Woh Toh Hai Albela 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Chiru’s Last Rights

Woh Toh Hai Albela 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Indu notices Saroj hugging Chiru senselessly and tells Bhanu that Saroj is shock like they were during Balwant’s death, she does not want the same thing to happen with Saroj. She walks to Saroj and and asks her to stop singing a lullaby and cry loudly instead as Chiru is dead. Saroj denies to accept it and asks how can she say that when she herself is a mother. She asks Chiru to get up or else people will start badmouthing about him. Indu asks to put gangajal in Chiru’s mouth if she doesn’t believe her. Saroj does and water doesn’t get into Chiru’s mouth. She denies to believe even then and tries to walk out. Indu stops her and asks her to kiss Chiru’s forhead and hug him one last time as she cannot see him again in life. She shakes Saroj and asks her to get back into her senses. Saroj gets back into her senses and cries hugging Chiru and shouting he cannot leave her and go.

Kanha runs out seeing Saroj’s condition and cries. Kanha vomits unable to bear the pain. Chiru’s funeral rituals begin. Tej says he had to leave the world at this age, but his grandson is leaving. Dhanraj breaks down saying he considered himself lucky that he has three sons, but today he feels unfortunate and prays god to never let any father go through his pain. Chitthi Na Koi Sandesh.. song plays in the background.

Panditji asks everyone to look at Chiru one last time before he is taken away. Kanha hears that and rushes to Sayuri’s house. He goes to Sayuri and asks her to come and see Chiru one last time. She denies and says she will aslo die if she sees Chiru in that condition. Kanha says she has to see Chiru or else she won’t be in peace and even Chiru will not get salvation. Kanha holds her hand and takes her to Chiru. She remembers the moments spent with Chiru ad breaks down. Anjali tries to comfort her. Kanha hands the flower to her and asks her to offer it to Chiru. He then asks Nakul to get as they need to bid adieu to their brother. Saroj denies letting Chiru taken away. Indu and others take her away while Kanha, Nakul, and others carry Chiru’s body away.

Precap: Kanha and Sayuri break down and imagine hugging Chiru.

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