Would you like a generation leap in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan will be soon taking a generation leap. The ten year leap will bring new faces and add a new track to the much dragged concept. Vijayendra Kumeria, the male lead of the show, playing Suraj and Raghav is quitting the show. Meera Deosthale will continue to be a part of Udaan. The story will shift to Mumbai where little Anjor will be seen as a grown up pretty girl. Bhavika Sharma will be playing the lead role of Anjor. Bhavika is currently seen as Niyati in Star Bharat’s Jiji Maa. The story will mark separation of Chakor and Raghav. Chakor sacrifices her love for Raghav because of her daughter Anjor.

Anjor didn’t wish Chakor to marry Raghav. Chakor rejects Raghav’s love and marriage proposal, so that Anjor doesn’t develop hatred for him. Anjor still falls in a misconception on seeing them getting married in the temple. The truth doesn’t reach Anjor. She begins to hate Chakor for choosing Raghav over her. Anjor wants to get away from them. She wants Chakor to live happy with Raghav. Chakor can’t afford losing Anjor. She parts ways with Raghav. Raghav’s character will be pulled off from the track. Meera and Vijayendra’s fans will surely be missing their chemistry in the show. Would you like a generation leap in Udaan? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. definitely not!!!!!!!!!!!!! show right now with chakor and raghav has too much to explore… it can still be among the best by the help of a good writer….

    actually I think with this much potential which udaan has to be successful, the makers have selected the worst thing…. after leap udaan will not last for a long time…. I wish writers change their mind and bring back VJ, most of fans watch the show for the sake of meejay… and specially sukor… first they killed off suraj while there was no reason and now raghav finished…….

    ******* it seems someone wants to destroy show*********** because I think the most difficult thinbg at the moment was destroying show and makers are doing it…
    I hope soon meera will leave the show, because this show has no future… she shouldnt waste her time…..

    I believe since july makers are just trying to spoil the show…. they spoiled our favorite show!!! it pains a lot…..

    I say a BIG NO to leap…. Udaan without Meejay both will not survive!

  2. No leap I want the show to continue with Meejay as Raghav and Chakor, they moved the focus away from them for a long time.
    Couldn’t vote in your poll because I don’t want the leap but don’t want the show to end.

  3. why are they showing generation leap? Why can’t they end it peacefully the show?

    1. I don’t want.
      First of all, Udaan without Chakur and “Suraj” is meaningless
      I just wanted the serial to be finished with happy ending, without killing Suraj
      Why did they kill Suraj and bring Raghav at all? What was the use of that?
      They could continue the show with Suraj, and then finish it with a happy ending.

  4. I will definitely not able to watch the show without Meera, Imli, and Vijayendra. So, I am not going to watch the show once the generation leap happens. Rather than generation leap, they could have shown a happy ending of Chakor, Raghav, and Anjor.

  5. Safiya Hosein

    First of all there was no possible reason for killing Suraj. After that everything went downhill.
    The very least the writers could have done was to give Chakor, Suraj and Anjor the happy ending they deserve. Their family has been through so much already.
    The previous writers did a fantastic job in building Suraj and Chakor’s relationship over the years and it took these new stupid, senseless writers a few months to destroy it all with their lack of creativity.
    This new attempt to recreate an Udaan without Suraj & Chakor (Vijayendra/Meera) will backfire and will flop.
    They think by doing another time leap and making the show about Anjor will increase the TRP?! Hell no!
    I hope Meera decides to leave just like Vijayendra did. She deserves much better than playing the role of a mother of an 18 year old. She is too talented of an actress.

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