World of SaiRat: The mysterious helper OS

Hiya this OS has to do with Pulkit’s kidnapping theme and again with my own twists for my Twistinians

Internal monologues are written in bold and flashback in italics.

Without any more talking from my side and any further ado…

~Sai’s POV~
After what Aai(mom) oops Saasu Maa(mother-in-law) said, I could feel my heart breaking for the second time in my life.

I run upstairs, close and lock the door. I remember the times spent with her and him.

Yes, I miss him, I don’t know when he became an important part in my life but when I need him the most, he’s not here! My heart and mind cry in sadness.

I feel empty and alone, I walk towards our cupboard, open his side, take a shirt, close the door of it. I walk towards our bed, lay down on my side by hugging his shirt close to me.

I cry my heart out and ask the shirt, “when are you coming back Virat Sir? My sanity is lost without you!”

Soon someone knocks at the door calling me by shouting at the door, “hey girl, come out now.”

It’s Kaku and I just yell back, “I’m not coming out because you people deserve to rot in hell.”

It’s my anger that is speaking as I know, what they have done. They even manipulated the women I looked up to.

“Badi Mami, Sai ko parivaar ki parwa hi nahi hai(Sai doesn’t care about the family, older aunty).” Patrelekha says.

How dare she! My mind yells in anger as well as my heart with disgust.

“As if you care about this family, Patrelekha Wahaini,” Mohit Dada says, “aap toh humesha busy ho Virat Dada ke piche baagne ki basharmo ki tarah(you are always busy running after brother Virat shamelessly).”

In mind I’m thanking him when Karishma says, “You are right Mohit but everyone turns a blind eye towards her as they are like Patrelekha is like this or like that.” She pauses for a bit and then continues to complain with reasons, “even Kaku once told me to become like her! Why should I become as disgusting as her, dream of romancing someone else’s husband especially your husband’s brother and not being concerned if her husband is alive or dead? So no thank you, I’m perfect, the way I am!”

I open the door slowly and say, “there’s no point in telling them the truth about their favourite daughter-in-law.” I tiredly say, let them come inside and shut the door in front of Pathrelekha’s face.

“Sai Wahaini, are you alright?” Mohit Dada and Karishma ask at the same time.

“Do you want to hear the truth or the lie?”

“The truth!” They reply back.

“Then no, I’m not alright because I miss him and he left me in this hellhole all alone.” I tell them.

“You are not alone Wahaini, you have us, Usha Maushi, Shivani Bua and Ashwini Kaku.” Karishma says as she doesn’t know what happened in her absence while Mohit Dada shakes his head.

We both don’t say anything for a while so she asks, “did I say something wrong?”

“Yes, because Saasu Maa is blinded by her husband, who is fooling her and Shivani Bua has forgotten the fact,” I pause a bit and continue saying, “that I stood by her side when her own family was too busy thinking what the society thinks of them. I don’t give a damn about society as they keep talking about you behind your back anyways!”

They look at me without blinking while I can hear some sound in the background as well as my phone vibrating to indicate that I have received a message.

I open the message as Virat’s Sir’s name is written on it but as soon as I read it my smile falters away…
~End of her POV~

~Meanwhile Unknown Person’s POV~
I hear one of the patients yelling so I walk into that makeshift room and ask DIG Sir, “what’s wrong with Virat and who’s name is he yelling?”

Before he can answer back Virat yet again yells some words together that do not make any sense, “Sai…danger…I…save… her…”

“What is he saying?” I ask again.

“He thinks that Sai is in danger,” he answers back and then he includes some words that actually shock me to the core, “oh, I forgot to mention to you, that she’s his wife.”

I look at him with wide eyes and say, “but why was Pulkit Deshpande writing to her?”

“You should know why Major Samrat,”

I nod and ask, “is she trying to reunite them in going against most of the family members?”

“Yes, even Virat was by her side until a letter came, he then decided not to reunite and now she is fighting all of those people without anyone by her side. She is a brave girl but too young to fight all of this on her own.”

“How old is she?” I ask out of curiosity.


“Are you sure that she is 18?” I ask while still being shocked.

He nods and says with a smile, “she is a medical student but I didn’t have the heart to tell her about Virat getting shot when she called me.” He sadly says.

I can message her, if you want me to. Can I have Virat’s phone please?”

He then hands me the phone and I write the following sentences,

“You must be thinking that it’s Virat, who’s writing to you but I’m just a well wisher, who needs your help. It’s very important and I’m sending someone to pick you up!”

Not even 3 minutes later I get a reply from her, “who are you? And how do you have my husband’s phone?”

“What’s wrong?” DIG Sir asks as he looks at me.

“She is asking me who I am as well as how come that I have Virat’s phone.”

“She is like that only. Her mind works sharper than some police officers in our team thanks to her father, who himself was an officer.” He proudly says.

“What do you mean by was?” I ask as I need to clear my confusion.

“He took a bullet to his heart by saving your brother Virat. Virat felt guilty about Kamal Joshi’s death and decided to take Sai’s responsibility by marrying her.”

I shake my head and ask, “is he out of his mind? How can he marry someone to take their responsibility?”

“It’s because he loves her or else he wouldn’t be so restless.” I nod, taking the information in and begin to write to the only person I know, that Sai may trust.

I then look at the homescreen of Virat’s Phone, see a picture of him and a girl and they look so in love with each other.

I then look at the homescreen of Virat's Phone, see a picture of him and a girl and they look so in love with each other

Not even 15 minutes, I get a message back stating that Sai, him and Madhuri Tai are on their way.

So I wait for them with DIG Sir and soon enough, I see a car coming towards us.

Soon the car stops, we walk towards them. The car doors open at the same time and when Sunny sees me, he runs towards me to envelop me in a small brotherly hug.

“Samrat, it’s so nice to see you.”

“I’m happy to see you too, Sunny.” I answer back to him and he smiles at me.

“Aap Virat Sir ke Samrat Dada ho(Are you Virat Sir’s brother Samrat)?”

“Haan(Yes).” After listening to my answer, she bends down to take my blessings. I bless her.

“Thank you Samrat Dada for blessing me,” She says after standing in front of me.

She then looks at my companion and asks, “DIG Sir, what are you doing here?”

“He’s here as some police officers have been injured during the mission and they cannot commence as they are not enough to fight them.” I reply back. She looks at me with tears in her eyes as if she knows that one of those officers is Virat. She immediately runs into the tent.

We all follow her but I tell Sunny and Madhuri ji, “someone had kidnapped Pulkit Jeeju but I was able to save him and he’s resting.”

“So Sai Bhabhi was right about the feeling of him being kidnapped.” He says and from the corner of my eyes, I see the rest of the family members here too.

Ashwini Mami has already tears in her eyes but I don’t know why.

I turn away so as to keep myself calm when I hear Sai saying, “I’m here, Virat Sir.”

“Don’t leave Sai,” I hear him murmur and her whispering sweet nothings to him, when we walk inside, I see her kissing his forehead shakily like she is trying to suppress herself from crying.

She truly loves him. My mind and heart say while I see from the corner of my eyes that Sunny is grinning.

“Who dared to shoot my husband?” Sai asks angrily while turning towards me.

“I don’t know his name but Virat was very angry when he saw him.”

“Must be Jagtap Mane,” she says to herself while glaring at the floor.

“Virat Sir ki gun kahan hai(Where’s Virat Sir’s gun)?” She asks me, so I hand her the gun because her expression scares me a lot.

She takes the gun, Virat holds her free hand and says, “don’t do anything stupid Sai.”

“I need to protect you the way you have been protecting me!” She replies back, takes their entwined hands up and kisses the back of his hand and leaves.

I follow her until the entrance of the tent, then she begins to yell the name of that man, who she thinks shot Virat.

Soon enough the man emerges, happily says, “ab to tum meri hone wali baiko ho Sai(Now you are my soon-to-be-wife Sai!).”

“Sapney mein bhi main tumhari kabhi nahi hongi isse toh baiter mani Zeher pi loon(not even in your dreams I’m going to be yours as I’d rather drink poison).”

“Kyu? Tera woh ACP toh margaya hai(Why? Your ACP is dead).”

“I can only breathe until he is breathing.” She says shocking everyone to the core.

“Why did you kidnap Pulkit Deshpande?” She says while her interrogation mode seems to be on.

“Because of what I received while doing so.”

“Who gave you what?” She asks angrily.

“Bhawani, Ninad and Omi Chawan gave me some money for it, so that you and that Virat get separated,” he pauses and his next words do not shock me at all as I already know about it but it disgusts me a lot, “as well as I had a side deal with Pakhi Salunke and damn it was hot.”

Sai shakes her head and makes vomiting sound as he then says while walking towards her, “but I know that you are way much hotter than her.”

As a defense mechanism, she presses the trigger of the gun and the bullet hits the hand that was about to touch her.

But all of the sudden the situation changes as both are fighting for the pistole, I’m about to intervene when a gunshot is heard.

When I turn around I see a weak Virat next to me who immediately runs into the direction where the gunshot came from, as quick as he could.

“Sai,” he shouts while taking her head in his lap, “why didn’t you listen to me?”

“Because,” she says as she heavily breathes, “I love you Virat Sir and I can fight the world for the people I love! You should be resting, my love…” she then closes her eyes but not before he says what he wants her to know.

“I love you too, Sai and I cannot live without you but the pain is killing me. I can feel the stitches being torn open.”  I run towards them as Virat shuts his eyes too.

As I come near them, he is laying next to her, their hands were intertwined, as I feel their pulses, I realize that they have left us forever. I glare at the  people responsible for their death and fault myself for it too.

I yell, “doctor, can you come please!”

Soon I heard her running towards me like my family members were. I didn’t spare any glance at the people who got Pulkit Jeeju kidnapped as my sole attention was on her, Payal, the woman I love as well as Shiva and Sai.

She looks at the family members especially Patrelekha and asks me, "is that woman your wife?"

She looks at the family members especially Patrelekha and asks me, “is that woman your wife?”

“Yes, but can you please save them?” I ask her while looking at her.

“This must be your Shiva, am I right?”

I nod as well as say while looking at Sai, “and that’s his wife Sai. Can you do anything to save them?”

She bends down and checks their pulses like I did, she shakes her head but doesn’t look at me when she says, “My condolences to you all. There’s nothing I can do, I’m so sorry.”

I break down as she says that and she immediately hugs when I yell in pain, anger and sadness, “why them? Why did you ruin five lives?” I glare at them all, especially the murderer of my brother and sister-in-law.

“Because they cannot see us happy, Samrat dada,” Karishma says before carrying on and ignoring the glares from the elders, “they used to bully Ashwini Mami, Sai Bhabhi and me because we came from middle class families or the upbringing of Sai Bhabhi even when they knew…”

I interrupt her and say, “that when he died it was by saving Virat.”

“How do you know about that?” Bhawani Chawan asks.

“Because DIG Sir told me about it.” I answer back and that’s when all the police officers come to arrest them all.

I stand up, walk towards Patrelekha and say angrily, “here are the divorce papers and do not dare to come into my life ever again.”

Then they get taken away while Ashwini Mami walks towards us and says while crying, “Usha is on her way. How are we going to do their last rites?”

“We are going to bury them here, we just need two gravestones, two coffins, a few shovels.” Sunny says and we all nod in agreement.

An hour later we are ready to commence the funeral…

~Four months later~
A lot has changed since that dreadful day. Pakhi and I got divorced but not before she tried to force Jagtap’s child on me, so I was able to prove her wrong. I have heard that she married Jagtap in jail a few weeks ago.

I shake my head as I shouldn’t be thinking about it today, because it’s the day for Pulkit Jeeju, Devi Tai, Payal and me as we are having a double wedding, so the house is decorated in a simple way as the house is still filled with grief.

Ashwini Mami feels guilty for what she had said to her Sai, even Shivani Bua feels guilty and I feel guilty too.

Bhawani, Ninad, Omi and Sonali Chawan feel guilty about what they did but it came too late…

The end!

I’m sorry for the sad ending for SaiRat, I felt emotional while writing this…but it kinda happened as I love sad endings.
~End of AN~

Disclaimer: This is it. No copy or pasting my story anywhere or else you have to deal with the not nice Charms!

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