Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anjali Blackmails Chaudhry Family

Woh Toh Hai Albela 9th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sayuri thinks how to return Kanha’s lost earring to him. She notices Nakul and calls him. He walks to her. She asks if everything is fine at home. He says yes, but Kanha is sad as his wife left him and he is sure even Kanha’s wife is sad. She says she has some work and asks him return Kanha’s lost earring to him. Nakul says she herself should enter her house and return the ring to her husband. He tries to explain her that she did wrong by getting out of the house and letting Anjali in. He says she may have to fight a big battle soon and may have to return home for the love she left. Sayuri returns to her house silently.

Kanha warns Anjali to dare not touch her. Anjali says he is not understanding his feelings and insists him to accept her as his wife. Kanha says Sayuri is his wife and he is already married. Anjali refuses to understand and continues that she is Kanha’s wife. Kanha drags her to living room and calls Saroj. Saroj with Kusum walks to them. Kanha says Anjali has gone mad and says he applied sindhoor to her. Kusum asks Anjali if she has gone mad to disrespect sindhoor. Anjali says Kanha applied sindhoor in her hairline. Saroj stands silent recalling Anjali’s threat.

Kanha asks Anjali to get out of the house ending her drama. Anjali refuses. Devraj, Tej, and Nakul walk in next and tell Anjali that Kanha is already married to Sayuri, so she should return to her house. Anjali shows video of Kanha applying sindhoor in her hairline. Kanha says he is sleeping in it and she is applying sindhoor via his hand. Anjali says whatever it is, he applied sindhoor and married her.

Sayuri feels nervous and thinks what must be happening at Kanha’s house. Indu and Bhanu suggest her to return to her husband. Sayuri refuses. Indu and Bhanu try their best to make her understand, but she gets adamant. They discuss that she doesn’t want to accept her love for Kanha. Sayuri continues to feel nervous and walks towards Kanha’s house repeatedly and retracts herself back.

Anjali reminds Devraj that he promised her father to get her and Kanha married and became her father’s business partner. Devraj says he as a friend must have promised her father, but god has something else in store, so he is ready to bear losses in business for his son’s happiness. Kanha insists her again to get out of his house. Anjali pleads Saroj to let her stay there and murmurs in her ears that she will commit suicide and destroy whole Chaudhry family.

Saroj supports Anjali and says Anjali is mentally disturbed and may harm herself, so she will not send Anjali away. Whole family opposes her decision. Kanha decides to call Anjali’s father and send her away. Anjali picks a knife and threatens to cut her wrist if he doesn’t keep the phone back. Saroj insists Kanha to drop his phone down. Kanha helplessly agrees. Sayuri continues to feel the dilemma.

Precap: Anjali gets adamant to marry Kanha. Kanha wears his earring and tells Anjali that he misses her a lot and she should return home.
She holds his hand.

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  1. Anjali & Saroj are both psycho Anjali needs to be locked up And Sayuri is a waste of space a mouse 🐁 keeps hiding from a fight Tired if Anjali making everyone dance to her tune idiot

  2. This is stupid
    All the shows are showing young women chasing after men that are already in a relationship/married
    What is this yah?
    Are they giving the message that Indian men are egotistical – that they need a psycho to chase them
    Are they giving the message that the young women of India are very weak & need to chase
    after someone’s husband
    I am so tired of this
    Women don’t really need this message & even the men
    Theses shows have 1 theme – GREED
    Either for wealth or for a husband – so tired of this mess

  3. Saroj saying that Anjali was going nowhere and staying in that house, she was so adamant.
    Kahna should have replied, fine Anjali can stay but I’m leaving and walked out.
    Saroj would have realised just what a monster she created, it was her who insisted Anjali came as at one point Anjali did walk away because Kahna was married.
    Saroj is absolutely EVIL to have wanted to ruin her son for her own ego.

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