Woh Toh Hai Albela 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Saroj Does Unthinkable

Woh Toh Hai Albela 6th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Indrani with her family visits Saroj’s house at her invitation. Saroj’s family is shocked to see them. Indu’s family looks nervous. Saroj puts sugar at the doorstep and says they should keep sugar when an enemy enters the house. Bhanu Daadi says she never heard about it. Saroj welcomes them and reminds it’s their haveli. She then touches Daadi’s feet and seeks her blessings. Sayuri imagines her father there and recalls Saroj loving her a lot in her childhood and seeking her hand for her son. Sayuri’s father agrees. Out of flashback, Nakul asks Kanha what is Saroj up to. Kanha says even he does not know but feels there would be a big drama. Nakul also thinks the same.

Rashmi feels happy seeing her favorite snacks on the table. Saroj asks Indu’s family to sit. Daadi walks to the temple and gets emotional while lighting a lamp. Sayuri helps her and consoles her. Kanha offers her water and apologizes her for yesterday’s mistake. Daadi pampers him. He thinks why maa called them and walks aside. Saroj serves Daadi rasmalai reminding her that she taught her morales when she got married. She then gives imarti to Indrani and other sweets to Rashmi and others. Daadi says as far as she knows her, she wouldn’t have called them here to show her culinary skills and asks her to reveal the reason.

Saroj says they know that Chiru loves Sayuri, she doesn’t know how enmity turned into love; she wants to pay them for that. She gives a box to Sayuri and says it’s her blessing. Sayuri looks at Chiru and happily takes Saroj’s blessings. Saroj asks her to open the box and show it to everyone. Sayuri opens the box and stands shocked seeing gold coins and a blank cheque in it. She asks what is all this. Saroj asks if she didn’t like it. Pihu asks her what is in it. Sayuri shows gold coins and blank cheque in it. Saroj says that she gave her gold coins equal to her weight and a blank cheque to lead the rest of her life. She further gives her house keys and says they all can go and stay there and return her house to her. She says she will give them more money for their other daughters and asks Sayuri how much will she need to vacate the house.

Dhanraj asks what is she saying. Saroj says even she was given the same offer years ago. Sayuri tells her that she thought Chiru is her most beloved son, but she was wrong as Saroj kept her son for sale. She returns box and says she will not sell her love. Chiru asks Saroj if she can talk calmly. She says they will after dealing with outsiders. Dadaji says she is wrong. Saroj reminds that Indrani did same to her. Indrani says she just said once in anger and apologized her repeatedly after that.

Precap: Indrani reminds Saroj that they both did mistakes, but Saroj continued her grudge. Saroj demands family to agree to her terms.

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