Woh Toh Hai Albela 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha And Sayuri’s Video Gets Viral

Woh Toh Hai Albela 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sayuri while resting on the bed hears her phone ringing and tries to pick it with great difficulty. Kanha picks the phone and asks her to rest. He recalls Sayuri’s words and asks Rashmi to feed a juice to her sister and keep the phone away from her. He then asks Priya to call him in case of an emergency and gives his debit card to her. Priya says it’s not needed. Kanha gets angry on her and then apologizes, asks not to tell Sayuri about it, and to call him or Nakul if there is any issue. Priya hugs and thanks him for supporting them. Kanha says he will always support Sayuri and her family.

Saroj wishes to visit Rishikesh for th peace of her mind as every corner of the house reminds her of Chiru. She apologizes to Dhanraj and Tej for leaving them alone in this tough situation. Tej asks her to do whatever heart says. Sayuri asks Rashmi about her phone and if she got any call from her college. Rashmi says she received a call from her student and tries to feed juice to her. Sayuri asks about Indu and asks if any neighbor visited her to talk about their ill fate. Indu hears neighbors badmouthing about Sayuri for losing her groom on her wedding day and shouts at them. Bhanu asks Indu to worry about Sayuri instead of worrying about people’s comments. Kahna overhears neighbor ladies’ taunts and confronts them for speaking ill about Sayuri and her family. The ladies apologize to him and walk away.

Nakul asks Kanha how will they handle the viral video about him and Sayuri. Kanha says he will fight for Sayuri and protect her. Sayuri blames herself for Chiru’s death in front of Rashmi. Rashmi asks her not to say that. or else Chiru would have felt bad if he had heard it. She worries about the viral video and hopes he handles this. Kanha tells Nakul that he will not make vlog videos anymore as he has responsibilities on his shoulders now. Nakul reminds him that vlogging is his passion. Kanha says that his passion ended with Chiru and even he changed with the situation. Nakul informs that the video already reached their neighbors and soon will reach their house. Kahna says we will handle the situation. Kusum feels shocked watching the video. Saroj takes the phone from her and even she stands shocked seeing the video.

Sayuri tells Rashmi that she will get only half a month’s salary due to her leaves, but will manage home expenses somehow. She feels sad that she cannot give rest to her mother from grinding masalas. Rashmi thinks Sayuri always handled the family responsibilities well and now its her turn and says even she will try to earn money. Sayuri asks her not to think about that and concentrate on her studies. Rashmi says there is a sales girl’s vacancy in her friend’s brother’s job which doesn’t require any degree and hence she decided to join that job to financially support the family. Sayuri hugs Rashmi and comforts her.

Nakul and Kanha return home. Saroj shows the video to Kanha and starts scolding Kanha. Nakul requests Saroj to listen to Kanha once. Saroj warns him not to interfere and adamantly continues shouting at Kanha. Dhanraj asks Kanha what is the issue. Kanha explains the whole issue and says even Sayuri in pain like him. Saroj orders him not to maintain any contact s with Sayuri. Kanha refuses and says he cannot break the promise he made to Chiru. Saroj says she accepted the relationship for Chiru and when he is no more, even the relationship doesn’t exist and she will always hate Sayuri and her family.

Rashmi with Priya meets Kanha and recalls 2 boys misbehaving with her after watching Sayuri and Kanha’s video and speaking ill about Sayuri. Priya beats the boys. The owner gets angry and fires Rashmi. Nakul walks to them and asks what happened. Priya says now the whle Agra Sayuri and Kahna video. Sayuri asks what video. They stand shocked seeing her.

Precap: Neigbors badmouth about Sayuri. Sayuri tries to commit suicide. Kanha reaches her.

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