My Word is My Bond… Part – 14

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My Word is My Bond… Part – 14

Hi friends… This is Anci yet again with an other part. Hope you like it…
A big thanks and love to all who are reading my FF… And please do comment your opinions…
Before starting with today’s part, I would like to clear few things…

The roles will be played by the following:
Arjun Mehra – Aham Sharma
Neil Malhotra – Shravan Reddy
Shivaay Singh Oberoi – Nakuul Mehta
Omkara Singh Oberoi – Kunal Jaisingh
Haider Ali Khan – Barun Sobti
Krishna – Parth Samthaan
Radhika Malhotra – Monica Seghal
Samaira Khanna – Kashmira Irani
Surbhi Chandna – Anika
Shrenu Parikh – Gauri Kumari Sharma
Meera Kapoor – Surbhi Jyoti
Anjali – Mahima Makwana

And Sweety I hope this is what you requested me… If not please let me know, I’ll clear your confusions…

In my FF, I wanted to showcase the real time issues and difficulties of life… Please don’t feel offensive…

Let’s get started with today’s part… Happy reading…

They both walked slowly and steadily and reached the door. At once they stepped into the building,
Sammy: (Hugged the guy tight and crushed him tight in her embrace.)
Voice: Di… I’m fine…
Radzie: (Pulled the other person into her embrace.)
Voice 2: Di… We are fine…
Anika: Shut up you both… Not a word more… And what the hell were you both thinking before stepping into the mouth of that hell…?
Arjun: (Stepped forward, pulled the person in Radhika’s embrace and held the person tight.) What was this doll…? Do you even realize how scared we were to see you in that point…?
Yes, it was their doll, their Anjali.
Anjali: Sorry Ajju bhai… We didn’t mean to scare you guys…
Haider: (Pulled the guy in Sammy’s embrace and hugged him tight.)

The person was still and didn’t reciprocate the hug.
Haider: (Without breaking the hug.) Want to kill me…? Go ahead, I won’t stop… But please stop playing with your life Krishna…
Yes, it was Krishna.
Krishna: (Finally reciprocating the hug.) Sir relax… It is true that I’m mad at you… But it doesn’t mean I give up, leaving my loved ones behind… And I have zero interest to get rotten in jail or hell…
Few smiled and few chuckled at his statement.
Haider: (Chuckled and broke the hug.)
Krishna: (Was little taken back to see tears brimmed in Haider’s eyes.)
Haider: (Cupped Krishna’s cheek and smiled.) Someone very rightly said, “You have a charm to bring a smile on any face at any time… You are one unique piece…”
Silence prevailed the air. After few seconds,
Haider: (Patted his cheek and walked off.)
Krishna: (Stared at him until he got disappeared from his sight.) (Think.) What is happening…? Why do I feel that even he is not at fault…? He had his own reasons for everything… Stop it Kris… You had witnessed the tears and pain of Beautiful all these years… And the man who walked off from here is the reason behind all the struggles… But… But I can’t deny the fact, I saw the same pain in his eyes… Is that true or just my yearning, so that I can bring them together…? Urgh… I’m going to turn out mad soon…
Shiv & Anika: (Together arm hugged him from either sides. Sensing the other, they stilled and looked into each other’s eyes.)
A smile adored everyone’s face. Their trance was broken by,
Krishna: Love is in air…
Shiv & Anika: (Stepped back breaking the hug.)
Radzie & Sammy came and stood beside Krishna on either sides.
Krishna: (Looking at them.) Love is too infectious di… Yah achchhe achachha ko lain mein laata hai…
Radzie & Sammy: (Chuckled.)
Anika: (Before she could say anything she received a call.)
Anika: Hello… Ji kaki… Sab theek hai…?
Kaki: Beta… Please jaldi City Hospital pahunch ja… (Please reach City Hospital soon…)
Anika: City Hospital…?
Shivaay: Hospital…? (And stood beside her.)
Anika: Kaki… Kya hua…?
Kaki: Beta… Pahalee yahan pahunch ja beta… Anoo baby… Please beta yahaan jaldi aao…
Anika: Anoo… (Phone slipped from her hand.)
Shivaay: (Holding her by shoulders and shaking her to gain her back.) Anika… What happened to Anya…? Speak up Anika… ANIKA…
Anika: (Gaining her sense.) Billuji… Billuji… Anoo… Mujhe jaana hai… (Cried badly and was about to step forward.)
Shivaay: (Held her back.) Anika… We’ll go… First stop crying… Nothing will happen to Anya…
Anika: (Pushing him, screamed.) Aap samajh nahin rahe hai… Mujhe jaana hai Billuji…
Shivaay: Ok… We’ll go… Relax… Come… We’ll go… (And took her along with him.) The rest followed them.

As soon they reached hospital, Anika ran in search of her daughter, slipping and tripping. All thanks to Shivaay who kept saving her every single time. Finally she spotted Kaki in front of ICU, and ran towards her, with Shivaay just behind and rest few steps behind them.
Scene – 36:
Anika: Kaki… Kaki… Kya hua Kaki…? Meri Anoo tik hai na…? Kuch bole hai Kaki…
All were too worried about both Anya and Anika.
Shivaay: (Held her by shoulders, side hugging her.) Anika… Calm down… Let her speak…
Anika: Haan Billu ji… I’ll… I’ll calm down… Par ask her to say something… Mujhe bahut dar lagra hai… Please Billu ji… (She was crying like a small kid pleading her mother.)
This side of Anika was shocking to all. All had tears in their eyes.
Shivaay: (Without a word or second thought hugged her tight and kept repeating the same words.) Anya will be fine Anika… Nothing will happen to her…
Anika: (Cried more in his arms and reciprocated the hug, crushing him.)
Shivaay: (Slowly broke the hug, cupping her face.) Anika… Please… You trust me…?
Anika: (Nodded yes.)
Shivaay: Then please calm down… I won’t let anything happen to Anya… Hmmm…?
Anika: (Again nodded.)
Their trance was broken by the doctor.
Doctor: Have patient’s parents reached…?
Shivaay: (Holding Anika tight in his embrace reached the doctor.) Doctor…
Doctor: Mr. Oberoi… Aap yahan…?
Shivaay: That is not important… How is Anya…?
Doctor: Well… Little girl’s condition is little serious… Actually I’m waiting for the girl’s parents as I wanted to know about her past health records…
Shivaay: (Facing Anika.) Anika… Did she have any health issues earlier…?
Anika: (Nodded no.)
Doctor: Nothing…?
Anika: (Again nodded no.)
Doctor: Did you have any complications during your pregnancy or delivery…?
Anika: (Started trembling.)
Shivaay: (Could sense her shivering in his hold.) Anika… (She started sweating bad.) Anika…
Doctor: Oh no… I think her BP is abnormal… (And she was given first-aid.)
Anika: (Was seated on the chair.)
Shivaay: (Kneeled in front of her and held her hands in his.) Anika…
Anika: (She looked at him.)
Shivaay: (Sensing her listening to him.) Please calm down and be strong dear… If you’re going to lose like this, then we are for sure to lose our baby girl… So please co-operate with doctor…
Anika: (Simply starred into his eyes and finally nodded affirmative.)
Shivaay: (Smiled with tears. He stood up, made her stand and held her shoulders by side hugging her.)
They together walked to the doctor and stood in front of him.

Doctor: Mam are you fine now…?
Anika: (Nodded affirmative.)
Doctor: Could you please tell me if you had any complications during your pregnancy or delivery…?
Anika: (Got hold of Shivaay’s hand on her shoulder.)
Shivaay: (Held her hand in his.)
Anika: (Looked into his eyes.)
Shivaay: (Simply starred into her eyes.)
Anika: (Spoke gaining strength in his embrace, hold and eyes.) I had complications during my pregnancy and delivery… I… (Tears were flowing continuously.)
Shivaay: (Tightened his grip, giving her support.)
Anika: I even thought I lost my both kids… But they survived in me…
Doctor: What exactly happened…?
Anika: (Closed her eyes tight and spoke.) I was brutally raped every day by my husband… He once tried to harm my kids by hitting me on my abdomen… But we got saved… And during delivery, I almost lost… With much difficulty I delivered…
Shivaay: (Was shivering in anger.)
Everyone there had tears. Our guys were at the peak of their anger. And ladies were shocked to the core and was trembling thinking about Anika’s condition then.
Doctor: At which month did this exactly happen…? I mean how long…
Anika: (Cutting of the doctor’s words.) Until I was five and half months pregnant…
Doctor: Okay… What did doctor say about the child’s condition then…?
Anika: I couldn’t… I couldn’t check with any doctor at that time…
Shivaay: What…?
Anika: (Facing him.) He didn’t let me to go anywhere… (With tears flowing from her eyes.)
Shivaay: (Tears rolled down from his eyes.)
Arjun: (Stepped forward and said to the doctor.) Doctor… You please carry on with any sort of treatment… We just need Anya safe and sound…
Doctor: Sure Sir… But before any treatment, we need to proceed with few tests…
Haider: Then what are you even waiting for…?
Om: (Placed his hand on Haider’s shoulder, gesturing him to calm down.) You please carry on with the tests doctor…
Doctor: (Nodded affirmative and walked off.)
Neil: (His eyes were fixed on two ladies who turned into rock. He slowly walked towards them.)
As he stood in front of them, they hugged him tight. He reciprocated the hug comforting them.
Neil: Relax… Nothing will happen to Anya…
That is when other’s attention fell on the two ladies.
Arjun: (Walked towards them.)

On seeing him, one lady moved out of Neil’s arms and hugged him. With the force she hugged, Arjun slightly got misbalanced, but managed.
Arjun: (Comforting her in his embrace.) Sammy… Calm down… Nothing will happen to Anya…
Yes, it was Sammy, who hugged Arjun.
Sammy: Arjun Sir… I don’t want anything to happen to Anoo…
Arjun: Nothing will happen to her… I promise… (His eyes met with his lady love’s eyes.)
Radzie: (Averted her gaze.)
Arjun: (He understood, she is little uncomfortable with his closeness towards Sammy.) (Think.) I know Radhi… I know that there are so many questions and confusions in your mind regarding the bond between me and Sammy, but not speaking a word just for my sake… God… Please help me to solve the puzzle you had put in front on me… I don’t want to hurt anyone…
Apart from Arjun, even Neil understood his little sister’s inner turmoil. He decided to talk to her once everything is fine with Anya, as he had complete trust on his friend.
Suddenly all their attention was gained by,
Anika & Shivaay: (Together.) Ansh…
That is when everyone realized that Ansh was missing. All turned towards Kaki. Before she could even speak,
Voice: He is here…
All the heads turned towards the voice. Haider was more than shocked to see the person in front of him.
Krishna: Beautiful… (And walked towards her.) Aap yahaan…?
Yes, it was Meera.
Meera: Haan… Meri ek staff ki accident ho gaee… And I came to meet her… Accidently I met Ansh and unconscious Anya… I couldn’t leave them alone and walk off… So… (She didn’t complete the sentence as she was scared what if Haider accuses her for trying to harm kids.)
Everyone were able to understand her incomplete sentence.
Voice: Thank you…
Meera: (Lifted her gaze towards the direction from where the voice came. And her eyes met with tear filled eyes of Haider. Even today her heart pained to see her love in pain.)
Haider: Thank you so much… (And walked off.)
Anika: (Came forward with Shivaay beside her.) Thank you Meera… For the timely help…
Meera: Please Anika… Don’t say that… My little one’s sister is my sister and my sister’s kids are my kids… So, no thanking or apologizing in between us… Hmmm…?
Anika: (Smiled and nodded affirmative. She caressed sleeping Ansh’s hair and tried to take him in her arms, but failed.)
Meera: Relax Anika… I’ll handle him…
Anika: (Nodded yes half-heartedly.)
Shivaay: (Understanding Anika’s urge to hold Ansh close.) Meera… Please don’t take me wrong… May I…? (And extended his free hand for Ansh.)
Meera: (Nodded yes understanding his gesture. And handed sleeping Ansh carefully to Shiv.)
Ansh was sleeping in Shivaay’s arms, with his head buried in crook of his head.)
Anika: (Caressed his hair and hugged him tight resting her head on Shivaay’s chest.)
Shivaay: (Supported both Ansh and Anika.)

Lots of Love,

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