Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – ROMANTIC NIGHT (EP73)

Episode starts

Anika and Shagun come home.

Anika: Muma Shivaay will be coming tonight only

Shagun: Tell him in person and dont make it late

Anika understands what she meant and hugs her.


Kartik and Naira reach the resort in mount Abu. Kartik carefully takes Naira to their room. Naira gets excited seeing it. She hugs him
Naira: Its beautiful Kartik. I love it. Thank

Kartik: Shsh..dont say Thanks in the beginning itself. Aage dekthi jaayiye zaalim haseena

Naira: Iska matlab yeh bas shuruwat hai…you have planned lot more right?

Kartik: Of course..its a our babymoon Naira. How can I not do it?

Naira kisses him. He blushes

Kartik: Today Im receiving kissy after kissy

Naira: What to do love is overflowing

Kartik kisses her

Kartik: See my love is overflowing too. Now just take rest. You will be tired after the journey

Rhea reaches the same resort and gets their neighbour room. She catches a glimpse of Kartik as he collects the luggage and locks the door not noticing Rhea there.

Night 8 pm Oberoi Mansion 

Shivaay gets inside with a tired face. He is surprised to see the house decorated with all teddies and baby toys.
Shivaay: Anika…Anika where are you?
He does not get any response and walks further

On the way he notices many beautiful lights and flowers

Shivaay: Anika kya hai yaar..why are you making me yearn?

Shivvay’s eyes search for Anika and he doesn’t notice the stool before him and he stumbles. Anika holds him

Anika: Shivaay careful…what will I do if my baby’s papa gets hurt

Shivaay is shocked at it

Shivaay: Baby’s papa?

Anika blushes and bends down. Shivaay cups her face and looks into her eyes

Shivaay: Anika..that means we…we…are becoming parents

Anika : Haan shivaay

Shivaay lifts her in his arms and enjoys the moment with her

Mount Abu Resort

Kartik takes Naira out with him

Naira: Where we going Kartik?

Kartik: Ill tell you soon. First you wrap this shawl

He wraps her with the shawl and takes her to the garden. Its lit with beautiful lights

Naira: Kartik yeh sab…

Kartik: For my wife and my daughter

Naira hugs him. He goes on his knees and kisses her baby bump. Naira makes him stand and he cups her face

Naira: You are the best. How do you manage it?

Kartik: Dont think that Im a romantic hero in movies alone…Im more romantic in real life babe

Naira: Babe?

Kartik: Oops sorry..and yeah I forgot it. Its too chill. Wear these first

He gives her a beautiful caps of rat and rabbit

Kartik: Which one do you choose?

Naira: Rabbit…because I cant be a rat

Kartik: As you order your highness

They wear the caps

Naira: Ek selfie

Kartik: Why not?

They click a selfie
Kartik: Ill post it now

Kartik posts it and the he hugs Naira

Naira: Kartik what will we name our daughter ?

Kartik: Hmmmm Kaira?

Naira: Kaira?

Kartik: Arrey yaar Kartik and Naira becomes Kaira

Rhea creeps in and watches them. Her dirty mind plans to lure Kartik

Rhea in mind: When you leave mount Abu Kartik…would have proposed me

Naira  kisses Kartik
He becomes a tomato  Kartik kisses Naira breaking Rhea’s thoughts

Rhea: Why are you loving her like this huh? Whats less in me? Im more beautiful than her

Her mind starts to play games


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