perfect Pati. The female lead Sayali Sanjeev is going to quit the show. She will be replaced by the talented actress Sana Amin Sheikh. Sayali’s character of a sweet and simple girl Vidhita will also get a makeover, that of a bold and determined modern girl. Sayali will be missed by her fans. The story brings an accident and plastic surgery track to get the new face in. Sana was last seen in Star Plus’ Naamkarann. Her entry will be happening this week. Vidhita gets brutally stabbed by her husband Pushkar, who makes the attempt to murder seem like an accident.

Pushkar tries to get rid of her totally. Vidhita gets saved by Kabeer, a responsible, kind-hearted and charming guy. Kabeer delays his marriage in order to save a life. Kabeer wants to know more about Vidhita and inform her family in time. Pushkar isn’t aware that Vidhita has got her savior. Vidhita and Kabeer’s love story will begin in coming track. Mohit Nain has joined the show as Kabeer. He was last seen in And TV’s Meri Hanikarak Biwi in a negative role. The new storyline seems interesting. Would you like to see Sana Amin Sheikh in Perfect Pati? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Thank god they are giving the character Vidhi a new love interest as Pushkar has really gone over to madness and to have Vidhi accept him as her husband and love him would have been a huge mistake.

  2. I agree with you Cathy. I am glad that they will make Vidhita’s character bold & and modern woman. This time she should not spare Pushkar. She should take revenge.

    1. Cathy

      Lets cross our fingers that this show does not go the way of most Indian serials.

  3. Cgirl

    They should make these indian serials have bold, modern, strong females to set an example instead of showcasing them as crybabies & can’t be independent & need a guy to rescue them. I love how the show is developing now & vidhi should not spare that evil puskar at all no mercy!

    1. Cathy

      Cgirl…they have tried but they end up making the “so called strong female” silly and dependent on male approval or the victim of the extended family, this could be the perfect medium to show that women don’t need to put up with abuse and finding their inner strength…being a good daughter/wife/mother doesn’t mean self sacrificing her dignity or self respect by putting up with a toxic relationship or family.

  4. How can they show Pushkar’s crime as part of his diseases? Disgusting. Now they should show Vidhita as strong, bold, and determined lady.

    1. Cathy

      I agree FAN!!

  5. Its time to show that women are strong and determined. Pushkar should be punished. No excuse for his sickness

  6. I love Badho Bahu serial of And Tv and after the Badho Bahu it is my favorate show and it is also going to shutting down on 21st of this month. Poor And Tv

  7. Of course the upcoming story will be good but there were no need to change Vidhita means Sayali Sanjeev. Because her reaction is important on that, whatever happened with her previously, Makers could show her strong. That is a wrong decision of makers to replace sayali. We were watching this serial only for her. Now there is no meaning to watch Perfectpati serial & to give TRP to the show. because lot of show On TV are Good & Entertaining. Shows fan are very dissappointed by decision of makers to change Sayali (Vidhita). Sayali we Love U as always

  8. Plz Don’t change to Sayali Sanjeev

  9. No, we won’t like anyone in the place of Sayali Sanjeev aka Vidhita

  10. I have feeling that in today’s episode when they showed Pushkar as a changed person then I doubt. When he said all thanks to the ward boy then I kind off feel that person like Pushkar can never change.

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