Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha Takes Over Chiru’s Business

Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tej notices Dhanraj going out and asks where is he going. Dhanraj says he is going to the office to finish an unfinished work by Chiru. He says he doesn’t know the status in the office. Tej says he will accompany him to the office. Dhanraj refuses and says he lost his son, but Tej’s son is still alive.

Kanha records a video for his blog and describes life always teaches him a lot of new lessons. He packs all his vlogging stuff in a bag recalling Chiru gifting him them recently. Pehle to Aisa… song plays in the background. Dhanraj says a son walks holding a father’s hand for a few years and then in the later years he walks holding his son’s shoulder, that is the custom of the world. Saroj says for a mother, her son never grows up. Kanha keeps the box in a cupboard and gets ready in Chiru’s clothes and shoes, recalling Chiru offering him shoes earlier. He with teary eyes wears Chiru’s shoes and walks downstairs.

Family looks stunned seeing him in Chiru’s clothes. He takes parents’ blessings and says he wanted to live in his brother’s shadow forever like Laxman, but now he has to become Bharath and take over Ram’s throne. He says Chiru gave him responsibility which he needs to fulfill. Dhanraj says he will accompany him. He asks Dhanraj to be at home with maa and dadaji and leaves in Chiru’s car. Nakul thinks he lost his one brother and is losing another brother.

Sayuri looks lost sitting on her scooter in college parking lot. Watchman alerts her and informs that she came 2 hours late for work. Sayuri leaves. Watchman thinks she is still in shock after her Chiru’s death and informs Rashmi about it. Rashmi and Pihu return home and inform Indu and Bhanu that Sayuri had reached college but didn’t walk in. They all get worried for Sayuri and search for her, but don’t find her.

Kanha struggles to understand business. Anjali tries to comfort him and says he sacrificed his love for his vlogging to his responsibility and is learning marble business, so she cannot give up. Kanha blames himself for letting Chiru go out and losing him. Anjali says it was written in destiny, so he can’t blame himself. He asks what is his and his family’s mistake that they are bearing this pain. She hugs and consoles him. He recalls promising Chiru to take care of Sayuri and says he made a mistake and will take care of Sayuri from hereon.

Anjali recalls Chiru giving his pagdi and Sayuri’s hand in Kanha’s hand and asks its meaning. Kanha says maybe Chiru wanted him to clear the differences between family. Anjali asks what about the pagdi. Kanha says he gave family’s responsibility to him. Anjali apologizes him that she has to return to Singapore to complete her assignment and asks him to take are of his family and Sayuri till she returns. He nods yes. She hugs him and leaves. Bhanu calls him and informs that Sayuri is missing.

Precap: Sayuri blames Kanha for killing Chiru and collapses. Kanha lifts her and walks recalling his promise made to Chiru.

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