Woh Apna Sa 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambika wears bridal dress

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Woh Apna Sa 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jia comes to her room in tears. She says how can she come close to Arjun? For ma I have to do this. She decorates the room. Rano comes and says i and arjun will be one. No more distances. Shaurya comes in with a glass of milk. Rano says you have to stand on the door. She locks the door. Shaurya says have milk. She says you should have some too. He drinks one glass and she drinks the other one. Rano says I am coming back.
Rano says take my ring off. Jia is worried outside. she says take my earrings off too. He pulls them. she says it hurts. jia is in tears. Rano comes close to Arjun to kiss him. He says I am very hungry. Rano says what.. Is this a plan? he says you know me how hungry I get. She says we have fruits here. She makes him eat them. Rano holds his hand. Rano comes close. He says please close your eye. Arjun says in heart Jia please save me. he says smell this flower. She coughs. SHe says you know I am allergic. Jia recalls her moments with Arjun.
Rano shoves Arjun on bed. She kisses his hand. Jia says ma please open your door. Ma please we are one you have help us. Arjun says go rest first.
Jia says if Rano spends night with hi Arjun will be forced to own her. i will lose him forever.
Arjun spills water. Rano slips and falls. she says pick me.He says no you belong there. He leaves. Rano says I wont leave you.

Arjun comes to Jia. Ambika opens the door. she is dressed as a bride. Jia says what is.. She closes the door. Ambika cries inside. Jia says did you see all that? That sindur.. arjun is in tears. he says ma was wearing mangalsutra. jia says what is it? Please tell me.
Arjun recalls when he was a child. Ambika came inside the house in rain. Arjun says ma what happened? Why are you like this? There was a letter from her husband. I am going to fulfill my dreams. Don’t try to look for me and take care of kids. Ambika took off her mangalsutra. He says baba will come back. He can’t leave us. Dont cry ma please. He will come back. Ambika said he will never come back. He has left us forever. I wont wear this mangalsutra anymore. He broke all the relationships. This mangasutra doesn’t mean anything; If we ever comes back I will wear it again. He says ma baba really loves us. Ambika says for me don’t ever take his name again. I am here for you both.
Ambiak is tears. She says I hid this pain for so many years and it came back again.
Jia says whatever happened was years ago. He says that means he is back. I have seen ma crying every day. She hid her pain to keep us happy.
Jia says why did he leave? He says he wanted to fulfill his dreams. He decided to go. Rano is blackmailing ma with something related to baba.

Precap-Arjun hugs Ambika and says why did you hid all this from us? you thought your son can’t share your pain?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Get rid of Rano . Not sure what the director is doing .

  2. Y are they letting rano do this to them kick her out

  3. This part if the serial goes like the movie Suhaag with Ajay Devgan where his mom use to wear white sari when he is around and when he is not she wears that chain and bangles.What Ambika is doing is wrong it’s not a stranger she will be confiding in but her son tell him what the problem is but nooooo you like beating around the bushes writers.If I were in Arjun’s position I would have drugged her and get an underworld don to slam dunk her,because apparently it’s a man Rano wants and any man will do the trick for her me saying this was uncalled for but what about the writers who are assassinating a woman’s character huh? They are always portraying women as toys.

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