Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – ENGAGEMENT (EP 53)

Hai everyone here is next episode.

Episode starts

Morning 6 am

Naira slowly wakes up , looks at the clock and is startled to see the time

Naira: Baap re Its engagement today. I must get ready

She jumps off the cot thats when she realises that she must not do it

Naira: Naira…you are pregnant dont do this. Thank God Kartik did not see it. Where is Kartik by the way? Is he ready already? Naira you are getting late. Get ready soon

She rushes inside and then walks down in a beautiful lehenga and is shocked

Naira: Maaa…Dadi….Maaa

Swarna and Dadi rush there and they are shocked to see Manish and Kartik sleeping in the couch
Swarna: When did this happen?

Dadi: Both of you did not notice their absence?

Naira and Swarna look at each other

Dadi: Now wake them up. We are getting late

Naira: Kartik…Kartik uto

Kartik: 5 minutes more Naira..please

Dadi: Its already late..Kittu

Naira: Just a minute Dadi… Ouch…Kartikkkkk (She acts to be hurt)

Kartik jumps in fright. Manish too wakes up
Kartik: What happened? Are you alright? Lets go to hospital

Naira starts to laugh

Kartik: Why are you laughing?

Swarna: Best technique Naira

Kartik realises that he was pranked.
Kartik: So you made fun of me huh?

Dadi: What else. Now go and get ready or else instead Adi and Aliya’s engagement we will go for Aliya’s godh bharai

Naira: I will get your sherwani done

Kaira reach their room. Meanwhile Keerthi is in her room talking to Naksh

Naksh: You look awesome in the dress

Keerthi blushes

Naksh: Keerthi…if you blush you look more beautiful . And yeah I forgot to tell something

Keerthi: Whats that?

Naksh: I love you

Keerthi: I love you too

Kaira room

Naira: Kartik..get ready soon..arrey kya hua? Why is your face like a chola bhatura

She plays with his cheeks

Kartik: You are making fun of my care huh…to bad Naira

Naira: Sorry mendak. That was to wake you up.

Kartik: Are you irritated now itself my jaan?

Naira hugs him

Naira: How can your concern irritate me? But now if you get late we will be screwed. Go

Sometime later Kartik comes out in a white sherwani.

Naira: Hayee

Kartik blushes

Function hall 

Romi and Riya are busy taking care of the arrangements. Suddenly they see Kevin amongst the workers. Riya starts to shiver

Romi: Why do you fear him my sweetheart. Till Im here he cannot even touch your shadow

Romi takes Riya with him to meet Kevin

Romi: Hey bastard what are you doing here?

Kevin: Im learning my living. What other job will I get after being released from a jail

Romi: If you even dare to look at the direction of Riya then you will not be hale and healthy like this. Mind it

Kevin nods

Romi hugs Riya in front of his eyes.
Just then Ishitha and Raman come there with Abishek.Seeing them Kevin walks away

Raman: Is everything set Romi?

Romi: Haan bhai

Ruhi comes there looking gorgeous with a stunning Vihaan.

Romi: It is not your engagement sweetheart

Ruhi: Chachu…

Riya: Look at the celeb couple and the newbie lovers

Kartik Naira and Keerthi Naksh walk inside.
Ruhi: Wow !!!!!! You look dapper my dears

Akshara : Where is the groom?

Ishitha: Just a minute…Shagun…

Shagun brings in Adi

Ruhi: Papa Bhai had been counting hours from yesterday lets call bhabhi soon.

Romi: Let Anika and Shivaay come

Shivaay: Did we hear our names

Thus walk in Anika and Shivaay

Ruhi: Lets call bhabi now

Ishitha: Why not?

Aliya is brought in

Adi: Arrey an engagement without dance and songs so boring

Keerthi: When we are here why is it boring?

Naira looks at Kartik with a puppy face.
Kartik: Naira no…let me dance instead

Oh… haaye..

Do nain sitaare hai chand sa mukhda
Kya kehna uska.. Afreen!
Daawat mein jaise ho shahi tukda
Uske jaisi na koi nazneen

Shaahi joda pehan ke
Aayi jo ban thann ke
Wahi toh meri Sweetheart hai
Sharmaaye si bagal mein
Jo baithi hai dulhan ke
Wahi toh meri Sweetheart hai

Kartik dances around Naira and at the same time pampers her

Kaise main kahun shukriya
Uska mujhpe ehsaan hai
Naacheezon ki basti mein wo…
Jo banke aayi mehmaan hai

Shivaay and Anika dance happily 

Lagta hai shaadi ghar mein
Uske aane se jaise
Chalke aayi hai khushkismati

Saari mehfil ki woh jaan bani hai
Kya kehna uska.. Afreen!
Muflis ke dil ka armaan bani hai
Uske jaisi na koi nazneen

Naksh gives a rose to Keerthi and they have a cute moment 

Shaahi joda pehan ke
Aayi jo ban thann ke
Wahi toh meri Sweetheart hai
Sharmaaye si bagal mein
Jo baithi hai dulhan ke
Wahi toh meri Sweetheart hai

Dadi: Muhurat is on Ishitha

Ishitha: Ji Maaji

Adi and Aliya exchange the rings in a cute moment

Adi in a whisper: Naan unnai kadhalikiren (I love you in Tamil)

Aliya is surprised to hear Tamil from him and is thoroughly impressed by it

Just then Kartik goes on his knees
and proposes Naira with a ring. She is surprised

Kartik: This is for you my Sherni. Will you accept this and my love?

Naira nods and gives her hand to him. Kartik wears the ring on her finger. She has tears in her eyes. They both forget others around them

Kartik sees the tears and hugs her

Kartik: Please dont shed tears. I know that I spoiled our engagement with those idiotic breakup thoughts. So we have now got a chance to enjoy every occasion hereafter.

Naira : I love you

Kartik: Love you too

Ruhi : Uhmm uhmm

Realising the situation they move away. Naira closes her face with her hands is shyness. Ruhi hugs her.
Naksh pulls Adi and Kartik’s leg

Aditya: You crashed my engagement Kartik

Kartik: Woh Adi

Adi hugs him laughing.
Adi: Arrey my pyari behen deserves more than this

Raman: What a sister love

Kartik: Aliya….

Aliya hugs Naira

Aliya: She is really a sweet girl ans deserves all happiness

Shivaay hugs Mani

Shivaay: Sorry uncle because of

Mani: Its ok Shivaay. He is in jail na


  1. Kavya_P

    Lovely too
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      Thank you so much dear Kavya ❤️❤️

  2. Loved it 💗💗💕💕💕 amazing
    So romantic when goes on his knees and make naira wear the ring💖♥️♥️💍

    Funny conversation when dadi naira and Suwarna were waking manush and kartik up😆😆😂

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Shreya ❤️❤️❤️. Very happy that you enjoyed Kartik going on his knees and making Naira wear the ring and Dadi Swarna Naira waking Manish up

  3. Jasminerahul

    How naira woke up Karthik was damn funny.OMG kevin is back,Romi threatening him n hugging riya in front of him was nice.but will Kevin keep quiet like that?Naira saying hayee seeing karthik was cute n hilarious.Naksh telling keerti that she looks more beautiful when she blushes was romantic.dance scemes were nice.keesh flower scene n adi saying ILU to aliya n tamil was romantic.Shivay Mani scene….i am eager to know more about it.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine. Happy that you liked it. Definitely he wont keep quiet 😉. Thank you so much ❤️❤️

  4. Wonderful😍 waiting for the next episode ….

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  5. Lovely one…kaira scenes were too cute,romantic and funny..loved it… waiting for the next.. upload soon!!

    1. Hey dear!! Can u make kartik say beautiful,pretty, gorgeous to nair now…so that when her baby bump grows he says cute, golu molu, phondu and all…I just love that part….pls add this soon

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      Hai Kaira Thank you so much dear So happy that you loved it ❤️❤️❤️. Sure dear I’ll definitely add this 😇❤️❤️

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