Woh Apna Sa 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rano traps Jia inside a wall

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Woh Apna Sa 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rano’s thug kidnaps Jia. Her phone falls down. Rano gets a text. Its done the wall is made. Rano says to Ambika I won the game. I have won the queen rest are useless for me. We wont need this game. Ambika says don’t do this. Rano says Arjun is looking for his baba but I took his queen instead. Ambika is dazed.

Arjun asks Akash and Bini did you find baba? they say no. Ambika comes to them. She tells them what Rano said. Rano comes to her car and says did you hide Jia? He says yes. She says arjun you can never find her. JJia was locked behind the wall. Rano’s thugs made a new wall and trapper her inside. She screams. Arjun and Akash call her. Akash says she must be here we will find her. they look everywhere.
jia says please get me out of here. I can’t breathe.

Rano says Jia the game is over. You will die today. Arjun couldn’t be mine because of you. But jia caan’t have him either. Akash says I looked everywhere Jia was no where. Ambika says I looked everywhere too. Bini says these are tire marks. There was a van here. They took baba in this van. Arjun saays yes. Ambika says what.. Arjun says ma don’t give up. We will find him. But where is Jia? Akahs says maybe she is still looking. He calls but her phone doesn’t get picked. Arjun says where will we find her. Bini says she went towards B wing. They go there. Arjun find Jia’s phone in a room but she isn’t there. Arjun says where did Jia go then? He gets worried. He says that riddle was for Jia not baba. Jia must have seen them leaving with baba. Ambika says Rano was talking about Jia. arjun says lets look.
Jia screams Arjun please help me.

Arjun looks around for Jia. she screams open someone save me please. Akash and Bini are looking too. Ambika is worried as well. Jia is fainting. Jia says please help. I am suffocating here. Akash says rano where are you? Come out. Stop this game rano. Her thug is there. He laughs. Akash says tell me where is Jia? He says don’t be a hero. Akash beats him.
arjun and bini look for Jia. Arjun stumbles. Bini says are you okay? He sees many blocks and says maybe Jia is behind this. He removes the blocks they fall on his shoulders. Bini says are you okay? He says where could Jia be. Akash beats the thug. He says now tell me where is Jia? Akah takes him to edge and says tell us where is Jia? He says she would have died by now. arjun slaps him and says tell me. He says okay okay I will tell you.. She is.. Rano coes and says you can’t find where she. You could only find her if you found the next man. He came to me and told me that you have caught this one. Before you could find the answer I came here. The thug runs. Akash and Arjun run after him.
Ambika says do you have any shame? What are you made of? Why do you wanna ruin so many life. Rano takes out knife and says shut up.

Arjun is running after the thug. he hits him on hear to stop him. Arjun steps on nails. He screams. arjun says stop him Akash and ask about Jia. Arjun’s foot is bleeding. Rano takes Ambika to a side of the building on edge of her knife. Ambika is scared.
The thug puts sand in Akash’s eyes and runs.

Rano touches her feet and says mai.. I am just taking your blessing. I am so happy because today is last day of Jia’s life. I wont kill you today. I have decided something special for you. I would love to kill you slowly not at once. You have to pay for all the days I lived without my father. There are so many pains in your life.

Arjun says Jia where are you? Akash and Bini come to him. Rano is going. Arjun says stop her but she sits in her car. Akash says Rano please tell us where is Jia. rano says she has to die and drives away. Bini stands in front of her car. Akash takes Bini to a side. He says are you crazy. She is Rano she would have hit you. Bini says look at Arjun and Jia’s life is in danger. Arjn says bini are you okay? Akash says Arjun you are not well. Arjun says I am fine I have to find Jia.

Ambika is in tears. Arjun sees Jia’s locket. jia has fainted.
Precap-Arjun sees a wall that’s newly constructed. They break it. jia is fainted behind it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yeah yeah Neel Kamal aja aja tujhko pukare the only difference is the guy was in the wall not the girl man you guys are too much. One ass up against four jackasses,oh no she got some goons with her let her win yeah let her win we are so accustom to seeing the bad guys winning that we have gotten immune to it so right now it like when you are pouring water on duck’s back.

  2. Mona146

    they took rebirth to avenge from nisha isnt it?? where was that part??

  3. Mona146

    i hate binny hair color. just horrible. why cant she stay normal??

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