Woh Apna Sa 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia looks for Arjun

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Scene 1
Jia wakes up. she sees the shadow. Jia wakes up and screams. the man runs. Krishna runss after him. Nisha says this is the second attack on her. Akash says please do something for her security. Nisha says we should give this responsibility to Krishna. Krishan says I will be with her now. Bini says Jia lets go to your room. She says I will wait for Arjun here.

Nisha says call Jia. He calls her from the other number. Jia says everyone is lying. Arjun never came. He calls her. Ajrun says sorry Jia I will be late. You should take food and sleep. she says who are you? You are fooling me from his number. You aren’t Arjun. He says what are you saying. Go sleep. I love you. Nisha says saying i love you for first time? He says I never loved anyone. She says it will be fun when Jia’s

heart breaks. He opens the door to leave the room. Bini sees her. She says you here.. He says I was investigating her about the case on her.

Scene 2
Jia is asleepon the couch. Bini sees her. Jia wakes up. She says this breakfast.. Bini says this is the plate from which you and arjun had breakfast. Jia says stop lying. arjun never came here. He didn’t come here. he didn’t meet me. Stop lying to me. Why are you fooling me. He never came back. akash comes. Jia says what truth are you hiding. Arjun never came. Nisha says check your phone. You took a seflie with Arjun. Jia sees selfies and says this is a lie. This all isn’t truth. Akash says let me call the doctor. she says I will only call the doctor I trust.
Doctor comes to meet jia. Akash says he will tell her she is fine and she will know we are lying. Jia says I am perfectly fine. He asks everyone to come in He says I feel like she has short term memory loss. This happened due to stress. People mix between imagination and reality. Jia says I am forgetting things. I am sorry. Akash says you need rest. Nisha says to doctor thanks for your help.
Jia says I have no such disease but why are they lying to me?

Bini says to Nisha how did you convince the doctor? She says I told him the situation. He understood. Krishan asks jia what did you do? She says just some blackmailing. She says I am doing this to get my daughter back.
Bini put papers on the table. Akash says give me the papers? She says I just placed them on the table. Why are they not on the paper. Nisha stole them. She says in heart sorry jia once you go away from them only then you can come close to me.
Jia sits by pool. she sees her name on the water. Jia is dazed. Krishna comes and says what happened? she says I don’t know if I should trust you. Arjun said on call that he will come back. Or maybe it wasn’t ajrun with a voice similar to him. I never met arjun. I don’t know what are they doing. Will you help me? He says I will try my best. She says I will find out what is happening. And I have a full proof plan.

Nisha’s tv isn’t working. She turns it on and sees the video of her thugs throwing arjun in water.

Precap-Jia places cameras in the house. She says now I will know what game are they playing with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Arjun is on a break probably that is why we are not seeing him or will the writers introduce a new face??? Man that will be so stupid. We are already in a situation here. I am really sorry for Jia because she is trusting this Krishna in fact they all are. Pre-cap looks interesting let’s see if she is going to find out anything or Nisha will find out that she placed camera in the house.

  2. Please end this boring Drama ASAP.

  3. I hope this guy Krishna has some conscience and stop behaving as a slave to Nisha….Somehow I am not liking Akash and Binny trying make Jia believe that she has a memory problem…yes,it is in her best interests only but Jia’s agony is heart wrenching….Now I wonder where is Arjun…..Has this character been eliminated to make way to a new lead Krishna in Jia’s life? But that will really be stupid….Arjun and Jia are not reincarnated to get separated again….May be the actor playing Arjun’s character is on a short break….But Jia having weird /supernatural experiences with water is somewhat strange…Even Nisha experienced that once or twice….May be Arjun has really died and protecting Jia or he is in hiding and trying to expose Nisha…

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