Woh Apna Sa 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Nisha has her Memory Back

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Scene 1
Jhanvi and kids are leaving house, kids hug Adi and Kaki, Binni asks Kaki to not cry, we are going on holidays. Nisha gives keys of new house to Jhanvi and says this is key to your freedom, I hope this step will be good for you and us. Jhanvi says to family that I will miss you, Baba says you can come here anytime, Nisha says let her atleast go and settle down there, let her go in her house, I hope your own house is lucky for you like this house. Jhanvi takes keys and starts leaving with kids, she looks at Adi one last time sadly, he is pained to see her go, Jhanvi sighs and leaves with kids. Nisha asks family to not be upset, I did all this for Jhanvi’s good, she understood that this was good for kids’ safety, for Jhanvi’s future, it was important to start new life too, Samar gets call and leaves. Kaki says Nisha you didnt do right by making Jhanvi leave with kids alone, I am scared for her, Nisha says why? Jhanvi is adult, she can take care of herself and kids, all family members leave, Kaka sees Nisha smirking and leaves too. Nisha gets call from someone and leaves.

Nisha comes to the isolated street behind her house. She comes to goons who attacked kids. Nisha slaps them and says why did you come here? cant you follow instructions? Goon says you asked us to threaten and scare kids but dont kidnap them, you also asked us to scare their mother and we did so give us money now. Nisha grabs his collar and says they are my kids! I am their mother. Goons are stunned. Nisha glares at them and gives them money, she asks them to leave, they leave. Nisha says what did you think Jhanvi that I will never get my memory back? that I will never get to know anything, I got my memory back when you took me to doctor, Adi married me but you tried to come closer to him then you will be destroyed, Adi is mine only, if I can keep Adi closer by keeping my kids away from me then I am going to do it. Family might have forgotten who Nisha is but Nisha is back and to remind my family who I am, I am going to remarry Adi, I wont let Jhanvi get Adi ever, Adi is mine only, I have right on Adi, his property, his wealth, his family and his money. She smirks and comesback to house. She says to herself that relax, dont spoil your mood thinking about useless Jhanvi.

Nisha comes to room, Adi is there, she hugs him from behind, he pushes her away and glares at her, she says why you are upset? Adi says you did big mistake by throwing Jhanvi out of house. Nisha says I gave her a new life and gave her strength to move on, I have given her place in a society where rich people live, she is middle class and you are spending money on her and her kids, my husband is spending money of shameless girl like Jhanvi, Adi shouts Jhanvi is not shameless, Nisha says why you are shouting on me for Jhanvi? Adi says you wont understand, you wont understand relations otherwise you wouldnt have thrown Jhanvi and kids out of house. Nisha says dont blame me, Adi starts leaving, Nisha follows him and says I didnt do anything wrong. Adi sees Samar there and leaves. Nisha says I am sorry, Adi is worried about office work, Samar says I feel he is tensed about you, Nisha says no he is just worried about office. Samar says do you have a younger sister? she says no, Samar says you are so calm even when your husband is angry, I wish you had a younger sister and I could marry her, Adi is lucky to have you who can hide his anger and mistakes like this, Adi’s life must be drama free with you, Nisha nods and smiles. Samar leaves. Nisha thinks that you are right Samar, Adi is lucky to get me, I very well know how to cut useless people from Adi’s life.

Jhanvi comes to new house with kids, broker shows her around and leaves. Chinni says I miss home, Binni says I miss papa and grandma, Jhanvi says we will enjoy here for few days, we will make friends and I will cook daily for you. Chinni says no I want to go back. Binni says please go back to papa. Door bell rings, Jhanvi opens door, maid comes inside and says I will clean your house. Laundry man comes there too and says I will take clothes for washing tomorrow, she says okay. Door bell rings again, servant brings flower and says its for your welcome. Jhanvi says we are welcomed like this? Door bell rings again, Jhanvi opens it but doesnt find anyone, Adi comes there, she gets excited and says you here? he says at your service. Adi comes to kids and hug them, kid say we want to go home, Adi says I have a surprise, Raj is waiting downstairs to take you to movie, Jhanvi says Mama will go with them too, Adi says no no.. you cant, there are only two tickets, Jhanvi says I can buy another, Adi gets disappointed, Jhanvi asks Adi to come with them too, Adi says okay. Jhanvi sees his sad face and says to kids that you both go to movie and I will set your room and cook noodles for you. Adi says mama has become smart finally, Jhanvi says papa is smart so I have to become smart too, Adi asks kids to go downstairs to Raj, kids leave. Adi asks maid to comeback tomorrow, she leaves. Adi closes door, he pulls Jhanvi closer and says I was planning to come closer and you are going away? think about me too, Jhanvi says you planned all this but best surprise was you coming here, Adi says I want to listen you say thanks or you can thank me in some other way, Jhanvi blushes. Adi and Jhanvi moves closer but door bell rings again. Jhanvi goes to check, its dinner. Jhanvi shows it to Adi, Adi blows kiss. Jhanvi ignores her, Adi says Mrs. Jindal?

Nisha comes to office and comes to Adi’s cabin but he is not there, Nisha asks peon where is Adi? he says Adi left early today, Nisha is confused.

Jhanvi takes out pastries from the box. Adi says I am hungry a lot, he holds Jhanvi’s hand and says we can start with sweetdish. Adi licks Jhanvi’s finger and affectionately gazes at her, she blushes, Adi says I love you, Jhanvi runs away from there being shy. Suddenly electricity of flat goes off. Adi lights candle in kitchen.

Nisha is in car going to Jhanvi’s flat and thinks that I am worried about something and it can be true.

Adi and Jhanvi lights whole flat with candles and set romantic setup. He pulls Jhanvi closer, they lovingly look at each other. Adi offers juice to her, they drink it, hawain plays. Adi offers her hand, she takes it, they start waltzing. Nisha comes outside flat, she slightly opens door and sees Adi and Jhanvi getting intimate, she is hurt and shocked. Adi caresses Jhanvi’s face and puts hand on her waist, Nisha fumes in hatred seeing it.

PRECAP- Nisha says to herself that I did big mistake by throwing Jhanvi out of this house, I have made Adi go closer to her, I have put this trouble on myself, I have to find permanent solution of this Jhanvi. Nisha comes in lounge and sees Samar nicely talking to Kaki, she starts forming some idea.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. yeah, she is going to try to get Samar and Jhanvi married but seriously, how the hell can they let Nisha control their life. Jhanvi, wake up and smell the coffee. Nisha hasn’t changed. You are your own person and no one can force you to marry, so writers please don’t bring that BS about Jhanvi agreeing to marrying him due to Nisha’s so call medical condition. Let’s see what she is going to do if Jhanvi refuse….her true sell will have to surface for all to see.

  2. Nice episode but i don’t think this serial vil continue for long tym bcz of same routine biwi aur southan drama

  3. I think nisha will talk Samar into getting close to jhanvi

  4. Wat s happening in ds serial,y nisha always rule dr family. N plz janvi wake up,itz time for u to act…

  5. these damn serials just going around in circles more and more my gosh s*x is the easiest thing to have why on earth in these serials there is so much simi dimi before they could get down to brass tacts. now if adi and jhanvi did not beat around the bush for so long and he had in fact entered the bush nisha would not have come in time to stop them and then jhanvi would have become pregnant and there would have been nothing that nisha could have done to stop that. my gosh, what is so hard, both adi and jhanvi are yearning for each other, more so adi, you have a romantic setting because lights went out; so whats the keep back man, just jump each other right away before that witch nisha comes and stop you all, it would not have taken even five minutes for them to feel each other inside them and explode with ecstasy but no they have to do the usual and that is play games; man if there was time then the playing game would be nice and appropriate but not when nisha the vulture is lurking around; in that case time is of the essence. so please writers get that witch of adis and jhanvis back so they could consumate their marriage once and for all. come on we need some romance between them.

  6. Gosh… Words fail me to describe what type of mother Nisha really is… it’s so damn irritating to see two people in love, sneaking around to express their love…. you know what Sapphire, say it as it is, who doesn’t like it, to hell with them!!! Writers feel that we are two year old kids… We are adults and just as frustrated as Adi in this marriage, come on….give the man a break, he recently married, put some reality into this serial…im so biting my nails to see some melted and passionate scenes but it’s like my nails wearing thin now…not to mention my patience. Well that already went through the window reading precap yesterday… Winchester dear… I’m having problems on the website where I look at current episodes so I’m unable to see the Samar you mentioned. We in the Caribbean are approximately 4or 5 episodes behind current ones…. So yeah, I still have to see why your BP went up at the sight of him… I’ll let you know my opinion when I’m able to see the hunk…

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