Would you like a leap in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala?

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Star Plus’ Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is soon going to get a major leap. The show has been dragging since a while. Kulfi’s truth gets known to Sikandar. He learns she is Nimrat and his daughter. Even then, he remains helpless because of his troubling wife Loveleen and equally dominating daughter Amyra. Sikandar wishes to find his real daughter some day. He puts all his efforts in finding Kulfi, but it goes in vain. He fails to find Kulfi in the remand home. The difficulties of Kulfi’s life are shown. The little girl herself plans an escape from the remand home, where Loveleen had sent her by a trick.

Kulfi stands against injustice. She didn’t commit any crime and decides to avoid the punishment. She escapes from the remand home with the help of some kids. Soon, she arrives home to meet Sikandar. She gets a big shock when her father refuses to accept her for his own reasons. Sikandar too knows that he can’t justify his decision. He puts a big lie that he isn’t blood-related to Kulfi. He compels Kulfi to leave from his wife. Sikandar breaks Kulfi’s heart. The show is heading towards a major leap. It will focus on Kulfi and Amyra’s lives. Would you like a leap in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. We would like Kulifi and her father reunited. The story is dragging and getting boring. Let them be together and have some good times.

  2. if they show a leap then the right thing will be to show Kulfi as a successful sweet girl and the brat Amyra can continue saying ‘meri to life hi over ho gayi’ whenever her stupid plans fail. Atleast after the leap they can show the right thing. Why sikander could never teach some manners to this brat of lovely is beyond me.

  3. We would like if this abusive not worthy serial to be stopped, please.

  4. Leaps are boring. They should correct story at this point itself. What message they are giving to young kids that they can grab anything by emotional blackmail? Whole big family not able to handle situation and throwing a kid on the street? Lovely should be punished for poisoing Amyra, harming Kulfi many times, hit & run case of Nimrat. Sikander should be warned by law. Tevar should also get justice. Sikander’s brother can adopt orphan kid from remand home and they should help rest of the kids to reach their homes. Since both Lovely & Sikander were unable to give good values to Amyra, Tevar should claim and be given custody of Amyra. Kulfi spending good & happy times with her baba and family. Story should end here without any further dragging. Remember small kids also watch this show so it should give right message and no manipulation should succeed.

    1. Exactly my thoughts

    2. I agree with you.

  5. Nina

    Nice Kulfi should build a singing career

  6. I hope aditi rathore casting as kulfi after leap ..

    1. ???????oh god I was like….?????after u said that firstly the leap news and then ur comment gave me immense pleasure?????I also wish soo… But I don’t yhink that gul will give a chance to aditi. I want to see her as a very successful, firm, bold, tough, strong yet good girl?????????so that she can give a strong answer to lovely $ amyra

  7. Samira Hussain


    There should be no leap
    Kulfi childhood character is very good
    My family love the small Kulfi
    Well all dramas on Star Plus drag for years

    1. Samira exactly. There should be no leap. I love the little kulfi character. They should unite her with her baba and have good times. Then let her aunt apologize to kulfi. Let lovellen be punished for her various crimes. Tevar should take her daughter amrya and teach her values. She is arrogant and looks down on kids below her family status. Mohendar amd Gunjan should adopt. The woman in the remand home should be punished too. The kids should be helped to locate their families. And. Let it end

  8. no i think it will ruin the show . it should let sikander n kulfi reuntie. n end. the show only works cus of the child artist not sure it will after

  9. Enough already. It was a good story with good actors. But enough torture if little Kulfi.

    Get very boring now as stupid reasons keep coming up.
    Not interesting anymore.

  10. i dont like amyra and loveleen they are behaving like enemies to kullfi and sikandar singh gill should punish loveleen and amyra little b*t*h and big b*t*h by throwing the two out off his and kullfi should spend her time with her dad and amyra should spend her time with tever dadda kullfi father sikandar singh gill

  11. We all have to grow up someday she cannot remain little Kulfi forever. But I want her to be very successful in her singing career,no father will disown his own daughter he fully well knows Amyra is not his then WTF!!! Amyra the spoilt brat and Lovely the great big fat witch Sikander the dead beat father Kulfi is better off without them she needs to make an identity for herself be career oriented shape her own destiny by the way will Sanya Irani be grown up Kulfi???

  12. I want Sikander should keep all the orphan children and give them good life or make sure they should be back with their family n be happy Loveleen should be in jail and spoil rat Amyra should be Trevor who will teacher good lessons

  13. I think instead of leap. Please show somw justice happening with kulfi. Y is sp muvh negativity n which child is so mature n amyra character is disgusting. So negative. End d shoecwith good note. This show has shown enougf negativity

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