Woh Toh Hai Albela 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha And Sayuri Share Their Sorrows With Each Other

Woh Toh Hai Albela 5th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saroj cries loudly remembering Chiru. Kusum tells Dhanraj that she wants to visit maa. Dhanraj says it’s good that Indu made Saroj cry or else Saroj’s dried-up tears would turned into poison for her. Kusum says she see Saroj crying like this, so she wants to go and console her. Dhanraj says she should let Saroj cry alone. Kusum says that God made them all cry a lot and they are never going to get over this pain forever.

Saroj cries looking at Chiru’s childhood clothes and recalls stitching them and Chiru wearing always considering it as his lucky shirt. She says she kept this shirt to gift it to Chiru’s son, but she can’t now. She then looks at Chiru’s toys and says she kept everything safe, but couldn’t protect Chiru. Chiru’s words echo in her ears. Kusum tells Dhanraj that she was Chiru’s elder sister, but Chiru always took care of her like an elder brother and knew when to cheer her up. Dhanraj says everyone is questioning him about the business, but he doesn’t know anything as Chiru used ot handle it. Tej tries to calm him down. Anjali asks about Kanha. Dhanraj says he has gone to pick up Chiru’s ashes.

Kanha walks toward home when he notices Sayuri and puts a pinch of Chiru’s ashes in Sayuri’s hand. He recalls the time spent with Chiru and says today he burnt his parents’ world and not just his brother. He says Chiru went far away from him and he cannot live without Chiru. He questions God and starts crying vigorously. Sayuri recalls she was very happy regarding her marriage with Chiru, but all her dreams are shattered. They both imagine Kanha in standing front of them and hug him. They then realize it was their imagination.

Next morning, Sayuri notices her whole family upset. She walks to Balrwant’s picture and says he said that everything will be fine, but everything is finished. She hears Balwant’s voice and asks him where is he. Balwant says that he is with her and is taking Chiru with him, but she needs to take care of everything else. Sayuri says she herself is shattered and can’t handle others. Balwant boasts her morales. Sayuri promises him to fulfill all her responsibilities. Kanha gets sad looking at the rings which Chiru bought for Sayuri and Saroj. Nakul shares his sorrow with him. They both cr hugging each other.

Precap: Saroj blames Kanha for Chiru’s death.
Kanha runs unable to handle the allegation.

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