Wont he paint my life ?- By Ninanku. Shot 1

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“Areyyy gaurii.. stop following that.. you are gonna get hurt!!!!” Her friend shouts.

“I can follow them for life” A pretty charming woman in her late twenties shouts back and starts jumping over the rocks.


“The weather is unpredictable. But it may rain any minute now. This is not a good idea” his brother says.

“That’s exactly what i want” A Guy in his late twenties as well, with long hair, who kept adoring her from a hide-out whispers.

—-(Some Time Before)—-

Gauri, the woman known for her heavenly smile and cute antics jumps on the rocks following a firefly with her glass jar in hand.

“Oii come here” she shouts and tries to capture them.

Omkara, a handsome man known for his Fine arts and intense look, paints the breath-taking view that he was witnessing.

Gauri comes in between, hopping up and down ignoring the outer world. Her eyes were fixed on the randomly moving firefly.

“Gauri” omkara calls out.

She stands still. Not breathing air, heart skipping a beat. Now She didnt care where the butterfly went which a minute ago she said it’s worth her life.

As he neared her, her heart starts to beat faster, her breath becomes uneven, eyes moving randomly.

She immedietly put her forefinger on her nose, poking it. While Om pulled out a small smile seeing her same old antics.

“It’s gonna rain, go inside. Stop poking your nose like always. I wish i knew why you do that whenever you see me” he says.

All the teachers, after school nearly around 5pm, took shelter in the school entrance, preventing themselves from gettting drenched. While om, the art teacher and Gauri the music teacher who shared the same block took shelter below their block, away from the others.

Rain drops were dripping from his hair strands. He looked more hotter making Gauri go crazy. While gauri looked a lot more prettier with her bun loosening to a let loose hair and rain drops sticking to her skin looking like dew drops.

It was indeed hard for Gauri to control her feelings. She cant go back to him with such lovey dowey feelings when he isnt ready to love her back.

Suddenly there goes a lighning followed by a thunder. Gauri grabs his collar and panics.

Woman being afraid of thunderstorms is common, but hugging the nearby person, that too the person whom you have already proposed 4 years back.. isnt that common.

Om gently consoled her and hugged her back. While she realised that she had dragged him to such an uncomfortable situation she releases the hug and tucks her hair behind her ears.

Om’s car arrives. “Shall i drop you??” He asks. Hesitantly she nodded a YES.
They both drive to her hostel. But midway, they are informed that the path is too flooded.

So Om insists her to come back to his home. “Well, it was his generosity. But i can’t visit him with feelings puddling inside me” Gauri thinks.

But she had no other option. And finally they reached his house.

Seeing her shiver, with her drenched clothes, Om Nodds and goes near her.
Seeing him approaching makes her feets sweep off the ground.

“GAURI” he whispers.

She pokes her nose again and closes her eyes tightly. While Om giggles.

He goes to the other room, picks his sister’s clothes and comes back. He slowly places the dress on the bed and keeps a note beside it, and made his way to his brother’s room to change.

Gauri slowly peeps her one eye and finds him gone. And she noticed the note and dress.

“Stop poking your nose and wear this” was written. She giggles and goes inside the bathroom for a small bath.

Om comes back and relaxes himself on his bed. He hears her humming from the bathroom.

“Ahem ahem” he coughs making her realise that he is here. Her humming stops and he smirks.

Suddenly her phone rings.
“Gauri.. your phone. It says Nivi” om says.

“Put it on loud speaker, must be about the recent divorce case that she’s handling. And please be near the door omkara ji” gauri shouts from inside.

Om smiles and does as she says.

“Gauri.. kahan hai tum??” The voice comes.

“In omkara ji’s bathroom, Nivi” Gauri slips her tongue out.

“Ishq ki Maa ka Gauri. Cheapde..” Nivi gasps louder.

Biting her tongue, Gauri was digesting what she said. While outside, Om widens his eyes and looks everywhere pretending he didnt hear it.

“Oii Nivi, nothing like that.. i got drenched in rain. So came here to change my dress” Gauri clears the misunderstanding.

“I know omkara wont do that with YOU. Nivi says in teasing tone.

Gauri rolls her eyes while om on the outside was controlling his giggle seeing how Gauri got her nose-cut from her friend.

By the way, I have a something to tell, is someone around??” Nivi asks.

“Jii nahi.. tell me” she says. Gauri was interested to hear what she was to say, so she didnt mention her about him.

“Fine. It’s about that divorce case im dealing with. Though im a lawyer, you give me good points. Tell me..I should seperate them somehow.. there must be some loophole.. My client is a businessman and will pay me well if i crack this case” Nivi was so desperate in this.

Gauri on the other hand, sighs.
“Nivi, i have told you already.
You never break relationships, you make them. As long as trust and love prevails, no one can end a relationship. I seriously believe your client and your opponent still love each other deep inside.

Wont your client, miss her morning bed coffee?? Her heavenly smile?? Her rantings?? And Her??

Or wont your opponent miss his random fights??? His clumsy apologies?? His habit of missing his specs ?? And him??

Please nivi, i have known the pain of seperation. The pain of rejection. The pain of not having the ability to express the bundling feelings inside me.. please dont break a bond. For me?? Gauri ends her emotional talk and realises Omkara present in the spot.

“Acha suno.. Do well tomorrow. Always be on side of justice. And Let success be your side. Bye love..” Gauri says and by then she had completed her bath and dressing up.

So she opens the door and walks out having an eyelock with omkara who was standing just outside.

“Bubbye Gauri, and please for god’s sake.. stop just poking your nose all the time when he is around. I know you poke your nose whenever you feel your heart beat raising and your love emotions bubbling up. You and your weird antics. But Please go tell him, that you still love him. It’s been 4 years Gauri. Do this for me.” Nivi says and cuts the call, leaving Gauri and Omkara shocked.

Omkara looks at Gauri now. Gauri looks away and without her knowledge is poking her nose again.

He brushes her hair and pulls her chin up making her look at him.
He then gently cups her face.

Gauri in the mean time, clutches her fist controlling her emotions.

“Im sorry Gauri. I never knew you were still having those feelings ” he says and pulls her into a friendly hug.

“Maybe you never noticed me jumping around, catching fireflies like a mad woman. I knew you love them” she blurts her feelings While she still wasnt sure whether omkara had accepted her or not.

“But how will i explain my situation to you? I am already stuck with a problem. And i cant think of anything else before solving it. I hope you understand” he says in the most humblest way trying to console Gauri.

Gauri has a faint smile.
If nivi hadn’t told you, you wouldnt have known about it. I would have happily jumped around collecting fireflies for you. I wish it had remained a secret. See how broken you look, and this is why i never approached you again. Chintha math kijiye.. You wont see me again” saying this she breaks the hug and walks out without a word in an instant.

Om stood there blank. When he hugged her, half his sorrows seemed disappearing. But when she left him all alone, he felt a huge burden inside his ribcage. Like someone grabbing his voice box and all his words just trembling. He blinks several times and slips down to rest. Was he building up feelings ?


Back again fellas ❤❤?
Hope you guys like it. It will be just 2 shots.
And i hope you guys will get a long story after this. And finally rikarians get their story. ? do comment guys. You’ll know what problem he’s going through and how gauri becomes his solution in the next part ✌✌❤❤❤❤
Infinite love ???

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  1. SMC

    Just loved the 1st shot..
    Waiting for the next one soon..

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyouuuuu SMC ??

  2. Logesh.M

    Its really the best starting ninaku…Gauri telling “i am in omkarajis bathroom and her friend teasing her.. ” was awesome.. please update ASAP…..plsssss..i am a diehard Rikara fan….If you have time please look in my profile.i am also writing FF for rikara…till now 6 episodes gone…if you read please comment how is it…

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyou logesh ❤❤ means a lot.. will definitely read emm. ??

  3. Niriha

    Awesome….loved it waiting for next update soon

    1. Ninaku

      Thabkyou nirihaa ???

  4. Sana29

    You are back!!!!!!
    So happy i am:)
    Like always beautifully written. Good job soldier!!

    1. Ninaku

      Heyy Sana ❤❤
      yayyyy im back ???
      Thankyouuuuuuuuuuu mate??
      Lotssss of hugs back.. ??

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome and lovely

    1. Ninaku

      Thanksssss niki♡♡♡♡ ?

  6. Hi i’m a silent reader.I didn’t comment before on any ff bt i’m a huge rikara fan.loved dis so much.want 2 see how om realize his feelings 4 gauri. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt shot. Plz update nxt prt soon. Bye tc

    1. Logesh.M

      Will you please read my ff on rikara named Gauri aur Omkara and say how is it…link for first episode


      If u like this then comment and i will send you the links of next parts…

      1. Ninaku

        Will sure leave a comment logesh ??? you’lll get your notification by night ?? im free today.. ill def take time to read it ??

    2. Ninaku

      Heyyy dinu.. ??
      That really reallly means a million to me. Really ! ❤ thanks a lote buddy ??

  7. Bubblu

    spr chlm…its super…U fullfilled my wish…shots on Omri..luv you da

    1. Ninaku

      I feel Awesome ? i made you happy ❤
      I shall be dedicating sthis ff to you chlm ?? really!! Love you bubblu ??

      1. Bubblu

        awww..such a kind author you are..Thank you


    Dear Ninaku
    The Story Is Different And Beautiful??Gauri Nivi Talk Is Funny And Nice??Love OmRi Scenes And Gauri Cuteness????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Ninaku

      Thankyouuuuu UF dear ❤❤
      Love you lots ?

  9. Maryam_ishq

    Amazing epi !!! So glad ur back ? and tht too with a bang. Sry for the late comment ?.
    Gauri’s antics are just so funny. She loves omkara so much tht she would go catchin butterflies everyday just so he would see her. Touchin her nose whenever omkara comes closer to her ?… funny way to calm oneself down. She has absolutely no control over her tongue ??… when she said she was in omkara’s bathroom i was laughing so hard ??. And her friend was tellin all of gauri’s secrets. Gauri pouring out her feelings to om at the end ?.
    Hope omkara understands his feelings soon and solves his prblms also.
    Take care and love u ❤❤❤

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