Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – MOONLIGHT AND PAST BITS (EP 54)

Hai everyone here is next episode

Episode starts

Kartik pulls Naira away from the crowd .

Naira: What are you doing?

Kartik: Wait…wait…

He takes her to the pool side of the function hall . There is the bright full moon in the sky.
Kartik: Hayeee

Naira: What happened?

Kartik: What Im admiring my moon in the moonlight. You look gorgeous . Thu thu thu

Naira blushes and Kartik hugs her.
Meanwhile Abhishek comes to wish Aliya and Adi

Abishek: Thankfully you recovered Mani sir

Mani: Thanks to you to have captured Tej and Jai


After capturing Tej , Abhishek sets out to investigate the cause for Mani’s coma and To find out Jai. On inquiring Tej he finds the reason for Mani’s coma

Mani reaches Mumbai for a medical conference. He gets late after the conference and driver takes a short route to the airport. On the way he notices Priyanka who is running for her life. He stops the car and decides to help her. But Jai hits him with an iron rod and the driver runs away in fear. He sets up a fake accident and makes Mani a part of it.

On learning this Abishek files a case on Jai for attempt of murder on Mani in addition to Shivaay and Priyanka. Search orders are made and Jai is captured


Raman: Really Thank you so much Abishek

Abishek: Arrey its my duty . By the way I need to introduce someone to you

Raman: Who is it

Abishek: Mihikaa…

Mihika walks in

Abishek: She is my fiancee. We are getting married. Thought of introducing her in such a good occasion

Ishitha welcomes her.
Ruhi goes to the pool side and sees Kaira hugging each other
Ruhi: Arrey arrey love birds…

Kartik and Naira move away

Ruhi: If your romance is over can I take Naira with me?

Kartik nods and Ruhi takes Naira with her. Ruhi teases Naira and they have a cute moment.

A Cafe

Siddarth is getting his mocha when Kevin walks in

Kevin: Hey bro

Siddarth: Who are you?

Kevin: Uhmm Im Guru. I need your help

Kevin tells something to Siddarth and shows him the picture of Kabir and Riya to him. Siddarth is shocked

Kevin: Siddarth Can you help me with it?

Siddarth: Oh sure Guru. You are such a caring friend of her. I’ll definitely help to cure her

Kevin walks off with a smirk.

City Hospital Udaipur

Kartik and Naira are at the hospital for her sonogram.

Naira: Kartik Im nervous

Kartik: Haan Even Im nervous

Naira: What? How can you say this?

Kartik: What..means? Even Im new to this.

Naira: Phir bhi you could say na dont worry Naira Im there with you

Kartik: You know na Im there with you

Nurse: Mrs.Goenka

Kartik and Naira walk inside

The sonography is done while Kartik sits there with NairaHe faints in tension. Doctor shows the baby on screen to Naira

Sometime later Kartik wakes up . Naira shows him the report

Kartik: Naira where is our baby in this?

Naira points at the dot

Kartik: Woah this is our baby Naira…the soul born as a symbol of our love

Naira: Haan Kartik

He clicks a picture of the report in his phone

Kartik: From now my baby will be my wallpaper. Ill see my baby every minute

Nurse: Sir Can I get a selfie with you

Kartik: Why not?
Naira pulls him

Naira: No need of it. Then you will leak the matter out along with Kartik fainting in fright

Naira drags Kartik

Kartik: Was it essential to tell about my fainting? I feel embarrassed

Naira: Achaa so you weren’t when you fainted. Dar pok. Film mein toh bade hero bante ho na

Kartik: Arrey Naira woh.

Naira: You fainted for a sonogram how will you accompany me to the labour room. I guess I must go alone

Kartik: Definitely not. I will come with you for sure. Promise

Naira: Lets see

Kartik: Now please dont get angry. Its not good for your health my jaan

Kartik lifts her in his arms

Naira: Kartik..

Kartik: I have no issues if someone sees.
He takes her to the car.


  1. Srijani Chakraborty


  2. Kavya_P

    Interesting precap n scary too
    Hope nothing happens to naira n baby
    Update soon

    1. Sai07

      Hai Kavya Thank you so much 😊. Your hope will turn..Ill tell in episode 🤗

  3. Great 👌👌💖💖💖
    Happy to see kaira happy ❤️❤️😍😍
    Naira met with accident 😲😱
    Hope baby and naira are safe…

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Shreya ❤️❤️. Your hope will…ill tell in episode 😇😇

  4. Episode was nice
    Darpok mendak….!!! Haahaaa
    Interesting precap and scary too…pls don’t do anything to baby…pls

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kaira ❤️ 😂😂Darpok mendak 😅😅.

  5. Jasminerahul

    Kartik: What Im admiring my moon in the moonlight.
    What a romantic dialogue!
    Shocking that jay was behind mani’s condition.glad that jay is arrested.but what will happen to priyanka?
    I am surprised to see mihika as abhishek’s fiancée.thank u.once in a while plz try to show abhika scenes too.
    Oh no.kevin is using sid while the innocent dumb sid is helping him without knowing his motive.
    I loved karthik looking at the pic to see the baby.karthik carrying naira n saying that he doesn’t care if someone sees was sweet.perfect pics.

    plz update ae mera dil,devakshi ff n ,mishbir ff

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine So happy that you liked it 😍😍. Priyanka will be shown soon 🤗🤗.Sure dear Ill show them definitely 😊😊. Sid is too dumb indeed 😇.So happy that you loved it. Ill update them once Im done with pracs

  6. Awesome…scary precap…please don’t do anything to naira and baby.please……

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Sapna ❤️❤️. Naira and baby…next episode 😉

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